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  1. "I'm glad that our rushing was worth it. The only thing I would have hated more than rushing to not be necessary at all, would be arriving too late." Tio felt her exhaustion coming on, but the spur of her duties was enough to keep her focus. As well as the constant stream of ever increasing annoyances. "Is that right? Detained his own citizens on no basis at all, and then attacked you all for even less. On top of that, referred to me and Elisa as floozies." Tio crossed her arms, the grip on them visibly tight. "Have we rescued the detainees? If this commander is still alive, I would ask you, and one of the detainees to come as we question him. There's a lot that you need to hea--" Tio flinched and turned towards the familiar voice calling her name. There was a small moment of relief; if Renais was alright, it likely meant that the rest of the group was fine. "Renais, I'm glad you're alright. You're not interrupting, go on." Then relief turned to confusion at Renais mentioned that they had the captain alive, but encased in stone. "...Stone? That's remarkably high level elder magic, who could have..." Tio shook her head, it didn't really matter at this point. Petrification magic had a fairly short time limit, and had only gotten shorter as beings grew more magically adept. "Well, I suppose this 'Floozy' shouldn't keep him waiting." Renais then ended with a request, one that made the incensed evoker smile for a moment, "I'll decide whether it's less important or not, Renais. There are far too many things to do right now, but the moment I have time to breathe, I'll try to help in whatever way I can." Tio had glanced over Renais, noticing that even if she did appear in perfect health that there was something off about her. Similar to when they landed in Eibar. Something had occurred, and it was another piece of charcoal on Tio's burning flame. "For now, though..." The crystals behind Tio glimmered again, but for longer this time. "Renais, could you take me to our petrified commander? I need clarity on events." Noah moved up alongside Ferid, "What are you--" Then the younger knight's eyes widened as he saw the stone figure they were approaching. Both Horse, and Maraval frozen in place. "...These mercenaries are capable of this? Just... who are they?" The fact that the Evokers were with them was confusing enough already, but this was even a step beyond that. He didn't need to know terribly much about magic to know that petrification was almost unheard of nowadays, and was even rare back then. Noah then noticed that there were two monsters close by to the statue. He didn't recognized the one with the long tail, but the other was the one that Maraval had taken special issue with. "...Good to see that the boy managed to get away." A wry smile on Noah's face. He should, and probably could have done more when the boy was captured. A blemish that he was never going to get out of his cape. He looked over his shoulders and saw the other remaining knights with their hands over their weapons. "...Sir Gead, I think it will be down to us to approach with the wagons. I doubt the locals or the mercenaries will be too happy to see more knights, and the few that are left aren't comfortable. Perhaps we could entreat with the two before us, and see about speaking with their leader?"
  2. "Upper floors?" Marina looked straight up, trying to glean anything from the action. But seeing as she couldn't really see anything aside from the ceiling above, she sighed and shook her head. "None of any of this makes sense." Marina couldn't keep her hands from tensing. She understood why; she was worried about Taliyah, and the others, but there was something different about it when Taliyah was involved. Her actions had already forced the group to deprive Tali of her father, if anything happened to her now... No, stop that. She'll be fine, and you'll just have to make sure of that-- Marina paused. Were those her own words? What exactly could she do to protect Taliyah after all of this? Marina shook her head again. Finally focusing on Agni's last question; the myriad newcomers such as the two that Nessraya was speaking with. "I... don't really know. Even with everything that seems to be coming out." The magical speak was going over Marina's head, but the understanding of titles, and such, seemed to mean that the two huddled together were some ancient royalty or something. "There's something... about them, and this place that worries me. I can't place it, or understand why." The day just seemed content to throw curveball, after curveball. Seilan's question was both appreciated, and seemingly impossible to answer. "I... don't think there's way to answer that." Lucille quickly answered. Then almost immediately, she hugged Seilan pulling herself in tightly. "S-sorry, if this is, s-sudden, but I just, h-h-have to..." She quieted herself, she felt like she was embarrassing herself enough already with this, no need to stumble over her words as well. Finally, just a moment to relax after all of nonsense. Well, not quite. Lucille heard Susan stumble, and pulled herself away just long enough to see Susan request a hand. Lucille noticed that she wore a glove, not unlike the one covering her own scorched arm. It didn't seem like anyone else was taking action, so... it appeared to fall to her. Begrudgingly, she let go of Seilan for a moment, and reached out for Susan's hand with her own gloved hand whilst planting herself to the best of her ability. The moment their hands touched, Lucille tensed, partially out of not being used to feeling anything with her gloved arm, and mostly out of realizing that the arm she was holding wasn't normal. The soft, warm feeling of flesh was not present, replaced by a an unnerving coolness, and a firmness that felt like she was grasping the hilt of a sword, or perhaps the handle of a broom. Lucille almost immediately let go, but willed herself to hold on. She didn't like the feeling one bit, and the fact that it was her hand, the same hand that Lucille had gloved as well. Lucille was unsure if Susan could feel her hand shiver. Would... that have been what happened to my hand? If, if Serena... Didn't... No, no! Focus. It's fine now. There's nothing... nothing... It took several moments for Lucille to remember that hand was holding Susan's, and that she had extended her hand to help her up, or at least try. "Ah... S-s-sorry about that." Lucille readied herself, ready to help Susan off the floor so she could immediately release her hand afterwards. At the very, very least, she could always just cling to Seilan for the remainder of these events. Other things could wait until later at this point.
