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  1. Tio wasn't really awake as of yet, mornings were something that she was incredibly terrible with. Fortunately, the mercenaries and Elisa didn't share her sluggish start to the day. But she could at least tell that the cat swordswoman was accurate; this fight would end with or without their help. After all, sinking the pirate ship with them on it would be... less than ideal. "I think then..." Another yawn, "Elisa and I can tend to you then. But... quite well done if I say so myself." Tio stays put with the seasick Laniva! Nyx opens the chest! She acquires NOTHING. Oh wait there was a Monster Carver at the bottom! Nyx acquired a Monster Carver! Renais (Very Carefully) heals Cin! Renais heals Cin to maximum HP (7 HP restored) Renais gains 8 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP
  2. There they were. The Evokers of Glacies, and two of the most powerful mages alive. She'd consider her place against them more later, and when she wasn't running on fumes. Stupid mana storm... always making things hard for me... With the battle at an end, it was probably in her best interest to get the group as close together as she could. Which meant, helping the archer on her way. A bit of leg work, but Maria prided herself on those in the first place. "Hah... You should probably hurry on your way to that chest... They may need you down there. I'd like to perform in earnest later, as you asked, but this... will have to do for now." Marianne winked, "Hope that's... not an issue." Marianne hurries her way 13, 14 and dances for Nyx Another glance over her shoulder; the dragon girl was, surprisingly, still alive and not any worse for wear. She appeared to be goading the pirate's leader into attacking. She sighed, "Why am I not surprised she's as annoying on the field as off..." At least it wasn't directed at her, or any of her unit, for the moment. Probably best to be in range to assist, if necessary. Miria commits Final Wave on Merc 2! [98/81] Merc 2 is charred! Miria gains 30 EXP, and +2 Sword EXP Cin continues punching Pirate 4! [68/48], [8/69] Combination combines for 8 damage! "Hold still and let m' crush you!" [89/25] Cin calmly declines! Miss! Cinead gains 12 EXP, and +2 brawling EXP Syndra enacts the Titanic on Pirate 4! [99/29] Pirate 4 is going down! (I can't believe that we got 98, and 99 on these calcs) Syndra gains 34 EXP, and +2 anima EXP
  3. Enemy Phase! Merc 2 questions the blazing sword, but charges Miria anyway! [11/45] He connects, but his blade bounces off harmlessly! 0 damage! Miria's victory music starts playing! [75/24] 13 Damage! Miria gains 10 EXP, and +1 Sword EXP! Pirate 4 takes one look at Alvira and Tasha, "Fuck dis! Ain't cash enough to fite dat!" and runs the other way towards Cin! [74/65] Alvira's menacing aura spooked him enough for Cin to dodge! Miss! Cin reminds Pirate 4 that he is a dragon too! [41/27] 4 Damage! Cin gains 12 EXP, and +1 Brawling EXP! Krauser watched as his men fell one by one, and to a group of almost entirely women. He watched one of his men run into the fist of the lone, enormous, man on the opposing side. He sighed, and brought his Shining Bow to bare. "You want something done... You gotta do it yourself. Alright kittens, play time is over! Come see how a real Islexian does business, you load of freaks!" Krauser Remains put, bow at the ready! Player Phase! Turn 3! "Ugh... let me go back to sleep..." Tio sluggishly walked up from below deck with a yawn. She looked around; it looked like fighting was pretty much over. The Iron Tigers basically had control of the pirate's ships. "...See? They didn't even need our help. Can I," Another yawn. "Go back to bed now?" It was about that point that Laniva showed up, looking positively awful. Not from any injuries mind, but seasickness it seemed like. Tio knew that feeling, and she internally groaned. Leave it to us to get attacked in the morning... She sloppily waved her hand, and her crystalline staff appeared next to her. "Are you alright, um... all of your names are so hard to come by, but... Are you alright?" Tio and Elisa have entered the fray!
