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  1. Chris looked at the pair with a blank stare, though mostly at Nyx for her oddly specific assertion. He couldn't exactly be sure how she would have come to such a conclusion, but it was a terrible one to have come to. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before reopening his eyes and returning her hard gaze. "...You know, I reeeally take issue that someone believes that even for a moment that I would be consorting with traffickers." His voice had taken on a lethal tone, "I suggest, for your well being, that you return that thought back into whatever warped recess of your mind that it jumped out of, and lock it away." His hand had gripped the hilt of his sword at some point during all of that. He paused a moment to let those words air throughout the room. Clearly he wasn't going to get that document without acquiescing something himself. "...To actually answer your question. I meant Lord Altair of the Constellation families, I don't think I need to explain that to someone who seems quite well versed in Hecatia, from the sounds of things. While it's not entirely unusual for Pure weapons to be out on the seas... the amount that's been seen recently is uncannily high. I'm sure he would like to know that the Islexians are becoming more and more brazen." Chris huffed, he was going to be bothered about that comment for a bit. His eyes then turned to Syn, "Lastly, I also take issue with your insinuation that such information wouldn't pertain to me simply because I'm not either a monster or a clouded. For starters, I'm not sure you can say that I'm not either of those things; you don't have a single clue as to who I am. But more importantly, I would think that as a Lufirian, it would be quite important to me." Chris turned his back on both women, "If you would prefer that I see the documents under the supervision of your commander, and yourself, I don't see any reason to argue. But I wouldn't be making assertions without having the information to back things up. You don't know how lucky you might be to walk out of places if you're not careful." With that, Chris stepped away. He let his hand grip his hilt. A trafficker, how incredibly disgusting. He'd dealt with his fair share of them, all types, and every single one of them were awful. He'd seen too much with the people who fled over the sands. Probably the easiest way to have gotten him genuinely upset, but it was hitting him now that it would be quite difficult to see the documents at all now. "That went wonderfully. Of all things..."
  2. It opened pretty effortlessly after his suggestion; the roguish woman had some quick hands, and quickly caught on to what she needed to do. "Surprising that a random group of pirates got a hold of a box like that. But I guess its possible that he jacked it from some unlucky ship that he and his crew got to." Fortunately, it didn't seem like either woman was interested in asking exactly how he knew how to open the box. If they weren't going to, he could just walk past it; as far as they needed to be concerned, he was just some performer, with a sword at his hip. Really blending in well, aren't you? "I would like to know. Figuring out how or why a random group of pirate got so many pure weapons, and so close to Glacies is mildly important. Something I can pass on to people both in Hecatia, and Glacies, when we get back." That should hopefully be enough. Aegean didn't miss a beat, entirely unaffected by Marianne's attempt to quell her own embarrassment. She was then quickly, and effortlessly scooped into Aegean's arms. She most certainly wasn't joking about her own strength; carrying an axe around had some benefits it seemed. Marianne fidgeted in Aegean's grasp, her face slowly approaching the color of her eyes, as Aegean revealed a portion of why she offered, "I. Mmm... of course I am." Marianne simply shut her mouth after that, shrinking a bit, and allowing her hair to cover her face a bit. She knew trying any retort or anything at this point would just come out as a mess. She just needed to calm down a little; at least she wasn't anywhere as bad as either of the sisters. Though, in her embarrassment about everything happening, Marianne forgot that she was going to ask Aegean something. Instead, Marianne just remained quiet, kind of wishing that she'd just let Chris take her back. He'd practically seen everything so her being flustered wasn't anywhere near as embarrassing with him. She'd have to figure out how to return the favor at some point, and quietly began thinking of ways as Aegean bridal carried her to her current dwelling. ...Is this how Chris felt with Cinead carrying him? Tio blinked, and then chuckled as the seasick girl seemed to perk right up after consuming the herbs, and then went immediately into a bow, complete with "milady". "My... Milady is not something I hear often. Lady is usually as far as it goes. But..." Tio looked the cat over, tilting her head a couple times, "Aha... that's why I recognize your armor. That's from Kansei, is it not? That's really the only place I can think of where you would have picked up on knightly verbage, as a Clouded. I don't particularly mind if you'd like to call me that though... Milady Tio has a decent ring to it~" She quite liked titles and such, as far as she was concerned, they were a testament to how far she'd come from where she started. She was more than allowed to feel a little self important. "But, if you're feeling better... Um... Heck, it probably would help if I began learning your names, aside from just Renais..." Tio sighed, "I doubt that Commander Natalya, nor Davros, where ever he might be, will need our assistance for dealing with these ships. So I suppose we can continue assisting with medical things, and when that's over with... I can go back to sleep. Damned pirates attacking at the crack of dawn. How rude."