  3. Aly tries to get vengeance for the stabbing! [86, 96] The knife flew true, but Soldier 3 seemed as if possessed by something, and he continued to stand! 11 damage! Aly gained 8 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP! Tasha moves in to subdue the still fighting soldier! Brandishing the Monster Carver! "That weapon does not belong to you, demon!" He hissed. [6, 4] As if to cap off the end of his meaningless battle, Natalya swung the axe with all of her might. The axe did not pierce the man's armor, but his body bent in an unnatural way accompanied by a rather sickening crack. With the soldier's final twitch, the battlefield appeared to fall silent. Soldier 3 broken! Tasha gained 10 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP! MAP CLEAR! Party gains 10 EXP via the two knights who surrendered! Renais gains EXP based on the first heal of injured party members! Using the Heal Staff! Renais heals Aegean for 12 HP! Renais heals Aly for 16 HP! Renais heals Nxy for 11 HP! Renais heals Syndra for 3 HP! Renais heals Ullr for 10 HP! Renais heals Natalya for 14 HP! Renais gains 64 EXP overall, and +12 Staff EXP Renais reaches Level 6! 45 21 32 82 16 56 36 55 +Mag, Speed! Siorel also reaches Level 6! 4 8 82 85 57 33 59 74 +HP, Str, Spd, Luck! Commander Natalya, and Alriana subdued the remaining fighter, but even before Tio could start figuring out what the hell had just happened. They were approached by a... fox clouded? The proper term escaped Tio at the moment, but she'd heard something about them in her myriad travels. Her presence seemed to pique Elisa's concern, which had Tio's eyes narrowed. Then almost immediately after saying that she was a merchant, she manifested incredibly rare and valuable weapons in a flash of blue flames. "...You're really not doing a good job of proving that you're just a merchant." Tio released a sharp breath, lowering her hand, and all of the crystals returned to her, once again floating in a circle behind her. "I normally would peruse, but I can't right now. As for the Tigers, you'll have to speak with their commander, not me. Though... the fact that Elisa is concerned about your mana flow is a bit intriguing. It's not like her to have so many questions." Tio turned away from Mikoto, "Pardon my curtness, but I really have things to do. If you're still about later on, perhaps we can all chat, but until then, I don't have time." Tio had already spent her conversational energy with Sarasin, and was hardly interested in wares right now. She exchanged a glance with Elisa, before moving on ahead to the feline commander. "Is everything alright here now, commander? I must ask, did you have to accost the commander, or something? Anyone of relevance with the knight's command? I would like... answers." The crystals behind Tio glimmered on the emphasized word. "If not, it's not much of an issue. From what Ing-- Versaris said, the knights provoked the assault. If they're as..." She angrily gestured over to soldier that the commander had just felled, "Dense as that man was, I wouldn't blame any of you for defending yourselves." "The Evokers of Glacies? One and the same?" Noah had heard tales of the current Evokers of Glacies, and for a moment, the stories that he considered tall tales were suddenly well in the realm of possibility if those flashes were any indication. As they led the wagons forward, and came into the clearing that they'd retreated from. Noah saw the bodies, and the group of mercenaries about. It was clear that they'd won, and fairly handily it seemed. Even if he'd erred on the proper side of things, he couldn't help but tense a little. The air was still quite charged, perhaps from the magic that the Evokers employed. "I think that's for the best if you do explain things. The Evokers of Glacies are magical experts to my recollection, perhaps once things are settled down more, they could lend us their expertise... Or not; if these mercenaries are with them, I'd doubt they'd be so willing to assist the people who were all so willing to attack their entourage. I hope that damned man got his..."
  4. Siorel takes a moonlit dip, so that she could stab Cav 4 in the back! [13, 41], [60, 75] With two unseen quick knives, Cav 4 slowly slumped over his horse's back as the energy slowly left his body. Cav 4 defeated! Siorel gained 30 EXP, and +3 Hidden Ullr continues the Chris Redfield regiment, guaranteed to deal damage to Monk 1! [58, 32], [65, 47] Ullr continued to punch until finally... the statue broke in half at the waist. Even if the man eventually woke up from his stoning, he most certainly would not be waking up from that. Monk 1 Shattered! Ullr gained 30 EXP, and +3 Brawling EXP "Right, of--" Noah had been ready to do as asked when the skies above Liste lit up. "...What in Galari's name was that?" Noah then turned with a bewildered look on his face towards Ferid, "What do you mean that's our answer? Do you... mean to say that the mercenaries did that? Or was there someone else?" He paused for a moment, and then realized that it didn't really matter to him. The hostages were his first and foremost concern. The other knights were just as bewildered at the brilliant lights that had appeared over Liste. Noah moved towards the others, "I think that was the battle ending, if Sir Ferid's call is correct. Prepare the wagons, and get ready to move towards the square. Inform the detained, and unbind them if they were bound." The other knights looked at one another, and then all slowly nodded as they began preparing. He turned back to Ferid, "It seems like whatever that was, was enough to convince the others without many questions. Hopefully... Captain Maraval is a pile of ash after all of this." After a couple short moments, the caravan was ready to move. "Let us lead the way." The woman looked at Alvira with a sneer. "You know, I thought that too once. We're supposed to protect everyone in Hecatia. Even the monsters and clouded, and I believed in that once. It's hard to believe in that anymore when all it seems like is that the people you're trying to protect just try to bring you down. My brother gave his everything to live up to that ideal, and more than once, it stabbed him, and me, in the back until it finally took his life. He was that good guy that you thought that I, or any of the knights here were supposed to be. People like you killed him. People like you attacked Axios, and killed him and so many others." She put her arms out as if inviting Alvira for a hug, but the intent was much less inviting. "You're right, I'm ungrateful that you spared me. I don't even think I'd mind if you proved me correct, and struck me down right now. The only reason I stopped fighting was because I know that neither the Lieutenant, or my brother would want me to throw myself away. Think it petty or whatever; I don't care. It's all people like you have left me with." ENEMY PHASE TURN 6! The mage had followed behind the woman who had assumed combat of their group, and had joined her to engage an annoying nimble lizard personthing. It had evaded all but one of their attacks so far, and he had been about to suggest pushing her out of the forest somehow, when he felt something unnerving. First, an armored unit to the north vanished in a plume of flame. That had to have been a meteor spell, but from where, and who? Then, there was a second, much more powerful pulse of magic. A powerful, blinding flash of light overtook the skies, and where his leader had stood, there was only a helix of light. As the energy dissipated, he realized that she was gone, and not just gone, but it was almost like she had never existed in that space at all. Everything, including her, was gone. "Dear Galari..." The young man realized that he was trembling now. Who could cast a spell of that kind of power? Light Magic was powerful in the right hands, but to obliterate someone like that... The kind of power necessary for that... Gathering a bit of his nerve, he turned over his shoulder to see what the others thought, and watched as the spearman charge in anyway, gunning right for the lizard. Well, that was clear at least. He looked at the priest. "I think we can--" "Hell no. I'm not taking part in this anymore. Surely you just saw--" "I.. I can't abandon one of our own! If he believes that we can still fight, then it is our obligation as knights, nay, men of Hecatia to surge forward!" The mage looked around for a suitable target. He could continue his assault on the lizard, but there was an armored target not too far from his location. He remembered that armored targets fared worse against the effects of magic, and so, he prepared to run off... only to run face first into a staff that was swung right at his head. Knocking him out immediately. The priest kneeled down next to the unconscious mage, "The oath I swore to the knights was to keep you all alive. It was not explained to me how, exactly, I was supposed to that. Only that I was." He raised his hands, and slid in front of the prone mage, "Neither I, nor my compatriot here will engage in further hostilities." Priest 3, and Mage 4(Without his consent) have surrendered! Soldier 3, like a goddamned psychopath, charges Alriana! [20, 35] In a last ditch effort, Solder 3's spear pierces Alriana's body, dealing 16 damage! Aly counters! [49, 81] Aly gained 8 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP! PLAYER PHASE TURN 7! FINAL TURN! Tio's eye twitched as she watched one of the soldiers charge right after Alriana, and scored an impressive hit. She had half a mind to saunter her way over, and if not use her personal spell, perhaps a Gamma Ray... but that idea was quickly halted when the priest halted the mage from doing something incredibly silly. Tio, however, did not drop any of her spells yet. If the knights were going to make a show of force, she was going to make one right back. "Let's go find ourselves our commander, shall we?"
