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  1. Ok thanks for the advice guys, so if I keep my units who can get orko'd by her single attacks away from her aura's will that help? Also I have a few units with nihil and parity which i will use as my 'main' aura killers. EDIT: managed to do it, in the end I just made sure that anyone who couldn't take a hit from a single attack was kept to attacking spirits, thanks for the tips.
  2. Ike Vanguard lv 18 Micaiah light priestess level 16 Kurthnaga level 34 Nailah level 36 Soren Archsage level 15 Shinon Marksman level 15 Mia Trueblade level 15 w/ Vague Katti Nephenee Sentiel level 15 Tibarn level 34 Elincia level 15 Zihark Trueblade level 15 w/ Alondite Pelleas Archsage level 17 (planning on giving his Balberith to Lehran so he will mostly be staffbotting) Reyson level 23 Nasir level 34 Ena level 30 Sothe Whisper level 15 Gareth level 31 Sanaki level 15 Lehran thats all my units but I'm honestly considering lowmanning since filling the slots means a weaker unit will get ruined on turn 2.
  3. I'm doing a second playthrough on normal and Ashera is wrecking my shit. Last time I played on easy when iirc she doesn't attack unless someone is in her range while on normal on the second turn she ends up taking out one of my weaker units easily. Is there a way to clear the level quickly? and would it be better to 'lowman' this level and not use anyone who will get wrecked on the second turn, or will not filling deployment slots be too risky?
  4. Hi, not sure if this is the right board for this but I thought I would share a Lewyn cosplay I have been working on recently . I do really want to make a Joshua cosplay but due to uni term time I don't really have the resources/time to make it but since recently I have had a huge urge to make another cosplay and have been in a fire emblem mood I decided to make Lewyn since he is one of my favourite characters from geneology. Thought I would share it and when I wear it to a con in the near future I will be sure to share any good photos as I currently only have poorly lit selfies.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the confirmation of that, I will have lots of fun doing my pairings trying to work out how to make as many holy weapons useable as possible.
  6. And I thought it was bad enough when my local spoons almost sold out of food last night #tragic
  7. Hi, I am doing my first LP of a randomised FE4 run. I made a seperate youtube channel for it as my existing channel was mostly a shitpost channel. Here is the playlist so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkxQeKAVueY&list=PLqeQt18SiK6FZ_dYvZZtlQKygD_kR590Q I will probably record an episode or two whenever I get a free evening after university, so uploads could vary a lot. It's my first time do anything like this and my current headset mic kinda sucks but I am hoping I can sort that in the near future. I'm enjoying playing it so far and looking the the changelog there are a lot of fun characters in the run and also some pretty cool potential combinations for the second gen. Basically lots of things have bee randomised: classes, promotions (only promotions which carry over same weapons though) holy blood, bases and growths. In my first geneology I did all optimal/powerful pairings so playing it through again with everything totally reshuffled and some things totally out of balance it feels like a new game all over again. Also this playthrough might encourage me to use classes I didn't use in my first playthrough. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up and will maybe mess with adding facecam and maybe even streaming depending how it goes.
  8. Yo, I'm loving it so far but I just want to ask before I end up screwing up my pairings. Are kids classes the same as their subs? As I downloaded a spoilerfree log and they don't match up. Which should I trust, the weapons profficencies it says in the spoilerfree log or use the sub's classes in the full changelog to work out what the kids will be like class wise?
  9. Aside from the 'letting recruitable enemies get killed' stuff which we all did in one of my first attempts at playing through FE8, a bunch of friends scolded me for using Seth and promoting Franz at level 10 so I felt bad and restarted.... On reflection the ironic thing is that using Seth is fine as he is so good (I did overtrain him as I didn't realise he was promoted so kept him on par level wise with my other units) and early promoting in SS isn't a big issue as most units will only hit 20/10 in anyway in sacred stones.
  10. I randomised a rom and the results look pretty funny but usable (I should be able to have chapter 6 forsetti Ulster which will be fun), I might make an lp out of it as while I said I was done with FE4 for a while after I binge played it earlier in the month, a randomised rom will make pairings even more fun to do.
  11. Yeah it was my first game and I still enjoy it. It took me ages to actually finish a full playthrough as when I first got into fire emblem I kept restarting the file since I would miss units/important items, whoops.
  12. Thanks guys, hopefully I won't be shy and just lurk like I usually do
  13. Hi, I have been lurking recently and have made a couple of threads over the last couple of weeks about a few things. Anyway, I'm Lily and I first got into fire emblem when I got sacred stones of the 3ds ambassador store many years (and I was terrible at playing it) and have been into it ever since. I have currently completed: FE4, FE7, FE8, FE9, FE13, FE14 and FE15 and am currently still working through FE10 as I'm currently a bit burnt out after the second bit of the endgame tower was stressing me out a bit (especially since I want to play FE10 again afterwards for the second playthrough stuff). I have been a massive fan of Joshua since I started playing fire emblem and am planning on cosplaying him in the near future (I have the fabric.... but actually sewing is the difficult part). Anyway, I'm probably mostly going to be a lurker still. But nice to meet you
  14. Ok, since I don't have to worry about wasting exp I will probably start promoting some of my units where I can. I'm mostly trying to beat out the 'anything below 20 level promotion is bad' mindset which people got me in when I first started playing FE but my team could really do with an extra stave user or two at least.
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