  4. Renais helps Aegean feel something other than pain! Renais heals Aegean for 14HP! Renais gains 12 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP With Marianne's help, Renais moves again to heal Cinead with Staff Technician! Renais heals at range Cinead for 7HP! Renais gains 9 EXP, and +2 Staff EXP
  5. Marianne giggled at the healer's rather taken gaze, slowly turning to fear as she directed her towards Cinead. It appeared the similarities between the healer and Catherine were mostly appearance deep, "Eyes on the battlefield, sweetheart. Once this is over, you'll have plenty of time to look, if you'd like." She took a deep breath, this at least made it easy to hide that she wasn't doing too well herself. The fight was drawing to a close, so long as she didn't have to cast she should be fine. At least she wasn't causing too much trouble assisting without their commander's consent. The Evokers appeared to be missing as well, and that was making things a lot easier as to not arouse more suspicion than she probably already was. Both a boon and a bane; Marianne had wanted to see the Evoker's magic first hand, and see if she could match up. But, this was already a lot to deal with in her state, better that they weren't out here.
  6. Marianne found herself impressed by the young woman that Chris had mentioned. Aegean appeared to be her name, and like Chris, she also vaguely recognized it. But thinking about that now was pointless; she could handle herself well... Almost too well, as felling one pirate after another left her wounded, and open. Fortunately, her formidability scared the other into Cin's arms. She felt like stepping up and taking charge in that moment; both Cin and Aegean had taken knocks, but even if she was sure that the pirate couldn't touch her, putting herself needlessly at risk when there were more supporting things she could do was silly. But, if the shouting from across the boat was any indication, Marianne was glad that she decided to worry about this group. While arguing wasn't exactly anything new to her; Princess Shiva and Tanvir argued all the time, but this was... seemingly not in anyone's interest. Bet it's the dragon from before... Guess it wasn't just a mood. She sighed, she had things to do still. Aegean fell back, and was met by... Marianne blinked for a moment, Aegean found herself being healed by a pink haired cleric. I'm... not that woozy still... am I? Marianne glided her way over, and, no, her eyes weren't playing tricks on her. They clearly wouldn't have been mistaken for one another on a close glance, but the pink haired healer reminded Marianne a lot of her best friend, Catherine. Marianne looked at Aegean, "Impressive fighting, but you might need hang back for a bit. Wouldn't be surprised if the remainder of this group started targeting you for that display earlier. Wouldn't want this lovely lady's hard work to go to waste, hmm?" She switched targets to Renais with a quick step, open fan in front of her mouth, "And not to hurry you along or anything, but there's a dragon over there that could use your healing touch. Watch for that pirate." Presumptuous of her to be suggesting anything being an unknown quantity, but making sure everyone came out okay was higher on her priority list. Marianne to 7, 14 and Dance for Renais! Having watched what happened to his mates, a remarkably unusual argument, and now... a talk between a tall cat... tiger? woman and a smaller, but much more explosive dragon girl. The pirate couldn't do much more than look at his boss in sheer bewilderment. Admittedly, that glance hid the fear he felt; the dragon had dodged the strike from their best fighter, aside from the boss of course, and slapped him with ice on his way by. And now realizing that the tiger woman was also taller than him, and pointing a gun in his direction, he was absolutely sure that he didn't want to go anywhere near them. The... even taller dragon with flaming arms seemed much more appealing.
  7. Nyx sees an opening to strike Merc 3! [81/46] Merc 3 falls without making an impact! Nyx gains 34 EXP, and +2 Bow EXP! Miria calls out "Burning Rush" and engages Pirate 8! (Pirate 8 is extremely confused) Activate Afterburner! [78/36] Pirate 8 takes a toasty 15 damage! Pirate 8 whips his axe back in retaliation! [62/53] Miss! Miria walks by it! Miria gains 12 EXP, and +1 Sword EXP! Aly comes in for the assist! [2/46] Pirate 8 can't take the combo, and collapses! Aly gains 34 EXP, and +2 Hidden EXP!
  8. Syndra hails Merc 3 at range for his daring attempt! [73/90] Merc 3 takes 11, barely withstanding the chill! Syndra gains 12 exp, and +1 Anima EXP! Cin goes in "guns" blazing! Uses Burning Fist! (HP -1 for Fire Cast) (15 HP remaining) [45/55], [37/85] Both connect for 18 damage, and a charred Pirate 5! Cin gains 40 exp, and +3 Brawling EXP!