  5. Syndra moves in, and targets Cav 4! [51, 70] (74) The hailstorm pelts Cav 4, dealing 14 damage! Syndra gains 12 EXP, and +1 Anima EXP! Syndra reaches level 5! 6 34 68 13 1 4 56 31 +HP, Skl, Speed, Luck! Aegean crosses the river, and pincers Cav 4 with Syndra! [86, 14] Aegean's strike was powerful, her intent spot on, but Cav 4 reacted perfectly. He nimbly evaded the strike, but he felt the pressure from the strike. He knew that he'd evaded death. Critical, but missed! Cav 4 comes back around, sword brandished! [43, 60] He made sure his sword struck true, knowing that he needed to make quick work of the woman if he was going to come out of this. Aegean took 12 damage! Aly has had enough of Mage 3, and his gusts of wind! [30, 85] The knife made a more weighty impact, perhaps because of Aly's annoyance with the mage, and it was enough to send him to the ground. Mage 3 Felled! Aly gained 22 EXP, and +2 Hidden EXP! Elisa makes her presence known by dropping a Meteor on top of Sword Armor 3! [21, 73] (74) Sword Armor 3 vanishes in a plume of smoke and fire! Sword Armor 3 felled! Elisa gained no EXP, or weapon EXP! Tasha decides to add a bullet hole to Lance Armor 3's arrows! [69, 32] (96) Click, click. Bang. Lance Armor 3 finally stops moving! Lance Armor 3 sniped! Tasha gained 10 EXP, and +2 Gun EXP! Miria was back on her feet, and back into the fray! This time, to commit war crimes on priest 2! (I wasn't going to roll this fight because Miria auto hits, but look at this shit) [100, 53], [85, 87] With two quick swings, the Priest was rendered unconscious! Priest 2 downed! Miria gained 26 EXP, and +3 Sword EXP! Elisa sped off ahead, opening with her own attack. Tio threw her arm out to the side as she started to walk behind Elisa, the crystal shards circling behind Tio began swirling about her arm. "Versaris, you're going to want to wait a moment. I won't hit you, but it would be much easier if you just waited." Tio performed an "up" motion with her hand, and one of the crystals flew into the air above her, and started to glow with magical energy. The others continued to swirl around her hand, as she stepped alongside Elisa. Her target was well off in the distance, obscured by nightfall but Tio could see him clearly in her mind's eye. A visual link that allowed her to use the crystals for added sight, an incredibly versatile targeting mechanism. Alriana was nearby, but Tio was confident in her accuracy. "I suppose there's no better time than now to announce that we're here." Tio chooses Lance Armor 4 for the demonstration. [41, 78] (13) A large pulse of magic, and the five remaining crystals all took formation about Tio, as the spell all but just manifested in front of her. The crystals then seemed copy the spell, "For once, the name of this spell happens to fit. Purge this place of those who have no right to call themselves knights." A bright flash lit up the town of Liste. Where Lance Armor 4 had stood, there was naught but a helix of light that remained for several moments. When it faded, there was nothing left. No armor, no weapon, no proof that anyone or anything had existed in that space before now. The first attack had been well more than enough, the continuous casting not even necessary. Tio just looked over at Ingverd, hand still raised, and the other spells at the ready, "Now you can go find him. That should have been more than enough of a warning shot." Tio procs Astra, and Criticals. 81 Damage!
  6. "What on--" The knight looked over the water, and her eyes widened. Captain Maraval had been turned stone, and she watched as the man she idolized flew back down the mountainous path, lifelessly. She turned back to Alvira, the white hot flame in her belly seemingly growing in size... until it didn't. She let out a pained whine, as the blade in her hand fell to the ground. "...Curse all of you. Beings like you. All of you. First, you take my brother at Axios, then, then..." She put her hands out towards Alvira, but there was a look of unbridled hatred in her eyes, "...I know he wouldn't want me to die here. Fighting demons like you. Fine. You win. But I hope that someone comes for all of you just like you deserve." Cav 3 surrenders, and will no longer attack! Alvira gained 40 EXP! Alvira reached Level 6! 82 23 43 47 69 59 90 31 +Mag, Res! Alvira reached BMAnima Rank C, and learned Blizzard! Note: Enemies can rarely surrender if the conditions of battle make sense for them to do so. Many will not take your generosity at face value, and ignore your call for reason. Others might if your argument is persuasive enough. If successful, the person in question will receive the EXP * 1.3 from defeating the target, but not the weapon EXP that they would have if they had slain the opponent. TL;DR if you decide that trying to spare someone is in character, and it works, I'm not going to punish you out of EXP. Nyx enters the Central Village! Luca peered over a counter at Nyx walked in, "...You're not one of the Knights, yeah? Though, I guess if you were, you'd be moving for your weapon. Ugh... Sorry, I hate fighting, and things, and I... whew, I don't want to know what's going on out there. I'll just hope that you guys are winning. But... just because I don't want to see the carnage doesn't mean I can't appreciate what you're doing, yeah?" Luca rummaged through some things, before pulling out a feather. "I got this a while back. It's apparently a harpy feather, rare little things these are. I thought it was a Pegasus feather, but this little feather is supposed to make you a little faster. Or so it goes, I've never tried. Take it. It's better off in your hands, and if the knights do come in here, it won't be here for them to get mad at, yeah?" Nyx acquired a Aged Harpy Feather!
  7. Alvira Flash! [38, 6] The flash of light sears the Cavalry woman, but she remains in her saddle. 12 Damage! "You can fuck off! Don't you dare speak about him like that!" The woman fumed, unable to swing at Alvira again. Alvira gained 10 EXP, and +1 Light EXP! Renais gathers her bearings, and mends Siorel! Renais heals Siorel all the way to full! Renais gains 22 EXP, and +3 Staff EXP! 16's eyes started to glow menacingly. Maraval noticed her in the distance, and remembered that it was her that had turned his subordinate into stone. "Oh shoot!" Maraval tried to charge, and skewer the girl, but it was a little too late. 16 casts Eyes of the Medusa! [45] Maraval was not able to escape 16's gaze. Her glowing violet eyes, feel on him, and he felt his body become rigid. "Curse you demon sp--" His words caught in his throat, another stone to add to the stone that he had become. Maraval has been Stoned! +10 Def/Res, but cannot counter or evade. Cinead engages Cav 5, with burning, lethal intent. [17, 5] With not much more sound than the air being parted by Cinead's rocketing fist, the exchange was over in a single punch. The Lieutenant found himself launched from his horse, the elfire empowered fist piercing his armor and scorching his skin. He, of course, never felt anything beyond the crushing blow having already lost conscious on contact. He ragdolled away, leaving only a very, very confused horse. Critical. 48 Damage! Cinead gained 30 EXP, and +2 Brawling EXP Cinead acquired the Paladin Band!