  3. It did, in fact, seem like he was interrupting something. Seemingly a bit one sided if the pair's reactions were accurate. He did owe a bit of an explanation at least, "Sorry, I guess my timing couldn't have been any worse in that regard, then. Marianne asked me to come check down here; something about there being more pure weapons than normal. Given our other occupation, that's not really something I can overlook." Perhaps a little too much was said just then. But at a glance, the box that the roguish woman was working on opening was surprisingly ornate. Telling, if that was where what they were looking for was. It seemed like things were lining up in a way that Chris wasn't a fan of. Seems like that's backing up some of the reports. That's Maria's intuition for you. He let the woman fiddle with the lock a moment longer before he sighed, "Take your pick, push down and from there move it left and then back to the right quickly. If it's the lock I think it is, that should do the trick." He went back to leaning on the doorstill, if they asked, they asked. He could always give them the other answer, that wouldn't be a lie. Marianne flushed at Aegean's proposal but she had just tried to pick herself up, and to no avail. Even if she tried to lean on the girl, it really would just devolve into her being carried anyway. "W-well... I suppose if you're offering. I can't exactly turn you down and get back to my room." This would make Aegean the fourth person to have carried her somewhere. Even with its frequency, it never got any less embarrassing. "I guess your healer is quite talented if you're so raring to carry me away after all that... or am I the one doing that?" She tried to get some of the control back in this scenario. Please work.
  4. Chris sighed, on the one hand it was entirely possible to have chalked everything up to him looking a little too hard at Aegean, but on the other, 'for as long as I can remember' piqued his interest. But, he'd have to ask the person who he now remembered saying that name several times. That would be a while in the wind, so no reason to worry about it. Unfortunately, his conversation put him just out of reach of Ingverd; his clothes were stained red, but judging by his movements, there wasn't a single injury on him. Befitting of him... maybe I should ask him for a round or two, see exactly what he's capable of. He turned to the tall, feline clouded that Ingverd had been speaking to, "I'm assuming that you're the one in charge of the mercenaries? I don't think we've met, my name is Christopher Safiric. My fiancé was assisting your group in the skirmish, and mentioned that these pirates had quite a few pure weapons. I... can't exactly give you who I am completely, but stuff like this is something that I would be tasked with investigating. I just wanted to let you know before I went below deck, so not to cause concern." He offered a smile before continuing on his way. Marianne being concerned about the number of pure weapons meant that something was off. Islexia had increased their production of pure weapons as of late, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that even rogue pirates were showing up with an abundance... but to their intelligence, the pure weapons were mostly being stockpiled. So the actual circulating amount shouldn't have changed enough for random pirates to be brandishing them at will. "...Are they affiliated with a war lord, or something? If so, why on earth would they be so far out? None of this is making sense..." He needed to find a journal, manifest or something. As he approached the captain's quarters, he could hear two voices, 'Cuz I betcha ‘m way better on th’eyes than anythin’ that punk wit’ th’bow ‘as in ‘ere any day~' 'If it's really that hot in here let me know, I could make an ice sculpture out of you to cool you- wait a minute, what's this?' Sounded like the two that Marianne mentioned had already found something. Chris peered around the door, not exactly keen on walking into anything that he could end up in trouble for. Inside was the tall woman from the night they'd boarded, who'd asked Marianne to perform before her ailment started bothering her. The other, was yet another person he hadn't seen--just how many of them were there? "Seems like you two have already found something worth looking at. I'm not interrupting things, am I?" Hopefully things remained cordial, Marianne wouldn't be happy if he'd gone below deck and ended up causing an issue.
