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  1. Verah's seeming desperation after she realized what the group was, and their aim was charming. She couldn't help but crack a smile as Jade seemed to poke at her. It was odd to feel some level of comfort in the presence of monsters and with everything that had happened and was going to happen. She certainly felt out of place, but, maybe for the first time in nearly three years, she felt safe... mostly. There was still the threat of seeing Naomi's demise in her impending slumber, but staving sleep off was quickly becoming impossible. Villkiss's back was suddenly remarkably soft and warm, and the conversation had taken a direction that didn't really involve her. Admittedly, falling asleep was her best option; she had no idea where she was supposed to go to figure out where she was supposed to go to sleep. Trying to find someone to ask wasn't a particularly palatable option either; far too many people that she didn't know still and interrupting the conversation in front of her would have been rude. Plus, falling asleep right now in the company of Seilan and Jade would save her the trouble of admitting that she really didn't want to be alone. When things finished up, they'd probably just leave her be, but hopefully the current presence of the group would ward off the menacing thoughts for just long enough to get some reasonable sleep. She gave one more look to the group before she closed her eyes, and didn't reopen them.
  2. It was good to know that Jade was just as off put by the new arrival, even if it was for slightly different reasons. Seilan on the other hand, seemed to be more than fine with her sudden appearance. It made sense for him to be much more comfortable around monsters; Hwein was where both cultures convalesced, often harmoniously. So he also probably had a handle on scrying as well. Lucille listened as best she could to Verah's explanation. "Pretty angry would be an understatement..." Lucille replied with her eyes narrowed. Lucille really didn't like the idea of someone being able to peek into her affairs without her say so, but she would know when it was happening, and it seemed like Verah had some self preservation skills. Still, not a good start to the conversation. But Verah's continued explanation of how she came to be here lessened the tension that Lucille felt. "So... you were captured because you tried to stop Ithraxl's goons from attacking a human?" From Verah's explanation, it sounded like there hadn't been much of a consideration for her own well being in this scenario. It wasn't every day that a monster was going to put their life on the line for a human, but well, this group would probably have proven otherwise. So she seemed a little more trustworthy than her opening statement made it seem. But only just. Lucille considered asking about the woman's affinity but the conversation was taking more out of her than she thought it would. Lucille leaned back against Villkiss's back. "Well... I think Jade or Seilan can better explain what's happening... I," Another yawn, "Sorry... I just joined. So I don't have the details other than we'll be heading to Hwein." She eventually mumbled out. That admission made Lucille feel a little more out of place amongst the group. Thinking about Hwein, Lucille realized that going by her real name would be... problematic. Coteon was fairly prominent in the region to her understanding, and the Altair Family name was still well known in Coteon. The main Altair Family was still fairly buddy-buddy with the church despite their decline. Using her name while traveling with a Vaian outfit--even discounting the issue with her immediate family--could be a whole mess of problems that she really didn't want to subject anyone to. She'd need an alias for the future.
  3. The Zombie practically appeared out of nowhere to correct her. Revealing that it was another human by the name of Agni who received the information first, and the others only learned through happenstance. She looked over at the girl once again, to see a human now hovering about the girl. Was he the person to whom the zombie was referring? More than likely considering what girl's night had been like. Unfortunately for Lucille, the Zombie's spiel didn't stop there; instead latching on to Seilan's musings about how personal things had been. The mini lecture served as little more than a grim reminder of Lucille's uncertain future. A future in which she could end up in the same state as the lizard girl. Then almost as soon as the zombie began she quickly apologized for the speech. "Oh, uh... It's alright... and if it wasn't for you, Lavinia and the... siren, I definitely wouldn't have made it out of that battle, so please don't apologize for that." But the zombie had shifted targets once again to Seilan mentioning a name that seemed to give him pause. But before Lucille, or anyone really could say anything more, another monster appeared from behind the zombie. It was one that she didn't recognize, something that would happen often, but the monster was... peculiar. While the exhaustion clearly wasn't helping matters, Lucille couldn't quite tell exactly what they were. Other than that she was blue, remarkably bubbly for what had just transpired, that the zombie's name was Jade, that her name was Verah, and that she had been scrying. That last one put Lucille a bit on edge. Lucille's gloved arm was already out of sight as her gaze remained fixed on the newcomer, "Verah... is it? Well, um... my name is L-Lucille."