  8. Nyx notches an arrow, and takes aim at Cav 8! [7, 84] Bending the arrow about Tasha's frame, the arrow pierces Cav 8's neck, and he slides off his confused horse. Cav 8 Felled! Nyx gains 34 EXP, and +2 Bow EXP! Renais panics, but mends Miria to the best of her ability! Renais heals Miria for 26 HP, and Miria gets back on her feet! Renais gains 23 EXP, and +3 Staff EXP Ullr decides to become Chris Redfield, and punches a boulder that is also Monk 1! [64, 97], [75, 47] Ullr punches a man boulder, and deals 14 damage! Monk 1 is stoned, and cannot engage in self defense! Ullr gains 10 EXP, and +2 Brawling EXP The knight paused a moment, staring at Ferid. He pondered a moment before shaking his head. "I said before, don't consider that man my captain. He doesn't deserve the rank, and you needn't put yourself out there for me like that. If my actions here mean that I am no longer a Knight of Altair at the end of the day, then I was never a Knight of Altair. I didn't think I could do anything here on my own, but I'm not much alone any longer, am I?" The knight saluted at Ferid, "Noah Zeris, at your service, Sir Gead." Sari had sped off from the village, a little mad, frustrated, and shocked that the man that ran the place lived so far away from it. “Stupid, damn, ‘nobility’, stupid, out of, city, villas…!” He was pushing himself extra hard, not wanting to waste a second to make it to the Evokers… Luckily, Javier had made it there before him. Tio and Elisa were coming into view, Versaris finally slowing down to meet them. Elisa met him first; he wasn’t surprised. “Good, you got my message… A group of Hecation Knights rolled into town with a Clouded on display, started pointing fingers, demanding to search our wagons. Their Captain put out an order to search things anyway, despite requests for him to come with us to meet with you… Said to use force if we didn’t agree. You can guess how well that went.” Sari had no idea about what was going on in town; he hadn’t looked back since he’d started running. Tio had finally caught up, Versaris nodding. “Now, we, we seriously need to motor, so–” Without another moment to wait and knowing that Tio wasn’t the best runner, he moved to pick her up– “Oogfh…!” Why was she so heavy!? “... Never mind. Elisa, you carry her. Didn’t think those would weigh so much– Not the point, we have to leave. Now.” It was now that he’d turned back to see the fire plume emanating from the village, the light brightening up every building nearby with the evening approaching. “Fuck.” He didn’t wait to make sure Elisa could carry her wife, he was off again. “If you’ve any questions, ask them on the move!” “Trust me, I’d rather be sharing a bed with you than having an evening run right now,” Elisa said back to her wife as they approached the village, with Ingverd shortly coming into view… and the flames from earlier getting a whole lot bigger. “Sounds more or less like what we’d figured out already, but-- Hey, what are you?” Amusing as his stumbling about with Tio was, this was no time to laugh about it, and the less fit lady was surely not going to appreciate the remark. “That’s what I was gonna say! Coming right behind you!” She quickly swept her wife off her feet with much more grace than Ingverd’s attempt, carrying her without too much effort and sprinting after the man. “That’s not anything Miria’s armor seemed capable of, so that has to be Cinaed, right? Or something weirder than anything we’ve already seen is going on.” They’d approached the village much faster than the trip up, but by the time Ingverd came into view and explained what was happening, Tio was huffing and puffing. “I swear… Nothing can ever–” About that moment in time, Ingverd swiftly moved over and tried to lift her, realizing that she was going to slow them down, only to struggle. The attempt was appreciated, but the response was much, much less so. Tio just slowly turned to look at Ingverd, a small scowl on her face, “ex-cuse me?!” No sooner had she gotten the words out, the plume of flames in the distance seemed to grow, Ingverd had already started moving again, and she was now in Elisa’s arms. “Mmmmm… I’m not heavy…” Accused knights, stupid Ingverd… first forcing me to run back, and now this? Ughhhh, someone is going to get it… She shook her head; she had to focus on the actual matter at hand, and not the number of threats going through her head. “Cinead’s the only one who it could be… unless…” Tio thought about the possibility of Alvira, and that flare up she had during her practice with incantations. Highly unlikely, but a possibility. “Ingverd.” There was an unmistakable air of annoyance in her voice, “Did they perhaps say what was stolen? We learned that it was a relic from Axios, but Sarasin didn’t know what.” “It’s Versaris now, not Ingverd; I’ll explain later!” He didn’t want to spend time correcting that beyond a single mention, a little afraid to answer her question about what was stolen. “A few things. One, unless Alvira’s recovered her magic in a blaze of glory, that’s definitely Cinaed. Two, you’re not overweight, but you’ve got a large chest and I wasn’t ready for it. Three… Escaflowne. This is serious.” He was ready for Tio to blow up over two things now, bracing himself for the worst. Cinead with all of that magic about him sounds incredibly worrying. Cinead may have been hard headed, but if nothing else, he cared deeply about the Tigers. Something had to have happened. Tio, however, hung on Versaris’s last words, whipping her head towards him. “I’m sorry… DID YOU JUST SAY ESCAFLOWNE?!” Tio’s surprise, and anger all broke out at once. The legendary sword of the Hecatian Hero Galari, and the leader of the twelve heroes responsible for leading the world against the Holy Lufirian Empire twelve hundred years ago. Suddenly, the knight’s frantic search made sense; a relic of that caliber being stolen is a blemish unlike any other, and they would probably do anything to find it, and punish the thief. “Damn it! Incredible. Incredible! How exactly could anyone have expected to find ourselves embroiled in this?! If it’s Escaflowne that means there’s a good chance that the less scrupulous knights would be willing to do particularly heinous things… We learned that the attack at Axios was mainly carried out by Clouded, so you know how that could go.” Tio continued to stare daggers at Ingverd, her hair starting to turn a shade of green. “You’re really not improving things, In–” Tio paused, “Versaris? When did? Ugh, never mind!” Tio huffed, “I’ll worry about your thoughts on my weight later. Stopping the knights comes first… and if they have actually harmed someone… I won’t mind letting off a little steam.” What an awful evening. Rest and relaxation ruined, and now this. There were two scenarios now; either the knights simply screwed up royally, and an average, everyday thief stole the blade, or the thief was competent enough to not only get by the knights, but evade them as well. In both cases, average monsters and clouded were in serious danger if they were unlucky. Damn it all… He better, because a name change out of nowhere was suspicious as hell. Maybe ‘Ingverd’ was a cover name for public-facing work, but if he’d not told this to Iseria either, then things were not as straightforward. Elisa’s thoughts on that stopped from the sheer volume of Tio’s voice, staggering for a moment to keep balance. Even I know what that is, and I’m not the ancient ruins and relics girl of us. Who can even pull something like that off? Could be the Knights are just as worthless as Artorius, but they’d spare no expense to keep the single most important thing in Axios Hall safe. Tio echoed the rest of her thoughts, albeit in a more incensed tone. “You know, I don’t think there’s a question as to