  5. Her response to the question, and subsequent gazing was to be expected; why wouldn't one be guarded when asked such a question, out of the blue, and by an unfamiliar face. It could just been her being weary, but Chris's eyes narrowed at the response for a moment. "...Ah, sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. That was a needlessly personal question, and I apologize for the staring; you just happen to look like someone." He turned and looked at Marianne, who was also looking at him with a confused glance, "You're right, Maria might be soft, but even she'd get tired of sitting on deck." "Excuse me, Chris?!" Marianne glared at him, and he returned the gaze. She paused a moment, and then cleared her throat. "Jackass... Chris, there were a lot of pure weapons on this boat. It's no surprise that Islexian pirates have them but... I think you should probably go take a look, two of the mercenaries already went below, but I think it would make me a bit more comfortable for you to take a look around. I can rely on Aegean here to help me back to the other boat." Chris looked back at Aegean with a gentle smile, "Well, if Marianne trusts you, and you're offering, I can leave that to you, right? I'll be back shortly, Maria." He placed a hand on his sword's hilt and wandered away. "Sorry about that, Aegean... He does that sometimes, he didn't mean anything by it, really." She sighed, "Now then... how do you want to go about this?" Tio blinked back into reality as she heard the teasing voice of Elisa. She smiled at her, "He is good looking... but you're right. I'm sure of it now... whatever that magical signature is, it's from him. I'm no closer to figuring out what it is, though, and I don't think he--or his partner for that matter--would take well to being questioned about something like that." Tio scanned the boat, looking for Ingverd; he'd been performing remarkably well, which, to be fair, shouldn't have been surprising to her. If there was anyone who was going to have, or get information from Chris, it was likely going to be him. Or maybe... maybe he wouldn't have to speak to Chris at all. Ingverd seemed to be on positive terms with Marianne. He was speaking with Natalya, and despite his bloodied appearance, seemed to be perfectly fine. "Ha... quite the showoff, Ingverd. I'll have to ask him a couple things later... for now, I should be more concerned with you." Her gaze finally returning to Laniva. "Be sure to let me, or Renais know if you need anymore of these herbs, I'll hand some to her at some point." Tio let out another yawn, her body still heavy, even if her mind was starting to wake. "At the very least, we'll be able to go back to sleep at some point."
  6. Marianne looked up at Aegean as the clouded approached, "I'm... okay. It's just leftover from a day or so ago. Haha... wasn't supposed to even activate my magic to avoid this, and I almost did anyway... sigh. I swear, there aren't many people who can both annoy me, and make me worry for their wellbeing in such quick succession... I guess I was the one who should have kept back, huh? I'll be fine on my own, really." Marianne tried to force herself to her feet, but quickly fell back down to the deck. "...Ha. I might need a hand after all. I--" "I told you that I should have gone." Marianne turned to see Chris coming towards them, an annoyed smirk on his lips, as well as his sword at his hip. Had he prepared to assist? "Chris... haha... oops." Marianne's face reddened. "What did you do, and are you okay?" "I, uh... one of the mercenaries seemed like they were in trouble so I was going to... cast, but they didn't need me to. It was a really bad idea on my end, but I couldn't just sit back and.." Chris let out an audible sigh, "I'm not surprised... you can't exactly leave things well enough alone." Chris looked at Aegean, "You all worked quite quickly. I can see that the reputation that your troupe has is genuine. I'm glad Marianne's worries weren't founded." Chris looked closely at Aegean once more--an attractive woman to be sure--but the feeling he got that he recognized her from somewhere was uncanny. "This may seem a bit out of the blue, but may I ask where you're from, uh... Aegean, that was your name, wasn't it?"