  4. It seemed like the fighting indoors had escalated beyond a point that anyone expected. Lucille had barely interacted with General Nessraya, but even her presence gave off a similar feeling to her mother. Lucille knew how capable her mother was, so for Nessraya to match that meant that she was exceptionally strong. For her to have collapsed at the end of it all... and then there was the mention of a dragon. There appeared to be so much that they didn't know... Lucille sighed as Seilan revealed that he didn't know anything about the girl's link with the rebellion's leader, "It... seems like it wasn't open knowledge. I'm not surprised that they wouldn't have told us... we are humans, after all." The jab felt cheap with how accepting Lavinia, General Nessraya, and the Demon King had been, not to mention others like the Zombie and even the Siren in a roundabout way. The information was likely on a need to know basis, and knowing it, clearly, wouldn't have changed what they needed to do. Enough people seemed to know, and they fought him anyway. It was a battle that had been set in motion long before that moment, and nothing was going to stop it. Lucille flinched as Seilan's musings turned to her. Lucille slid her gloved arm off of her lap, "Uh... I... may have lost my temper with the Siren from before. She... insinuated somethings and I lost it with her. Not to mention that... also happened around the time where Naomi showed up." There was a long pause as she tried to gather her words, "I'm just feeling overwhelmed with all of this. I've... never really been good when it comes to fighting, so being a part of such an important fight as my first... it's a lot for me." Leaving out the brush with Bolganone, and Naomi's death felt... off. She'd become so accustomed to leaving out parts and pieces of her tales that she didn't even need to think about it. It had been necessary to protect herself, so why now? Why now would leaving something out feel so foreign to her?
  5. Lucille's eyes slid open as she heard someone talking next to her. No one else had been near her so she assumed that the new-- wait, she remembered the voice. She turned to see Seilan looking at her, and looking rather exhausted himself. "Oh... Seilan." A yawn escaped her lips before she could continue. She shook her head to stave off sleep for a little while longer, "Sorry, I'm... exhausted. More so than usual after a fight. But... I suppose I made it through." Lucille sat up and stretched; she wanted to talk, but she equally wanted to keep the conversation off of her. "You seem ready to pass out yourself... Must of had a lot of healing to do after whatever happened in there. But... I'm glad to see that you're... about as alright as one could be after all of that." A lot of questions began to form in Lucille's head: "Did you know about the link between the young lizard... dragon... something girl, and the leader of the rebellion? What even happened inside that the entire castle was shaking? Is everyone else alright? Where are you from?" Lucille blinked as she thought about the last one. But it would be better to let the conversation take its natural course.
  6. Lucille barely heard any of the Hero's speech as she continued to nod off in between her words. She was completely tapped; not even enough energy to lift herself off of Villkiss's back. But she dreaded actually closing her eyes to rest. She didn't want to see it again. She didn't want to see the point of Naomi's immolation again. She looked down at her gloved arm, and watched open and close. That could have been me. That was almost me... Lucille shook her head; she needed something else to think about, lest her mind run rampant. She looked over and saw the young girl who had been cradling the body of the rebellion's leader. She sat with her ears covered and back turned; no doubt to avoid hearing any of the cheers of the group's victory. Lucille had to stifle the growing desire to check on her. As a human, formerly of Coteon's forces, and an unknown face, Lucille knew that she wouldn't take her intrusion well. No amount of worry would change that, especially if she held the same sort of beliefs as the felled rebellion leader. Even then, it wasn't hard to know that she wasn't going to want to talk to anyone except those closest to her in the first place. Lucille's eyes got heavier and heavier, before finally sliding closed for a moment. She jolted herself awake as she felt herself sliding out of Villkiss's saddle; quickly grabbing the reins to right herself. Hopefully no one was paying attention then... The last thing she wanted was for someone to have to carry her to where ever they were resting for the night. She'd already put too much on everyone. So she sat, and listened as the others around her made conversation, and kept a watchful eye over the despondent girl to the best of her failing ability.
  7. The Zombie's nod was the final confirmation necessary. Even if she hadn't seen it all happen, she was watching family member leave a grieving child behind. Was this... what they were after? The battle was over; they had won, but it didn't feel like it at all. He was the leader of the rebellion, wasn't he? Then why... was she... Lucille's temper started to bubble. Who was he to her? Why was he fighting against Vaia? But she knew that answer. It was just another bitter reminder of the costs of war... a war that Coteon and the Church were responsible for igniting. The Zombie quickly changed the topic to the wellbeing of Villkiss. Had she noticed? "Oh... uh," Did... I introduce Villkiss at some point? Lucille fumbled around a moment trying to recall when the Zombie would have learned Villkiss's name. "She's fine... Fortunately, no one out there was able to hit us. Though that's mostly thanks to you and the Si--" Lucille cut herself off, still bristling at the winged woman for her words. Still, her physical wellbeing was largely tied to her holding the line with the Zombie. So even if it wasn't now, she'd have to thank her too. Thinking about thanking the Siren also brought another thing to Lucille's immediate attention... she was very wobbly. With the fight over, the adrenaline was starting to fade. The exhaustion from casting was fairly standard, but it in tandem with having to keep herself together after Naomi's gruesome end? Lucille's body felt like a heavy stone. But things weren't quite over yet. Having to watch the young girl cry over her father... it was the very thing Lucille wanted to put an end to; the very thing she wanted so desperately to avoid. She leaned forward on Villkiss's back in an effort to conserve what energy she had left. A bit embarrassing to be so out of sorts when she couldn't imagine what happened in here, and what the Zombie and Siren had to go through. She needed to keep it together a little while longer.