whether that’s happened when that’s going on in front of us? Might piss them off more, but I won’t stop you, more reason to not if they’re making progress against the Tigers.” That, or they’d piss their pants instead. Decently certain that nobody else among their group had seen how strong they actually were, Elisa could imagine how much of a shock it would be to witness. Sari had to cover his ears at Tio’s exclamation, expecting her to shout, but not quite that loud… He focused on his running as she rattled off her frustrations, questions, thoughts and groans, leaving him without much else to say. Only one thing he could really correct, giving them both a glance and sighing once more. “Versaris Didarion, of the infamous Lufirian spy and assassin family, at your service and attempting to turn over a new leaf because I let myself fall in love with a Monster of dubious origins! A pleasure. If you’re going to start unloading magic once we arrive, just give me a moment of warning. I don’t want to rush in and get caught near the blast…” Tio’s eyebrow raised as Ing–Versaris, revealed his name, origin, and why his name had changed in the first place. “So that’s what this is about, hmm? I’m sure Lady Iseria knows all of that, right? If so, other than my short temper at the moment, I don’t see any reason to be wary of the sudden shift. Versaris, it is then. Glad to see you’ve figured something out.” Tio then focused back on the road ahead, “I’ll be sure to. If things can end without either of us doing anything, I would prefer that. If not, there will be some knights missing. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve gone rogue, and I won’t tolerate knights, or anyone for that matter, terrorizing the people they’re sworn to protect.” Her hair finished changing to its brilliant green. “If that means that a whole battalion of Altair Knights suddenly vanishes, so be it. I’m sure Celine Altair would understand.” “I work under Jeremiah Noire. He knows, and he would’ve definitely informed the Queen if I hadn’t already. Not even Lufirian intelligence is completely above the royalty of other countries.” He didn’t want to lie about anything at this point. Tio was already upset enough. They were quickly coming up on Liste proper, so hopefully those knights were close to being defeated, else they soon would be… Aly, please be alright. ENEMY PHASE TURN 5! The Lieutenant flinched at Alvira's return, his eyes, and lance turned to her. "I deserved that. I did say for you to bay at the moon. You're much louder than I expected, and I regret that you were left alive. I'll fix that after I'm done with your friend." He then turned to the flaming dragon approaching him. For a moment, there was abject fear upon his face, and much of his body told him to abandon his fight with the dragon. Then, it turned to a smile, an audacious smile. This was simply the reality of fighting monsters. "T-that's right. Come closer. I won't miss this time, boy! COME ON!" The Lieutenant rode off, charging at Cinead. "Follow after him! Meet the enemy head on! For the glory of Hecatia!" Maraval shouted, urging his forces on. "Come on boys! Let's skin these half-breeds! Looks like there's onl-- Eh?" In the middle of his speech, a woman with multiple tails approached one of the soldiers. Spouting something about a purchase, and fighting being beneath them. He swaggered over to her, "None of us are interested, demon. I have a deal for you however." He hefted the axe above his head, "I'll just kill you now, and maybe you'll have enough time to find your place in hell before the rest of them arrive!" Fighter 3 engages Mikoto! [80, 70] Fighter 3 swings... but Mikoto had almost literally vanished from sight. Mikoto counters with Nosferatu! [53, 2] Critical! 102 Damage! Perhaps her frustrations had hit a peak on this day. Perhaps she'd gained a better handle of her magic. Perhaps this human was simply that weak. Whatever the case was, as the axe flew by her and missed with the most brief of sidesteps, she snarled, baring her fangs in a bright smile! Mikoto's pupils dilated into slits, eyes wide, a purple aura encapsulating the fighter... With a sickening scream that lasted but a second, his body began to compact as the spell she'd cast worked its magics, crushing and compacting his form, inch by grotesque inch, cracks and squirts erupting as a cacophony of sound...! Until it was done. Not ten seconds had passed. The knight that had once stood there was now a small, dark sphere, no bigger than a sweet treat. With a quiet, triumphant giggle, Mikoto picked the orb out of the air with her fingers, opened wide and swallowed it whole. "Mmn... They're better alive... mnn, but this will suffice as a snack~ Anyone else? Sales are still on the board, should you wish to be less... Barbaric." Her eyes and form had returned to normal, but there was clearly nothing normal about her... The other knights looked on in horror as the man who had riled them had disappeared in a wave of dark energy leaving only a sphere of... something. A woman in bulky armor stepped forward, after having mouthed the words, "Holy shit." She cleared her throat, offering a stilted bow. "...I, uh, apologize for our leader's affront. We recognize that you're not with our main opponent, and will not bother you again." She looked at the others, "Engage the mercenaries, but leave this woman, and anyone associated with her out of the fighting!" With a terrified nod, she and the other knights moved on. The Knights will no longer attack Mikoto under any circumstances! Mikoto gained 5 EXP, and +2 Dark EXP Cav 5 rushes Cinead, grin on his face, monster pike in hand! "I'm glad to see that your friends being harmed draws out the monster in you! It will make it sweeter for you to fall next!" [77, 40] The flames surrounding Cinead's body threw off the man's strike, causing it to narrowly veer wide! Miss! Cinead took advantage of the lacking attack, to strike back! [26, 49] Cinead slammed his fist into the Lieutenant's stomach for 8 damage! Cinead gained 10 EXP, and +1 Brawling EXP Cav 3 engages Alvira! The incoming rider looks a little bitter about something, unsure of what it could be. [90, 46] In her bitterness, she forgot that her sword was supposed to impact Alvira, and not fly past her! Miss! Alvira on the offensive after the miss! [82, 72] The Cavalier was better at dodging than she was connecting. Miss! (Riveting combat) On the right side, Merc 3 engages Natalya! Vantage activates, so Natalya attacks first! [22, 72] Merc 3 goes down before he gets a chance to ready his finishing move! Tasha gains 10 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP Lead by Example upgrades until the end of the turn! Sword Armor 3 does not want any part of that, but attacks using the Wind Sword! [61, 33] The blade of Wind strikes Tasha for 13 damage! Lance Armor 3 aims their Javelin at Nyx! [32, 27] His Javelin was much more accurate than his compatriot, and nails Nyx for 11 damage! Nyx returns fire! [72, 18] The arrow pierces armor, but the wave continues ever closer... Nyx gained 12 EXP, and +1 Bow EXP! Mage 3 throws a blade of wind at Aly! [46, 98] The blade narrowly careens wide! Miss! Aly counters! [2, 60] Aly knifes yet another mage! 10 Damage! Aly gains 8 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP Mage 4 can't find an opening to attack Tasha, but find Aly in a set of trees instead! Only he can cause forest fires! [86, 99] He might have actually set the place on fire, because he sure didn't set Aly on fire. Miss! Aly spins the knife! [6, 31] The Knife spins through the mage's cloak, and deal him ten damage! Aly gains 10 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP! Aly reaches level 6! 