  7. The dragon girl brazenly brought the pirate captain onto her, pure weapon in hand. A pure weapon was already a light to Marianne's fuse, but if only for a moment, she worried about the girl. From here, it wouldn't be too difficult to eliminate him with a simple purge cast. Chris would understand the situation, and even if he didn't... she was the one who was going to be feeling it. She took the hit and Marianne had just about finished, when two other mercenaries rushed to her side, and combined, the three of them brought him down with the annoying dragon effectively executing him. She breathed a sigh of relief, and cancelled the spell. It was an impressive display of teamwork, still a silly... Marianne felt herself waver a moment. "Oh, oh no." Marianne slowly just slid to her knees. "Oh, darn it, darn it, darn it... Sigh... Even that little was too much right now I guess... where's Chris and a sweet when you need one..." Still, everyone made it out alive, and that had been the entire reason she came out here. It sounded like things were over elsewhere. A little embarrassing to be so late, but it was early morning. Tio sighed as she looked over Laniva, "Hmm, not much to do magically..." She reached into a pouch and pulled out some herbs, "Here, take these. They should help with the nausea. I have plenty of these; I'm not much a fan of boats myself." Tio felt like someone was watching her, and turned to see the silver haired man, standing behind the pair. While used to being looked at, she couldn't help but feel a bit... concerned, especially with the beautiful sword at his hip. There it was again, that unusual magical energy, but at least this time, she was sure it was from him. Tio put on a smile, "Can I help you? The battle appears over and done with." A pause, and then he returned her smile, "I was just making sure that no one else snuck up on you or your friend over there. Unnecessary, I know, but better that than nothing at all." He moved gingerly past the pair, still moving a tad slowly. "Now... where is she..." Tio didn't take her eyes off of him as she continued to help Laniva, she was definitely sure now that this man wasn't just some passenger. "Excuse me... if you don't mind me asking, what's your name? I didn't get either yours or your partners before you disappeared, and we haven't seen each other since then." "Mine? Chris. Chris Safiric, I would prefer to be called Mark, but I'll answer to either. Whenever I find her... my partner's name is Marianne." He paused, before sighing, "Well, I guess I should go and look for her, perhaps check on the ships myself. Nice talking with you, Ms. Candialia." He disappeared from sight, and Tio sighed, "Who in the world are you, and what do you have that even I don't understand?" Chris looked over the ships for Marianne, but he was right to have been worried. He couldn't be sure, but it really did seem like that woman was so in tune with light magic that she could genuinely sense it, even while he was masking it. "Are the Evokers that strong? Can she really just directly sense it?" He shook his head, and got back to looking for his partner, that was a bit more important to him at the moment.
  8. Syndra enacts the Titanic, again, but on a bigger boat! [18/38] The Iceberg never misses! 11 Damage! "Damned Galcia-- Huh? You... you're not... Ah, to hell with it, just stay the hell out of my way!" Krauser returns fire! [15/56] The Arrow strikes true! Syndra takes 5! Syndra gains 16 EXP, +1 Anima EXP! Alvira approaches to finish the job! [50/22] Krauser can't withstand the cold! Krauser felled! Alvira gains 74 EXP! First level up of the campaign! 42 43 42 13 32 90 67 73 +Hp, Mag, Skl, Speed! Krauser turned his bow on Alvira... but it was much too late as his feet were knocked from under him. A block of ice hovered above him. '...The harder they fall. No one will miss you.' "See you in hell, bi--" He never got to finish his sentence. Map Clear! Mastery achieved! +20 EXP to party! Aegean levels! 27 4 13 85 59 34 77 6 +HP, Str, Mag, Spd! Cinead levels! 4 43 31 25 99 34 94 91 +HP, Mag, Skl Renais acquires EXP and WEXP from healing units on map end(Moves that would have been completed if map did not end)! Renais heals Alvira for 14 HP! Renais gains 12 EXP, +2 Staff WEXP Renais heals Aegean for 3 HP! Renais gains 6 EXP, +2 Staff WEXP
  9. Enemy Phase! Krauser notched an arrow as the dragon girl that his subordinate fled from turned her tongue on him. The tiger woman also had words for him, but he had already long since started moving to meet the dragon. Krauser moves to 8, 13 Even at a distance, Krauser could tell that he towered over the girl. "You know... I might not need my bow to work the way it does. I'll just use its arrows peel your scales off of your body, one by one. I think that'll make me more money than anything on this ship, and hey, I get to hear you beg for forgiveness. You should be thankful, abominations like you all deserve worse." Krauser begins his assault! [33/48] The Shining Bow shimmers! Alvira takes 15 damage! Despite the pain, Alvira counters! [80/63] Alvira's ice connects! Krauser takes 10 damage! Alvira gains 16 EXP! "Come on! Little bit of frost is all you got? You're a dragon ain'tcha? Where's your fire? Don't tell me you're this pathetic!" Player Phase! Turn 4!