  8. Lucille flew her way in, the castle was surprisingly more spacious than she thought it would be. Unfortunately, the surprises wouldn't stop there. The castle had been shaking and the loud roar from before... but the sight in front of her was curious. Was that the leader of this rebellion? General Nessraya was being supported by the Demon King --Thank goodness she was alright after all-- though the General looked awful, hit by something Lucille couldn't even comprehend. What in the world happened here... But... there was a young girl cradling the dying man and... was she crying? Lavinia couldn't bare herself to look at the scene. But Lucille had seen... and felt it all before. It was too familiar, almost eleven years ago she'd been doing the same thing before she was ripped from her home. Lucille felt lightheaded as understanding came to her... "Is... Is he family to her?"
  9. Lavinia moved off before Lucille could say anything, heading off to heal up the Siren who'd taken a beating. Lucille took a deep breath, it was... odd having someone genuinely in her corner, and a monster no less. But it was enough for her; so long as she could cast magic, she'd make sure that she was worthy of that care. She looked down at her gloved right hand and squeezed it tight. She felt nothing in her hand, but she felt the faintest tinge of hope. She took Villkiss's reins, and headed towards the castle, they weren't done yet. Lucille to 6, 26
  10. The moment Lucille landed, the Vampire was over to her. She was a healer, and Lucille probably looked terrible at the moment; certainly felt that way. But... her concern extended far beyond what would be expected of a healer. Lucille flinched at her offer to escort her from the battlefield, "...What? No, no... I, uh, you're needed here, you can't just leave because I'm..." A gulp of air, "I'm... not really alright, but I promised General Nessraya and the Demon King that I'd do what I could. I... can't let people risk their lives, and not do anything about it." Lucille looked at the vampire, and her bright smile. It was so bewildering to see such a beautiful smile on a battlefield, but it helped greatly in calming her frayed nerves. "I... know that I needed to do that. Naomi would have killed someone if I didn't... It was difficult but she wasn't... the reason why I lost it. It was the spell... Bolganone, f-fire in general really, but that spell in particular..." Lucille pulled her gloved arm in tight, "It's... not something I want to talk about here. But I should have been clear from the beginning, I have a very bad experience with fire. B-but I-I can't let that bring other people down. I'm still... alright enough to help. But, um, thank you. Your concern means... a lot to me." Lucille had paused and changed her words out of embarrassment. The vampire's response had been very similar to the general's; it felt so odd for someone to worry about her in a manner that wasn't just her ability to help further their goals. It almost felt like before everything came crashing down on her. She had wanted to say that it meant, 'The world' to her. In barely more than a couple hours, members of this group had shown themselves to be far more trustworthy than the entirety of Coteon and the Church. Unfortunately, there were still exceptions to that... one such was likely in earshot of their conversation. "Um... I introduced myself but... I ran off before I could learn your name, Miss..."
  11. Somehow, they'd made it through all of that. The Drakes, Naomi's squadron, and the group from the castle had all been slain. Of course, they still had a castle to sack, but even if it was just for a moment, they could breathe. It hadn't been long, but Luci already felt like passing out. Likely because of just... everything. The worst of the episode was passing, but she didn't feel much better. What a mess. She could only imagine the explaining she'd have to do after all of this. Even if it was for a moment, she put everyone here in danger. Lucille urged Villkiss back to the clearing before the rear entrance, she needed to hear their next move if she was going to at least try and help out. Maybe she'd... No, absolutely not... She... She wasn't serious about that. She said all of that to snap you back to reality... She didn't really... Lucille to 2, 23
  12. They'd have a little reprieve once this last straggler went down. The Siren was already well on top of it. Lucille switched tomes, aiming to follow up on the Siren's attack with a finishing blow, so she could catch her breat-- Never mind, the sword wielding straggler was a bit more dodgy than they'd planned for. Her attack wouldn't be enough, and she didn't want to try to dodge that blade in such a poor state of mind. The vampire could take care of it, but there was no reason to chance it. Always have a backup plan as it were. Catching her breath would have to wait a little longer, but boy was it getting difficult to do so. Breathe in, Breathe out. Just back them up, don't think about it. Lucille applies Splash to Myrm 10, Canto to 1, 17