87 95 42 15 63 32 60 17 +Skl, Def, Res! Priest 3 however, didn't like that, and healed him up to full! Lance Armor 4 slides in close, and switches to his Iron Greatlance! [93, 18] Aly nimbly evades the strike! Not even close! Miss! Aly counters immediately! [42, 30] The knife couldn't miss, but the knights armor remained intact! 4 damage! Aly gained 12 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP! PLAYER PHASE TURN 6! After what felt like an unnervingly long time, Versaris, and the Evokers arrived to the north of Liste. At a single glance, the situation didn't look the best. They were holding the main bridge well, but the eastern part of Liste seemed close to being overrun. It didn't look like there would be a simple diplomatic solution here. Tio sucked in a deep breath, "Elisa, could you put me down, please?" The moment Tio's feet touched the ground, her staff appeared in her hand. The crystalline object then broke into six pieces, and started circling around behind Tio. "We assist the Tigers until the threat is subdued. I would appreciate the commander of these knights to be alive so we can talk. Versaris, if you could find that unfortunate person, and if the Tigers have already dealt with him, find the next best person. This is unacceptable." With a bright flash of Light, and a very strong pulse of magic, Tio started walking towards the eastern side of Liste, "If you need me for anything, I'll be over there. Coming, Elisa?" Tio, Elisa, and Ingverd have all arrived, and will join the fray! Tio's Inventory, and Stats have changed!
  9. Monk 2 is dead. He's just dead. [90, 37] There was no crit, but he's just dead. Cin gained 26 EXP, and +2 Brawling.
  10. 16 angrily targets Monk 1 with Eyes of the Medusa! [16] (This was not planned) With a violet flash, Monk 1 has become a statuette! Monk 1 has been stoned, and not the fun kind! Monk 1 cannot move, or attack, but gains +10 Def/Res. Enemies can still pass through! Siorel decided she was done staring daggers, and started throwing them at Monk 2 instead! [9, 70] The knife struck true, needling its way into the man's left arm! 12 damage! Monk 2 decides to return the favor! [9, 8] The monk ripped Siorel's knife out of his arm, and in his vindictive anger, chanted a perfect spell. With another flash, the well crafted light spell struck Siorel, knocking the dancer to the ground! Critical! 30 Damage! Siorel is downed! The Lieutenant smirked as their light mages seemed to be making quick work of the mercenaries now. The pair had been above average for years, and it was certainly showing now. Then he heard a shill voice aimed at either himself, or the captain. "Ah, it appears that we're starting to break now? I'm sure the two fools that followed you to their graves believe us to be idiots as well? Bay at the moon like the bitch you are. When I'm done with your friend, and you're on the ground in the tears, I'll be sure to stick you too." "Neilson." The Lieutenant turned over his shoulder, "Yes, Captain?" "Save that fire for when we advance. There's no reason to waste your breath on a corpse who doesn't know that she's dead. Our friends to the east almost certainly have arrived... We'll quick work of them. Do not break under their pressure, men! Their dying gasps are upon us! Weather the storm, and then we strike!" Cav 5 Equips the Monster Pike! Maraval Equips the Iron Greatlance!
  11. Tio could barely see the flames go off in the distance, and cursed under her breath. Things were never, ever going to go according to plan, and if they were Altair Knights, the Tigers could be in a bit of trouble. Natalya and Ingverd would have easily been able to keep things calm on their end, which almost definitely meant that the knights had instigated. Especially if Ingverd had sent them that request. "Ugh! Can nothing ever be simple!?" Tio did her best to keep after Elisa now that she had caught up. Any injuries, or anything incurred from this attack was a setback that was entirely avoidable. Not to mention that it looked like combat was taking place in Liste itself, which meant that the villagers were at risk at well. Tio's exasperation grew with every hurried step, "If they cause problems for the villagers, or harm the Tigers..." Tio simply shook her head, and put forth her best effort to keep up with Elisa. The knight nodded, "Of course, sir. Not a word will leave my lips about this." He then smiled; Sylph Knights lived up to their reputation if Ferid was any indication. A couple of the knights nodded, while some of the others seemed hesitant to do so. Maraval's orders were nothing short of heinous, and those who were following him weren't too much better. They'd taken an oath to Hecatia, and her people, not to the regent or Maraval. There was naught he could do on his own, and the other knights weren't quite willing to stand against Maraval and the less scrupulous knights, but they couldn't just... leave things as they were. That was not what they were given the cape for. Renais used Staff Technician to heal Aegean! Gean recovers 8 HP! Renais gained 9 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP! Hark! Is the Moon out? Ullr engages Mage 1 with a howl! [87, 50], [72, 83] With a devastating one-two punch, Ullr takes down his first target! Mage 1 goes down! Ullr gains 26 EXP, and +3 Brawling EXP! Siorel refreshes, and refreshes Cinead! 13 Siorel refreshes Cinead's turn, and heals him for 4 HP! Siorel gains 15 EXP! ENEMY PHASE TURN 4! The monks exchange a glance at one another... and focus fire on the golden armored girl! Monk 1 opens fire first! [11, 2] The Monk's spell flashes bright, much brighter than normal. With a wave of his hand, the spell strikes Miria, and instantly knocks her to the ground! Critical! 33 Damage! Miria has been downed! Monk 2 changes targets to Laniva! [67, 83] The flash of light strikes Laniva for 6 damage! On the opposite side of the map, Merc 3 engages Aly, wondering why the Cavs didn't engage her at all! [83, 77] It was likely because they missed her, but not in the way that he just had. Miss! Aly strikes back! [23, 58] Aly's knife embeds itself into the man's arm! 12 damage to Merc 3! Aly gains 10 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP! Mage 3 believes that he can do better! [22, 67] His gust of wind connects with Aly for 6 damage! Aly throws all knifes to the wind! [7, 79] Not even the wind affects her accuracy, this knife ending up in the mage's chest! 10 damage! Aly gains 8 EXP, and +1 Hidden EXP! Cav 7 approaches Mikoto! "You!" His pure weapon trained on her, "Are you with these mercenaries, or are you one of the villagers? Speak quick--" The man looked up, noticing Tasha speaking with Nyx, and seemingly issuing orders. The woman before him didn't seem to be causing any issues, nor was she clearly armed. "Ah, to hell with it. Stay out of the way, beast! The other knights will deal with you in time!" He urged his horse further onwards, lance set, charging towards Tasha! "For the glory of Hecatia! Die, now, monster!" What both I and the Cav didn't realize was that Natalya was already swinging as the cav entered her range. Natalya activates Vantage! [78, 94] (47) The poleaxe swing was swift, and accurate, crushing the rider, and bringing the horse to its knees. There would be no more movement from either. Cav 7 felled! Tasha gains 10 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP! Cav 8 feels like he sees and opening, and engages Natalya! (She has Vantage, but there's no reason to fix this combat) [68, 86] The blade strikes... but it mostly bounces off Natalya! It made a tiny dent in her armor. Tasha takes 1 damage! Tasha looks a little confused, before deciding it wasn't worth it to ask why. [42, 45] (57) Tasha's swing was not as potent as the first one, but it rendered the rider in capable of putting distance between himself and Tasha! Cav 8 takes 22 damage! Tasha gains 1 EXP, and 1 Axe EXP! Priest 3 moves in to heal Mage 3! Mage 3 is healed to full! Priest 2 finishes triage on Cav 5! Cav 5 is healed to full! The lieutenant looked over the battlefield. The mercenaries were much stronger than anticipated, but as the golden clad fighter found themselves in crumpled heap, he smiled. They weren't out of their depth here. Then his eyes found his target. There. The tall dark dragon who had attacked him at the start of all of his. He sheathed the blade he'd struck with before, and opted to switch to the lance. He pointed it at the dragon, "Let what happened to your friend there be a lesson. You're next, boy!" "Taunt them as you will, but remember the plan. We wait for our allies, and we'll pincher them." Maraval said, also readying his lance. To the east, raucous laughter erupted. "Forward! Forward, I say! Our brethren require us to strike at the hearts of the half breeds! So we shall not strike, but we shall kill! Death to the traitors! Death to the half breeds! Remove whoever gets in the way!" Reinforcements have arrived! PLAYER PHASE TURN 5!