  9. Krauser's eyes narrowed, the attack had gone according to plan. But the moment his men boarded, they found themselves being repelled by a competent group. He scowled, "To hell with the original plan! Everyone get in there! Make these accursed mercenaries rue the day they decided to push back against us!" Their good luck was turning, and he wasn't much of a fan of it. Merc 3 heeds the words of his boss and rushes Alvira with his Monster Blade! [93/82] Miss! Alvira takes advantage! [89/59] Merc 3 takes 11 damage! Alvira gains 12 EXP Merc 1 wavers under the heat... but engages axe-wielding Aegean! [37/44] Aegean takes 6 damage! Aegean bonks back! [7/22] Merc 1 crumples! Aegean gains 30 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP Pirate 3 wants revenge, and engages Aegean! [41/33] Aegean takes 11 damage! Barely hanging on! Aegean reaches deep! [73/15] Aegean smash. Critical! 60 damage! Pirate 3 ceases to exist! Aegean gains 30 EXP, and +2 Axe EXP Pirate 5 doesn't want to test his luck, and instead engages Cinead! [41/39] Strikes true for 11 damage! Cin wishes to give him a hand! [18/23] Applause successful for 9 damage! Cinead gains 10 EXP, and +1 Brawling EXP Pirate 6 swings at Laniva in frustration! [58/25] Missed! Lani counters the wild swing! [72/22] Pirate 6 falls! Laniva gains 30 EXP, and +2 Sword EXP Pirate 7 thinks he can do a little better! [48/36] Lani barely evades! (He missed by 1) Lani shows him how to strike! [81/96], [2/89] Pirate 7 crumples to two quick counters, each for 14 damage! Laniva gains 40 EXP, and +3 Sword EXP Pirates 4, 8 and Merc 2 all edge into better position to strike! Krauser remains put. Player Phase: Turn 2!
  10. Marianne poked her head above deck. It seemed like things had already started, and the mercenaries were already doing a pretty good job of pushing the pirates back. Perhaps her worry was unfounded. But, she couldn't just sit back and wait for things to pass. Both Chris and Marianne had already been awake when things started happening; Marianne was going to try to get more practice in since her attempt the day before hadn't gone very well. She still wasn't feeling the best--and today was no exception--but she was stubborn. Chris had prepared to assist himself, but Marianne asked him to let her go instead, and for him to hang back. I'm still a bit worried about your leg, and... call me possessive or whatever, but I don't like how that woman from before was looking at you. Something about both of them... You felt it too, right? And you said they were the Evokers... I'd rather not give them anything else to be suspicious of. I'm also worried about those mercenaries. I promise that I'll be fine, and that I won't use any of my magic. Chris relented, and here she was. Her body felt heavy, but a bunch of pirates with bulky axes weren't going to be capable of touching her, anyway. It appeared her help would be more necessary on the eastern boat, she'd be able to double back to the south if needed, but seeing a familiar face helped her decision making. "Cinead! Think you can give that swordsman over there a warm welcome?" Marianne to 9, 11 and dance for Cinead!
  11. With the sun slowly falling towards the horizon, the ship finally set off from the harbor. The gentle rolling of the waves lent well to sending most off to sleep in short order. The following day was quiet, and surprisingly cooperative. The sea was calm, and the wind was at their back, pushing them forward. Davros, ever the skilled captain, kept his ship in waters were the Islexians rarely sailed. For a moment, it seemed like they would reach Eibar ahead of schedule, and without interruption. But in the early morning of their second day of travel, their luck finally ran out. "Boss, that they ain't know we here. Is it time?" A tall, chiseled man pulled himself away from his telescope, followed by a toothy grin. "Seems like our patrolling's finally struck gold... That's a pretty large merchant ship, and looks like they've gotten too comfortable. Get the other ship behind them, we'll pull up alongside. When we get aboard, find the captain, and anyone else who looks like they've got loot. They try and stop you, well..." The man brandished a knife, and pulled it across his throat. "Up and at em, lads!" "You he'rd the cap'n, lead wit the smiles and axes, boys!" In an instant, two ships appeared from behind the ship, both bearing Islexian insignia. In the fugue of the early morning, the lookout crew had gotten lax. It was much too late to adjust; the ships were much faster than Davros's ship, and the wind was no longer working with them. With an unmistakable crash, the ship found itself stuck between a ship on its right, and a ship to its rear. "Damnable Islexian bilge rats! Bryant! Go and rouse the mercenaries! At least they won't be more useless than a newborn calf! Of all the blasted..." Deployment! Objective: Rout Mastery: All Combat Capable PCs gain at least 1 kill each! Reward: 20 EXP to party