  10. Tio wasn't really awake as of yet, mornings were something that she was incredibly terrible with. Fortunately, the mercenaries and Elisa didn't share her sluggish start to the day. But she could at least tell that the cat swordswoman was accurate; this fight would end with or without their help. After all, sinking the pirate ship with them on it would be... less than ideal. "I think then..." Another yawn, "Elisa and I can tend to you then. But... quite well done if I say so myself." Tio stays put with the seasick Laniva! Nyx opens the chest! She acquires NOTHING. Oh wait there was a Monster Carver at the bottom! Nyx acquired a Monster Carver! Renais (Very Carefully) heals Cin! Renais heals Cin to maximum HP (7 HP restored) Renais gains 8 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP
  11. There they were. The Evokers of Glacies, and two of the most powerful mages alive. She'd consider her place against them more later, and when she wasn't running on fumes. Stupid mana storm... always making things hard for me... With the battle at an end, it was probably in her best interest to get the group as close together as she could. Which meant, helping the archer on her way. A bit of leg work, but Maria prided herself on those in the first place. "Hah... You should probably hurry on your way to that chest... They may need you down there. I'd like to perform in earnest later, as you asked, but this... will have to do for now." Marianne winked, "Hope that's... not an issue." Marianne hurries her way 13, 14 and dances for Nyx Another glance over her shoulder; the dragon girl was, surprisingly, still alive and not any worse for wear. She appeared to be goading the pirate's leader into attacking. She sighed, "Why am I not surprised she's as annoying on the field as off..." At least it wasn't directed at her, or any of her unit, for the moment. Probably best to be in range to assist, if necessary. Miria commits Final Wave on Merc 2! [98/81] Merc 2 is charred! Miria gains 30 EXP, and +2 Sword EXP Cin continues punching Pirate 4! [68/48], [8/69] Combination combines for 8 damage! "Hold still and let m' crush you!" [89/25] Cin calmly declines! Miss! Cinead gains 12 EXP, and +2 brawling EXP Syndra enacts the Titanic on Pirate 4! [99/29] Pirate 4 is going down! (I can't believe that we got 98, and 99 on these calcs) Syndra gains 34 EXP, and +2 anima EXP
  12. Enemy Phase! Merc 2 questions the blazing sword, but charges Miria anyway! [11/45] He connects, but his blade bounces off harmlessly! 0 damage! Miria's victory music starts playing! [75/24] 13 Damage! Miria gains 10 EXP, and +1 Sword EXP! Pirate 4 takes one look at Alvira and Tasha, "Fuck dis! Ain't cash enough to fite dat!" and runs the other way towards Cin! [74/65] Alvira's menacing aura spooked him enough for Cin to dodge! Miss! Cin reminds Pirate 4 that he is a dragon too! [41/27] 4 Damage! Cin gains 12 EXP, and +1 Brawling EXP! Krauser watched as his men fell one by one, and to a group of almost entirely women. He watched one of his men run into the fist of the lone, enormous, man on the opposing side. He sighed, and brought his Shining Bow to bare. "You want something done... You gotta do it yourself. Alright kittens, play time is over! Come see how a real Islexian does business, you load of freaks!" Krauser Remains put, bow at the ready! Player Phase! Turn 3! "Ugh... let me go back to sleep..." Tio sluggishly walked up from below deck with a yawn. She looked around; it looked like fighting was pretty much over. The Iron Tigers basically had control of the pirate's ships. "...See? They didn't even need our help. Can I," Another yawn. "Go back to bed now?" It was about that point that Laniva showed up, looking positively awful. Not from any injuries mind, but seasickness it seemed like. Tio knew that feeling, and she internally groaned. Leave it to us to get attacked in the morning... She sloppily waved her hand, and her crystalline staff appeared next to her. "Are you alright, um... all of your names are so hard to come by, but... Are you alright?" Tio and Elisa have entered the fray!