  12. Syndra sees a Tin Can that needs to be put in the freezer! Engaging Lance Armor 2! [2, 4] (12), [15, 92] (48) Syndra procs Vengeance, again, just to make a statement. Because Lance Armor 2 was never going to survive the winter. Lance Armor 2 has been frozen! Syndra gained 34 EXP, and +3 Anima EXP! Cinead's fury becomes a new, more powerful flame, and Cav 2 is the unfortunate recipient. [80, 56] The brilliant new flames strike true, locking the pure weapon holding cavalier in place! Cav 2 takes 14 damage! Cinead gains 8 EXP! With the cav locked in, Aegean speeds into range! [89, 3] (Yo, can someone check on Aegean, I don't think she's okay) Aegean's swing was strong enough that the strike also parted the flames that had covered the cav's escape, cleaving through the man's spear, and sending him to his deserved grave. Cav 2 eviscerated! Aegean gains 30 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP! Soldier 2 was getting ready to enter the fray, when Alvira appeared with his icy welcoming gift! [17, 87], [45, 38] The gift was not appreciated, as Soldier 2 keeled over after the second block of ice. Soldier 2 buried! Alvira gained 22 EXP! 16 employs gravity on the sword knight who attacked her clawed friend! [52, 71], [22, 11] The first one was a test, the 2nd one was enough to crush the remaining life from the unlucky knight. Sword Knight 2 crushed! 16 gained 26 EXP, and +3 Dark EXP Aly engages Cav 6 from the trees! [33, 22] Aly prepared a second knife, but decided she only needed the 1 as she sniped it right through the man's knight. Critical! 36 Damage! Aly gains 30 EXP, and +2 Hidden EXP!
  13. "That's not a surprising answer, I suppose. You wouldn't be sharing the specifics with a grunt, haha." The next question had his eyebrow raise at Ferid, before sighing. "I'd say there are elements of both, even if it is mostly because of the regent. Regent Artorius is sort of an avatar for people like Maraval. He amplifies feelings that have been festering for years. He is the pinnacle of gluttony, and has ascended to the highest station in the land, 2nd to only Saint Veras herself. He stifles forward progression to hold onto his own power, and because of it he brings people like him out into the open as they are the only people that he can really trust. That said..." The man paused as if waiting for the words to find him. "People like him are so ingrained in Hecatia, that even if Celine were regent and hand picking the knights herself, there would be those who would still be desperately courting power. For the many who do this to protect Hecatia, there are perhaps twice as many who do it for the fame, and power." He let out a breath, looking up to the sky. "Lad-- I mean, Captain Celine gives me hope that the stories of knights I grew up on were real after all, and with her cohort, Sylph, and others, I do really think that the knights can do good. However, we're crushed under the weight of Artorius and what he represents." He shook his head, "Haha... I'm just rambling now, and probably would have been brought up on charges for most of what I said. So you can just forget all of that." "Forward! Pincer these fools! Show them our might!" ENEMY PHASE TURN 3! Priest 2 heals Cav 5 for 15 HP! Sword Armor 2 engages the Wolf who was shouting at his commander! [19, 68] The sword strikes true! Ullr takes 10! Doge is still feral. Let's go. [32, 74] His heavy hit make a small dent, but a dent nonetheless! Sword Armor 2 takes 8 damage! Ullr gains 8 EXP, and +1 Brawling EXP! Mage and Merc 3, both combine to take down the stag forming a bridge! The Knights move in... PLAYER PHASE TURN 4! Tio flopped back on the bed, a long sigh leaving her. Sarasin had kept them longer than she had wanted, and then there was the matter of food and things. So Tio hadn't quite gotten to the bath she was so looking forward to. The trek had been harder than she was expecting, and she was bit more exhausted than she figured she was. After getting out of most of her clothes, she just wanted to relax a moment. After everything she'd heard from Sarasin, it was a little difficult to calm down. Surely, there was nothing to worry about yet, but the fact that Axios had been attacked and specifically a relic was targeted was a crime of the highest caliber. Not a lot of people would be able to pull of a heist like that and live to tell the tale. Yet, that was exactly what had happened, and Regent Altair was heavily overcorrecting. The issues that could bring to their mission were large in both scope, and number. Especially since the Tigers were predominantly monsters, and clouded, and growing by the minute. It was starting to get late, so Tio felt like she and Elisa would be able to explain to them in the morning what they had learned. Just then, Tio felt a glimmer of magic, and turned to the window. She and Elisa had elected to leave it open, and there was now a small black bird inside. A single glance made it obvious that it wasn't a bird, but a familiar. "Who..." Around the bird's neck was a small necklace of sorts. Tio sat up, and slid closer to the bird who also started moving towards her. Around its neck was a small piece of paper, which Tio took, and started reading. "What?!" The message mentioned the Altair Knights, and that she and Elisa were needed. Tio groaned; she would be laughing if this wasn't potentially a serious matter. Why on Amaranth would the knights be in Liste of all places? It didn't matter, they were here, and both Tio and Elisa needed to be there. Tio threw her clothes back on, "Go back, and find Ingverd! We're on our way!" Fortunately, the trek down would be faster than the one up, the unfortunate part was it was still a trek. Tio ran down the hallway, half barging into the same room where they had spoken earlier. Elisa had remained to speak with Sarasin more about the recent happening, as she realized that Tio had spent her patience for dealing with Sarasin. "Elisa! Gather yourself, we're needed back in Liste. The Knights are apparently here, and acting erratically. The note said things are okay for now... but things almost definitely have changed! Come on!" Tio turned and started moving her way to the door. Elisa would catch up to her in a matter of moments. The more ground they covered now, the better. Just their damned luck. Instead of spending their hard earned reprieve relaxing they were now moving back down the cliffs to get back Liste, and then would have to come back once everything was done. Some unfortunate Altair Knight was going to bear the brunt of Tio's less than stellar mood if things got out of hand... "Maybe this will end amiably... That's possible right?"