  12. Well, there wasn't anything else she could do. No turning back now. They'd be heading into the wastes. Even just being on the edge of it filled Lucille with dread. The heat was annoying, but it was something she could survive. It was the sapping of mana that she was particularly worried about. She already didn't have a lot of mana to work with, now she had to contend with it being sapped by this place. She'd likely just feel terrible the whole time. Hopefully they didn't encounter anything they needed to fight. The new tunic and skirt felt wonderful at least, both an inversion of her usual color scheme, with the white cloak over it. She listened closely to the king's words, finding a cart where the people weren't too concerned about her sitting very close to the mana potions would be a priority... if she already hadn't figured out exactly where she was going to be. She still felt on the outskirts of the party--of course she would, she'd only been a part of it for a week or so, and prior to that she was their enemy--but there had been a few that she was on good terms with. There was Marina, the hero and the far too young commander of this outfit, Jade, the zombie that she'd fought with back at Mixoco, Lavinia, captain of Thesephine's guard and a surprisingly sweet woman, Thesephine herself was alright too, when she wasn't upset, something Lucille felt the pair had in common, and then... her eyes fell on the green cloaked mage, Seilan. There the night that she'd attempted to recapture Tenebria, and the first to check on her after everything was all said and done, the young man had been pleasant to be around and talk with. Enough so that she'd felt safe enough to tell him a fair portion of her checked past, and even fallen asleep in his arms. Since then, she'd been quite close with Seilan, and she wanted to keep it that way. She flushed a bit thinking of that last part. If she was going to suffer this trip, and likely be out-of-sorts for the majority of it, it was at least going to be in the presence of someone she wanted to be around. You're still going to have to talk to some other people, Lucille... You're going to need support to make it through this, and Seilan isn't going to be enough on his own. She'd likely need to revisit her promise with General Nessraya, she was also another person who had been surprisingly supportive. "Hi, Seilan. Have you found which cart you're sticking with already? I, uh, was hoping we could stick together, at least for a bit."
  13. Tio almost didn't hear Elisa as she continued to ponder on what exactly it was that she was feeling. "It's... I don't really know how to explain it really. It's... unlike anything I've ever felt." She'd need more time to put it into words, and even more time to figure out what it even was. The best she had was pure energy attuned to light. It resonated with magic but it wasn't magic either. Though, it was about that point that the silver haired man realized that she was staring. Tio turned and looked at Elisa, "Things just continue to get more and more intriguing..." Things took a more jovial turn as Ingverd and the Ice blue haired woman returned. She was certainly a showy one, and quite skilled; putting together two different schools of magic together so seamlessly. Although, Ingverd appeared more interested in her companion. The elf had already started proving that his place at Iseria's side was no joke; he'd already laid out valuable information about the Iron Tigers. More specifically, Alvira. Dragons were a talented bunch when it came to magic, but using the affinity opposite one's native type was near unheard of. Until he mentioned a mana storm. She and Elisa had dealt with something similar, but it was apparently only a fraction of what Lufiria deals with constantly. Mana storms were the result of a location's mana flow becoming disrupted, and all sorts of phenomena became possible. Most notable was the ability to alter a person's magical affinities; blocking them from what they knew and opening new avenues. It tended to be crippling for most mages. Tio's thoughts were interrupted by Nyx's request for an impromptu performance from the dancer. Admittedly, Tio echoed Nyx's request; the woman's style was intriguing. But no sooner had the woman stepped up to perform, she wavered. They were far enough away that it was a bit difficult to hear when they weren't shouting like Nyx had. But whatever occurred had been bothersome enough, that both she and her companion were ambling in their direction. "Are you alright?" The woman looked up, a bit dazed as the pair passed by, "Oh... yeah, I, I'll be fine with some rest. Don't worry about it." Her partner offered a smile, "Sorry, I'd talk more but I should really get her to our room." Tio spared the group one more look before they disappeared. Then Ingverd followed, and it appeared he had the same concerns. Tio's opinion was turning bit by bit. "Well, the woman is quite magically adept. I'm glad that things managed to stay civil, mostly. But the other... Well, I'd explain it to you if I could explain it to myself. But something about him is... off." Then Ingverd leaned in close, almost whispering. It was almost cosmic that she had just been thinking about mana storms, and Alvira. "Really... given the randomness of the storms I wouldn't be surprised if it was a coincidence. But... I think it could help Alvira, I'll keep it in mind, Ingverd. Thank you. I'll keep you in the loop should we figure something out." He really was continuing to impress. Tio turned to her darling, seemingly not all that amused with anything that had occurred. "Alright... I think that's our cue as well. We've got some things to discuss, Elisa." She added a wink at the end and turned to follow after the newcomers.
