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  1. Breathe in, breathe out. The group was all together for a moment. Just get it over with, Luci. It's never going to get easier... She landed Villkiss next to the wagon, trying to ignore the siren on top of it. "I, uh..." She looked between the... Zombie? and the Pale Vampire just behind the wagon, "I guess one of you two is l-leading here? I'm... Lucille, I just joined not too long ago. I... um... I'll do my best to support as much as I can..." Lucille looked up at the Siren, and felt a tinge of annoyance. Though quickly overridden by rising anxiety, "...Which I'll do by scouting ahead for the moment. If, uh... you need me to do anything, just ask. Villkiss, up." Lucille panicked her way back into the air, introductions had never been a strong suit. But as she flew off, rounding the castle, she thought she could see something approaching in the night sky. "...Wait, are those..." Lucille to 1, 14
  2. She was a tad behind due to getting a late start on her way towards the back entrance, but hardly anything Villkiss wouldn't make up. Though, Lucille figured it would be better for her to ease up a bit and at least attempt to introduce herself to the group that she'd be storming the entrance with. The Siren just happened to be an unfortunate setup, not something she needed to inflict on the others. Lucille to 3, 9
  3. A rear entrance? That sounded perfect for her; she wasn't going to be much help in a frontal assault what with her needing someone to guard in the event that they got too close, which, with the gates now pulled open, they certainly would. A rear entrance would let her make better use of her abilities. Though, the Hero's call supplemented the Vampire's own, and called upon the siren, apparently called "Gabby" to join the riders who'd make their way to the back. Lucille sighed, as she tugged Villkiss's reins to join them. Just my luck. Of course I get the "gabbing" siren. She chuckled at her joke. It seemed like along with the siren, the wagon driver and the Vampire would be joining them. Of that group, the siren would likely be the last to arrive. "Well, I guess she can handle that on her own. Probably won't need any help from a 'coward'." Petty, but Lucille wasn't about to let someone who'd had no idea of the horrors of the church slight her like that. Lucille to 10, 9
  4. Andddd she's gone. Thesephine disappeared by herself back, towards where the enemy reinforcements were set to arrive. Lucille sighed, if she was really concerned, the only thing she could do now was to help make quick work of Mixoco. They could double back if Thesephine hadn't returned by the time they were done. No turning back now, she made a vow to the medusa, that she'd be worthy of the kindness that she showed her. She returned to Villkiss, mounting her partner in a single jump. A deep breath. A brush of her now lavender hair. "Alright, Villkiss. Let's make the best of this chance. For Mom, Dad and Soleanna." With a flap of Villkiss's wings, they set off towards the fortress. Lucille from 16-4 to 17-9
  5. Lucille took a deep breath as Thesephine finished her speech. It was a far cry from the night before, and almost a dead ringer for some speeches she'd heard while under Coteon employ. But there was a feeling of true purpose in her words that the Coteon commanders lacked. Thesephine's voice carried necessity, and Coteon's carried obligation. Everyone here, as far as she knew, was here because they wanted to be, needed to be. They all had something they wanted to protect. She opened her bag, along with her wind tome and vulnerary, she'd also picked up a water tome from the convoy. She'd never really used water magic before, but it appeared to trap enemies in place occasionally. It seemed perfect for someone with magic as middling as hers, and it would help the others. Other than that, it was her, Villkiss, and a whole heck of a lot to prove. Though, Thesephine mentioned that she, alone currently, was going to hang back to cover the rear from those tailing them. She was almost certainly referring to Naomi's forces. She had no idea what the Demon King was capable of, but facing all of that alone... "I, uh... I know this is really out of line, your majesty. But... if you're talking about the Coteon forces, they're... strong. And their commander is even stronger. This... isn't my place, but going by yourself... That's not a good idea." Likely the worst way she could have chosen to stick out, but she was going to have to at some point.
  6. I'd like to submit my Olivia, the only +10 I've gotten since starting the game. https://imgur.com/i8NJdjp
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