  14. Lucille really, really just wanted to be left alone at this point. She was just tired of it, and just plain tired too. Even if her magic wasn't being sapped anymore, it had been sapped, it was hot before, and then she was thrown into this mess. Her patience was razor thin, and the woman opened her mouth one more time, mentioning a monastery, and an order. More importantly... she mentioned escaping with her. Then, Susan called her Cosette. Lucille tilted her head, and started to raise her hand, "My name is Lucille, not Cosette. I said to start making se--" Then her name was called, again, by someone she didn't quite recognize by voice. She sure recognized her once she turned to look, it was the fox woman that she'd seen with the King, and hung around with the crow. She was generally very hard to miss because of her appearance, and her appearance. Lucille didn't like the immediate dismissal of her magical capabilities--even if she was definitely right that she wasn't going to be able to kill anyone with her level of magic, and especially not now--but her focus now was on what she came to say. "...Seven centuries? T-t-this woman was sealed here? For seven centuries?" There was also a mention of "Ishtaria". Was that the place where they were now? Lucille had never heard of Ishtaria. If this place was constructed back then, surely some record of it would exist. Lucille wanted nothing to do with the place, but she could admit that it was a magisterial place. One that she wouldn't have minded visiting if she hadn't needed to weather such worry to do so. Though, there was still one glaring issue, "...If, If she's been here for seven centuries then why on--" Interrupted yet again, by a voice she sort of recognized. This time it was Nisha, and her words finally made the questioning woman slump to her knees. It also made Lucille's spell finally dissipate into the air. "...Descendant of her sister?" Lucille looked at the crumpled woman. She half wanted to just leave things be, and just find somewhere to relax before they made their way out of this place. Lucille could only sigh, as she thought about the possibility. She couldn't just leave it there without explaining what she could. "...No, my last name is, Altair." Lucille looked around, hoping that no one here would recognize that name, and not ask her any questions. "My mother's last name was Laranoa, and I don't recognize any mention of the name Green... but..." Lucille looked closely at the woman finally; Lucille was still exasperated, and annoyed, but hearing what may have happened to Susan, and seeing her reaction now... Lucille flinched for a moment. The brown haired woman shared similarities with her mother, but she was almost a dead ringer for her mother's sister, one of the aunts that Lucille had to watch die in their attempt to protect her. "...I can't really deny that you do look like... someone I used to know, and... my mom sort of. I don't know much about... her side of the family, aside from her brother and sister. So..."
  15. Cinead's anger sets his arms alight! Cav 1 looks over at Soldier mouthing the words, "Help." Cinead uses Burning Fist (-1 HP!) [52, 23], [47, 37] The only help Cav 1 got was an express ticket to the afterlife. Cav 1 Mauled! Cinead gains 30 EXP, and +3 Brawling EXP! Cinead reaches Level 6! 30 22 14 80 21 90 40 23 +HP, Str, Mag, and Speed! Cinead's Black Magic rose to C! Cinead Learned Elfire! 16 takes Renais from Ullr, and Places her on 8, 10! Alvira accepts the Light, and decides to make it Merc 1's problem! [21, 3] With a flawless cast, the words said aloud, and the symbol draw before her in the air. Alvira waved her hand, and Merc 1 was seared, the blast more powerful that Alvira likely had been expecting. Merc 1, too, hadn't expected it and perished wordlessly. Merc 1 Vanquished! Alvira gains 26 EXP, and +2 Light EXP! Syndra on the other hand, accept the call of Darkness, and calls upon one of the 13, to strike Priest 1! [88, 95] (12) Syndra procs Vengeance! Syndra just a little mad about the axe from before, decides to make it Priest 1's problem, with just a tad more oomph put into the spell! Priest 1 takes 15 Damage! Syndra gains 12 EXP, and +1 Dark EXP Soldier 1 turned to respond to Cav's 1 desperate plea, but as soon as the Cav went down, there was an unnervingly fast woman with an axe fast approaching. He turned to run, knowing that his time had come, but Aegean wasn't having any of it. [36, 4] Whether Aegean realized it or not, she was quite mad. If not for the soldier's armor, he would have been cleaved in two by the savage strike. However, his armor did not save him from being launched several feet away, and his soul to a place he would never return from. Soldier 1 deleted, critical! 69 damage. Aegean gains 22 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP! Siorel dances Renais, a touch of red on her face, both of purpose and worry. (22) Siorel refreshes Renais, and also grants +3 Magic to Renais for remainder of turn! Siorel gains 15 EXP! Renais rushes to Cinead's side, empowered by Siorel's plea! Renais uses the Mend Staff, to fully heal Cinead, for 28 HP! Renais gains 24 EXP, and +3 Staff EXP! Lani decides to bully Priest 1! [95, 2] "Always shoot the healer." Except in this case, it's stab. Priest 1 goes down! Lani gains 34 EXP and +2 Sword EXP! Lani reaches Level 5! 17 57 21 33 70 85 63 17 +HP, Str, Skl, Def, Res!
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