  14. Maria heard the shouting from behind her and looked over her shoulder. While she sounded like a lot of the sailors that she'd met, her attire didn't match. She did look like she wouldn't have any issue with the rigors of being a sailor. The intrusion into the conversation was a tad rude, though, "It is nice to at least introduce yourself before asking something of someone else." Maria replied with her eyes narrowing. "No, Chris, isn't a singer. We both dance. Though, he's not doing anything of a sort right now." Fortunately, Ingverd handled introduction informing her that the woman was called Nyx and had the tendency to be sloshed more often than not. Probably was right about now. "Well, I have no issue humoring her. There's no 'if I'm a performer', I am a performer." If nothing else, Maria took a lot of pride in her work and abilities. "I don't need to use my magic to dance; it's really just something I use to enhance the performance. But it's--" Maria paused a moment, bringing a hand up to her chest. "...Aha, oops. I'm... okay, maybe not." She took a deep breath before righting herself, "I guess the excitement is wearing off a little..." Quickly, Nyx's demeanor turned, surprisingly so. Her question was more inquisitive, and precise, and then was followed up with a degree of concern. Maria felt like she owed a bit of an explanation, since she wasn't going to be able to show it in action. "I'm a self taught dancer, same with Chris as far as I know. The type of dancing I do to perform isn't too different from casting spells, really. I use my light and ice magic in tandem with my dancing to create effects, mirages, glittering snow, that sort of thing. It doesn't sound too strenuous, but uh..." Maria shuffled in place, "As you saw just now, any usage of magic takes a lot out of me, and can be pretty detrimental to my overall health. I'm fine if I don't push myself too far, but I tire easily using it, and well... I've used a fair bit recently. Mana storms in Lufiria can really mess a person up..." The wind appeared to be out of Maria's sails, "Ha... yep, there's that now. Sorry, as much as I would like to, it'll have to wait until I've rested some. Sorry again." "Probably best for us to over to our room for now, Maria. Seems like the both of us could use the rest." He turned to Ingverd, "Sorry about cutting our meeting so short. Like you said, we'll have plenty of time to talk, and once Maria is deadset about a promise, she'll meet it." Chris took the pair's bags, and then slowly strode over to Maria, "Oh, one more thing. Ingverd." Mark's gaze fixed on the elf-ish man, "Don't think I didn't catch that." Perhaps the only time that his gentle blue eyes were anything but. The pair slowly made their way towards the quarters. Leaving Nyx and Ingverd on the deck.
  15. Maria chuckled as Ingverd followed as she returned to Chris's side, "Sure, I doubt Chris'll mind. He seems distant, but he's actually pretty talkative and sweet." A bright smile on her face as she spoke, almost as if she'd completely forgotten all that gold that she just had to foot. "Hopefully, it doesn't come to that, but in the event it does..." Maria allowed herself a quick twirl, forming a neat ring of shimmering ice around her, before she came to a stop facing Ingverd with her deep blue fan covering her mouth, "I'd say I'm pretty capable of handling myself, if need be." She hadn't quite noticed that Ingverd had already gone to introduce himself to Chris. "...Maria. You really shouldn't be burning any of your magic right now. I'd not like to have to carry you after just getting my leg taken care of..." Chris turned to Ingverd with an confused glance. He was the elf who had a hand in making sure that the dragon girl and Maria didn't get into it. He had little worry that Maria would have dealt with the dragon; it was what would have followed that concerned him. From what he had gathered, this was a mercenary troupe of some sort. He knew personally: a good mercenary troupe wasn't going to let something happen to one of the members. Maria might easily had the edge in a short engagement, but the moment multiple people were involved... The brightest stars always burn out the quickest, or so the saying went. "I think the pleasure here is all mine, considering that you helped keep Maria from doing something she'd very quickly regret. I know your aim was to protect the dragon, but thanks all the same." Chris replied, taking the elven man's hand. It was incredibly rare to see an elf outside of Lufiria, especially one that seemed as high brow as this one did. "...Wait, did you just say that you're working alongside the Evokers? They're here?" Chris blinked a moment. The Evokers were the most powerful mages in the entire alliance. Some said that the two of them were on par with the best mages in Lufiria; a near otherworldly feat with how much further Lufiria's understanding of magic was. Then it hit him. The two women from before, the one that was staring at him. "Aha, it seems like we've stumbled onto something rather interesting. Well, we have time, so... I don't see an issue with learning about each other. Oh, right, I'm Chris. I'd prefer to go by Mark, but I'll respond to either." This quickly became something to keep an eye on. The elven man was already someone to keep tabs on, at least somewhat due to the rarity of the situation. But to be also associated with the Evokers, and for them to be here... Something was definitely going on. "...I wasn't burning that much magic. I use so much more than that for our performances, Chris." Maria chimed in with a pout on her face. Both from being chided, and from being ignored. "Yes, you do, and you still haven't recovered all of it. I'd like for you to be able to show off, and not immediately collapse afterwards because you used too much magic. Again. Please." Maria flushed brightly, "Chris! You don't need to say that out loud! Geez, fine..."