  13. Lucille spiraled with her thoughts, now flowing unrestricted. Naomi, the siren, and now having to relive those horrific days as Coteon's experiment, she just wanted it to be over. Fear slowly turned into disappointment. Why on earth had she believed that she could be able to handle something like this? Even when she had every single advantage, she still managed to screw up, and now she was making a complete fool of herself. She wondered if Naomi hadn't missed her first spell, if she'd have shattered then too. She heard someone calling out to her, but she ignored it; Lucille was positive that it would just have been someone mocking her for her cowardice. Just like they ought to. Naomi and the siren both were right about her, she definitely was a coward, and she should have never tried to prove any of them wrong. But the voice continued on; it was the vampire who alerted them to the back entrance. '...The woman is gone, your body unharmed, and I'll stake my life to make sure it stays that way! Come back to us; we need you right now! You're not alone, Lucille!' Lucille remembered speaking with General Nessraya before the battle, when she had unknowingly triggered her fear of fire. Lucille swore that her fear wouldn't stop her from doing what needed to be done. She told the Demon King that she would do everything in her power to repay her for setting her free from the chains of Coteon, and now she was being called upon. They all believed in her enough to give her their trust. Lucille pulled herself up from Villkiss's back, her breathing was dangerously fast, her body shivering, and from all of it, she was exhausted. She just wanted to be done with it all. But even if it was just because they were in a less than ideal situation, there was something warm about her help being needed being trusted, even when she didn't feel like she deserved it. The vampire was right, she wasn't alone, and she still had a part to play. While it wasn't enough to calm her down completely, it was something to focus on other than the sight of Naomi's death. The vampire had already moved on before Lucille could gather the air to speak, "S-s-sorry... T-thank you for... trusting me." She shook the tears from her eyes and gripped the wind tome; using her tome less magic currently seemed a bit too risky. If there was a silver lining in all of this, there was no way she could get any lower than this. A still very shaken Lucille to 1, 22 Wind Myrm 9 and Canto to 2, 20
  14. Lucille surprised herself with how perfectly she executed her spell, even with her anxiety threatening to take over. The blade flew true, and it was at that moment that Lucille noticed that Naomi hadn't even realized that she'd already beat her to the cast. Naomi rose her right hand above her head, the powerful fire spell burning brightly. She probably never realized that her arm was no longer attached to her body, that the spell had a new target as it began to fall, towards her and her pegasus. No... No, no... Lucille tried to shield her eyes from the coming catastrophe, but she lost her balance on Villkiss forcing her to grab onto the reins to right herself. The rest happened in an instant. Naomi and her Pegasus, or what was left of either of them, fell to the earth below completely enveloped by flames. Bolganone was a frighteningly powerful spell; with enough magical power behind it, it could turn bodies to ashes in an instant. Of course, Lucille had seen, and felt it all before. She was only lucky, lucky that her own magic was middling, otherwise she might have met the same end as Naomi did, but ten years ago. Seeing it all over again was far, far too much. Lucille clung tightly to the back of her partner, and screamed. "No... Get... away from me... please... please..." Her body wouldn't move, she could only cling to Villkiss's back and shiver in terror. All of her resolve at masking her fear incinerated along with Naomi's being. Villkiss, ever the understanding partner, turned towards one of their companions. There was only so much a pegasus could do for her panicked rider, so she would have to rely on one of the others to calm Lucille down, and quickly, they weren't done with the fighting just yet.
  15. Lucille's assistance worked better than she could have hoped for; Naomi's surprise caused her spell to careen wide of the zombie, to which the zombie responded with a pin-point shot of her own. Unfortunately, Naomi didn't plummet to ground after the zombie's shot hit her, she wasn't down for the count. Naomi's surprise became a searing glare, one filled with hatred and embodied a single minded purpose, one that she made perfectly clear to her, 'Lucille! Traitor! COWARD! I will see you burnt for this.' Lucille's body froze. Without even realizing it, she had grabbed her right arm, holding it tight. Had it been anyone else, on any other day, with any other spell, Lucille likely would have been able to push past the threat without much issue. Unfortunately, it was Naomi, it was today, and it was Bolganone, a spell with which Lucille was intimately familiar. Lucille felt her body start to shiver as her mind began to race. No... Not here... not now... please... She had to do something, anything to keep herself from spiraling. If she lost composure now, she would put everyone here in danger, just as she always had. This time, however, she actually had a choice. She could run, and leave the rest of them to die, but that would only serve to prove Naomi and the siren right, that she was a coward, and a traitor. Perhaps more than anything else, she wasn't going to let Naomi and the siren be right about her, and she didn't want to have an attack in front the siren, or anyone for that matter, either. She hated that she considered running for even a moment, even if she was terrified of Naomi and her Bolganone, she still wasn't going to let people die when she could do something about it. She took a deep breath, body still shivering, and grabbed the wind tome from her bag. "Wind, hear me, and carry me to victory... T-This is good bye, Naomi." Lucille to 1, 18 and Wind Naomi, Canto to 1, 20
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