  13. Renais helps Aegean feel something other than pain! Renais heals Aegean for 14HP! Renais gains 12 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP With Marianne's help, Renais moves again to heal Cinead with Staff Technician! Renais heals at range Cinead for 7HP! Renais gains 9 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP
  14. Marianne giggled at the healer's rather taken gaze, slowly turning to fear as she directed her towards Cinead. It appeared the similarities between the healer and Catherine were mostly appearance deep, "Eyes on the battlefield, sweetheart. Once this is over, you'll have plenty of time to look, if you'd like." She took a deep breath, this at least made it easy to hide that she wasn't doing too well herself. The fight was drawing to a close, so long as she didn't have to cast she should be fine. At least she wasn't causing too much trouble assisting without their commander's consent. The Evokers appeared to be missing as well, and that was making things a lot easier as to not arouse more suspicion than she probably already was. Both a boon and a bane; Marianne had wanted to see the Evoker's magic first hand, and see if she could match up. But, this was already a lot to deal with in her state, better that they weren't out here.
  15. Marianne found herself impressed by the young woman that Chris had mentioned. Aegean appeared to be her name, and like Chris, she also vaguely recognized it. But thinking about that now was pointless; she could handle herself well... Almost too well, as felling one pirate after another left her wounded, and open. Fortunately, her formidability scared the other into Cin's arms. She felt like stepping up and taking charge in that moment; both Cin and Aegean had taken knocks, but even if she was sure that the pirate couldn't touch her, putting herself needlessly at risk when there were more supporting things she could do was silly. But, if the shouting from across the boat was any indication, Marianne was glad that she decided to worry about this group. While arguing wasn't exactly anything new to her; Princess Shiva and Tanvir argued all the time, but this was... seemingly not in anyone's interest. Bet it's the dragon from before... Guess it wasn't just a mood. She sighed, she had things to do still. Aegean fell back, and was met by... Marianne blinked for a moment, Aegean found herself being healed by a pink haired cleric. I'm... not that woozy still... am I? Marianne glided her way over, and, no, her eyes weren't playing tricks on her. They clearly wouldn't have been mistaken for one another on a close glance, but the pink haired healer reminded Marianne a lot of her best friend, Catherine. Marianne looked at Aegean, "Impressive fighting, but you might need hang back for a bit. Wouldn't be surprised if the remainder of this group started targeting you for that display earlier. Wouldn't want this lovely lady's hard work to go to waste, hmm?" She switched targets to Renais with a quick step, open fan in front of her mouth, "And not to hurry you along or anything, but there's a dragon over there that could use your healing touch. Watch for that pirate." Presumptuous of her to be suggesting anything being an unknown quantity, but making sure everyone came out okay was higher on her priority list. Marianne to 7, 14 and Dance for Renais! Having watched what happened to his mates, a remarkably unusual argument, and now... a talk between a tall cat... tiger? woman and a smaller, but much more explosive dragon girl. The pirate couldn't do much more than look at his boss in sheer bewilderment. Admittedly, that glance hid the fear he felt; the dragon had dodged the strike from their best fighter, aside from the boss of course, and slapped him with ice on his way by. And now realizing that the tiger woman was also taller than him, and pointing a gun in his direction, he was absolutely sure that he didn't want to go anywhere near them. The... even taller dragon with flaming arms seemed much more appealing.
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