  16. Tio cocked an eyebrow watching everything unfold. She and Elisa were about to head to their quarters, when the late arrivals showed. One of them foolishly wandered over to Alvira, and they both appeared to not take well to one another, so that was something to watch out for. Alvira got seemingly fortunate, if her senses weren't already failing her, being on a boat. The ice blue haired woman was quite magically strong, but her partner quickly got her to simmer down. She wasn't keen on it, but either she or Elisa would have had to pop in should they both have gotten to spells. She couldn't hide her snicker at Ingverd getting an ice cube down his back for his trouble. If nothing else, Tio could not blame him for having an interest in the new arrival--even if a part of it was him trying to keep the peace--she certainly had no trouble catching people's gaze. But... something was definitely bothering Tio. It wasn't either the woman, Alvira, or even the gorgeous, tall dragon. Ever since the three of them arrived, Tio had been feeling a faint resonance. Resonance were particularly rare; it usually denoted an extremely powerful magical signature that hadn't been activated. It wasn't the dragon, nor the young woman. Which meant that it left only the young man who now being set down on the dock. She couldn't pinpoint it; that wasn't her forte and there were so many magical signatures that it was tough to focus on one so faint. But, at the very least, she could intuit that it was related to light magic in some manner. As it was affecting her. She'd need to keep an eye out. But there was another thing on her mind; the hooded cleric who lost it when they'd shown up at their base. Tio hadn't been able to really do much more than talk past it since it was in the middle of an explanation, but now, now they'd have time to speak. The hooded cleric approached timidly before asking him to hold still; Chris couldn't go anywhere if he tried, though he chose not to vocalize that. A moment passed with the warm light taking soothing the sharp pain, to the point that he didn't realize that he had been hurt not to long again. Being set down, Chris noticed that someone was staring at him. Black and green hair, and a crystalline staff; the staff along proved her to be a capable mage. But her stare appeared to have confusion etched into it. Did she know who he was? Or was it something else? Chris, didn't really know, nor want to find out. Something... worried him about those two women. But that was something he could deal with later if it really came to it, "You can rest assured. There's no stage for me to trip off of this time. But I'll be resting, promise." On closer glance, Chris's head tilted slightly as he looked at Aegean. He'd gone to thank her but, something caught him. She looked familiar, even though he was sure that he'd never met her before. The name "Aegean" also sounded familiar but he couldn't place why. That thought was interrupted by another young woman who was just... standing there. She looked like she had something to say, but wasn't in the frame of mind to articulate it. Chris just smiled; someone else would handle it. The elf, Ingverd as it appeared, took her hand and quickly lead her to Davros. Yet another tall, dark skinned man, except this one lacked the scales and tail. "It's not a problem, I expected as much. Chris and I were prepared for this, and our performing has kept our pockets decently full... Of course that doesn't mean I still can't share a few tales, if you'd like. We'll be on this boat for a bit, anyway." Davros looked up from his map with an unamused face, "I was wondering what was causing all the noise. So, you're also looking for passage, huh?" He stuck out his hand, "You're late, and there's two of you. That's an extra five hundred gold, each. Don't really have the time to waste, or wait up if you can't show up on time. Be happy that my crew is nicer than I am. So you're looking at about... 5k gold, if you don't have that, you can walk back down the ramp. Not gonna make space." "Five thousand? That's about five times what we paid to get here!" "Sailing to Hecatia under these circumstances is more expensive since the Islexians are out in force. My crew wants more than usual, and they're the only people I'm really accountable to. Not only that, you've already made what was a quiet night into anything but. I've got no problem sailing in to the jaws of danger; that's been my whole life, but my crew demands hazard pay, so if you can't pay, good bye." Maria let out a sharp breath and reached into her bag, and quickly made with a bag of gold, "There's 6k. That'll do, right?" Davros narrowed his eyes, "You complain about 5k, and then hand over 6k. I don't know what to make of that, but I won't turn the bonus down." He pointed to where Tio and Elisa were standing, "Your room's past the two Evokers over there. Don't cause anymore issues, I'll charge you more, and both you and the pretty boy over are sharing a room; can't spare another." "Not a problem." Maria's was still simmering about the price a little, but turned back to Ingverd, "Hmm... I suppose those tales will have to wait a bit. I'm going to have to make sure of things... might have to make an impromptu performance to get some of that back... Oh, but, I did say I would, and I keep my promises." She quickly hugged the young elf, before starting to make her way back over to Chris.
