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  1. First i was for black eagles, then i changend to golden deers cause of the new chars^^. but do you think we getting a demo 1 week before start? in e3 it seems all could only play with blue lions., i hope the demo is different, sry for bad english
  2. do you think that the story is around future and past travel thing? i hope not ...... i hope in e3 we get more vids and information, its just a month away from release. there was something about edelgard voice actor kicked out for some reaseon....i hope they dont move the releasedate becouse of this xD
  3. Wait.....so far i understand that sothis is somehow in the head from byleth so....that means sothis is villan = protagonist is villan again?
  4. No nono i think nether church or countries or evil religion is bad.......it must be something new.....this time the green units are suprisley the bad guys^^
  5. if we dont get a direct then is it possible that we getting more information at E3?
  6. any hopes? no children in 3H. no dragon as final boss, more funny characters, more psycho characters, funny online fight against teams or defending fights just like in radiant dawn.
  7. Do you think that we recruit more people when we travel around or is it different this time: getting more students if we increase a classroom level"?
  8. i dont like him, he looks like a highschool football player who bulling the weak ones.....
  9. could it be that byleths father is the old guy who wields the legendarys sword? i know...byleths father is young but the old guy from the first trailer look like him.maybe from the future.
  10. Black Eagles first! second the lions! Dorothea looks like someone photoshped a cape over her head but i like hear to...she will be my first fistfighter^^
  11. i also think that she shows us time travel. i dont think that she is a villan but it would be cool if we have an enemy who useses the timewheel against us^^ it would be something new^^
  12. i really want to know how it looks like if your unit failed the exam xD
  13. Woah they really coming up with 3h infos?????? okay now i cant wait anymore :( this is a suprised direct for me, never thought that dude was right aberout "13 is your lucky number " lol
  14. your all have many good things! what i really want to see what they do with online mode, 4 players map? conquest?defense? weekly quests? i hope they do something in that direction.
  15. There was an article about nintendo switch games from nintendosoup. Takahashi assures that all nintendogames from 2019 wont be delayed. SOmeone from the other thread post this: https://nintendosoup.com/takahashi-assures-investors-nintendo-switch-games-scheduled-for-2019-wont-be-delayed/ Sure it would be better!
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