  17. Maria's eyes narrowed as the dragon girl opened her mouth; either she was just this unpleasant all the time, or she was ticked off about something. Which, to be truthful, neither of which Maria cared too much about at the moment. "...Right, sorry." Maria looked up at the sky, "I guess it is rather late, sorry for keeping you up past your bedtime, dear." Quickly an elf, and a rather pretty one at that, came up and tried to defuse the situation. Maria was bothered about the dragon still, but the young man's enthusiasm, and helpful demeanor was a good step to forgetting about her, "Well, we all have our bad nights I suppose, I'd imagine hers are rather frequent." A thought punctuated by the elf jumping a bit as the dragon walked away behind him. That petty, huh? Alright then, two can play at tha-- Maria turned to Chris who was now glaring at her, a stern gaze, and one that conveyed everything he wanted to say. She relaxed, returning her attention to Ingverd still in front of her, and took his hand, "...Marianne. My name is Marianne, but you can just call me Maria. I'd appreciate it if you would take me to the captain." Chris breathed a sigh of relief still being held by the dragon, he brushed the long, silver hair out of his eyes before looking up at the dragon, "So, uh... Are you going to let me down at some point? I won't go anywhere fast, but we're on the boat now, so I should be fine." Chris heard talk in the distance, about someone, healing 'that man's leg'. He was, hopefully, the only person who fit all of those qualifiers, and remained somewhat surprised that they'd guessed him right. It tended to be a 50/50 bet on whether people would guess right the first time.
  18. "I'll... be fine from here. If not, I can lean on Maria." Chris said, face still a tad red from embarrassment. "Cinead, huh? I'll keep that in mind. Because Maria won't." Maria glared at him, "So who are you going to lean on if you can't walk? Sorry, I've forgotten already." She huffed, "You know I keep my promises, and I promised to pay him back. So I'll remember." Maria looked around, most eyes were on them due to their sudden arrival. Maria's volume probably wasn't helping matters. She righted herself, and searched for the first person that she found interesting. There, out of the corner of her eye was another red haired dragon, though her hair was brighter and longer than Cinead's. Also in contrast to their rescuer, her scales were a beautiful purple; with the right care and preparation, Maria thought they could shine brilliantly in the moonlight. She sauntered over, "Excuse me... do you know where the captain is at this moment? I've got to speak with them."
  19. Tio turned and looked at Elisa, "A few questions may be an understatement..." But in all actuality, Tio figured that they would have plenty of time to speak with the Commander about things. For now, they needed to focus on getting the remainder of things sorted so they could be absent for as long as they were going to be. This likely wasn't going to be as cut-and-dry a mission as it sounded. Finding the envoy would be all well and good--should they have still been alive at this point--but the real issue was that they were now well behind schedule. It had been about a month since the envoy had left to rendezvous, and tensions had only seemed to escalate since then. The proof was all of the pirate sightings around Glacies as of late. Tio only hoped that they wouldn't be too late to stop another Islexian Collapse scenario... or perhaps something even worse. All the more reason to make this all work. Fortunately, things progressed swimmingly for the group; preparations were quick and simple for the majority of the group, Aegean, Ingverd and Miria managed to find a merchant ship that was traveling to the Hecatian port of Eibar and was more than willing to assist after realizing who the Iron Tigers were, acknowledgement of their charges, and Ingverd's gold-tinted words. The ship would be leaving in the evening after all of their stock was accounted for. A quick turn around, but one that worked for the nature of their mission. The sooner they could set off, the better. One by one, the group made their way to the ship as their personal things had been accounted for, Renais being the last to board. With the sun setting on the horizon, the ship began performing its final checks, and prepared to set sail. But quickly, what should have been a quiet casting off was interrupted by a panicked call. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait! Please hold on! Waaaaait!" A woman with ice blue hair burst onto the docks with two bags over her shoulder. She peered over her should as she ran towards the ship, "Come on, come oooooooon! They're going to leave without us!" From around that same corner came an enormous, dark skinned man with dark red hair carrying another person with silver hair. Scales up and down his arms, and a tail; it was impossible to mistake him as anything but a Clouded. It may have been the early summer months but the man sported only a vest, which would have revealed his well build physique had he not been carrying a passenger. "The more time you spend shouting at us, is more time that you could have been asking them to wait, Maria!" The cradled passenger sighed, and annoyed flush on their face, "Sorry about her... she's a handful sometimes. Thanks again for this, we definitely wouldn't have come close otherwise..." The group of three hurried along; the call gave the sailors enough reason to pause so that they could quickly make their way onto the boat. The ice-blue haired woman doubled over on deck for a moment, before standing up revealing her knee length, sky-blue and black dress, open in the front showing the tights underneath, and making it possible for her to move the way she had. She was a fetching beauty, and she appeared to know that with how the dress accentuated her. "Ha... Thank you... Thank you so much... for waiting... just a bit..." She reached into one of the bags, and flicked out a fan, just as the other two made it on deck. "Sorry... We would have been here sooner... but someone... had to go and twist an ankle." Her red eyes flashed a tinge of annoyance before she turned to face the large clouded man, and quickly curtsied, "Thank you... so, so much. We wouldn't have made it without you--I certainly couldn't carry Chris all the way here, and our things--I'll make it up to you, I promise, uh... what was your name, again?" The clouded's passenger put a hand to their head, and sighed.
  20. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't the odd lizard that reacted to Tio's hard stare. It was the dragon, of all people, who stepped between the pair. From the impression that Tio had gotten of her, she hadn't expected for her to step up so quickly and emphatically for one of the others. It appeared she'd gotten her wrong in that respect. Unfortunately, that protective side of the dragon also brought with it a noticeably hostile edge. Tio sighed as she felt herself tense at the slight, Ingverd had the benefit of being who he was, this girl had no such protection. But... "I'm just going to assume that you weren't listening when I chided Ingverd for using my full name. This is our first real meeting so mistakes are going to happen. But... mistakes are things that you allow once or twice. So please remember, my name is Tio, not Tiora. There are exactly two people who are allowed to call me that, both of them have left this world." Tio huffed, having handled that better than she wanted to; she understood the need to protect someone like that. But her full name was an obvious sore spot, and she knew that the dragon had been listening before. There was no mistake, and it wasn't in the same vein as Ingverd's playful jabbing. This girl is going to be a joy to deal with... But that... lizard, what an incredibly unique signature... Tio exchanged a look with Elisa and then Ingverd, before moving on. "If you and Tasha could acquire a boat quickly, than all the better. Though, I can't imagine too many of them will want to sail to Eibar under these conditions--cursed Islexians. Elisa and I still have some work to take care of, so we'll leave you all to preparations. Ingverd, you can stick with the group if you would like. Elisa, shall we?" Tio bowed to the group, "Thank you, on behalf of Glacies, for accepting this mission. Hopefully we'll all see it through." With a smile, and a swing of the hips, Tio was on her way out. She'd expected to go in and out without much more thought, but the group had proven to be far more interesting. The dragon, the burgundy haired woman, and the lizard... all of them stuck out to her for one reason or another, and the others weren't too far behind. The lizard though... that was troubling. Having a clouded aura was the mark of a Clouded, a monster with mixed heritage. But hers wasn't just clouded... I can talk about it with Elisa and Ingverd later... That's far too unusual.
  21. Lucille tilted her head a little, "Are... are you sure?" In Lucille's head, Marina's request made perfect sense to her. Aside from the girl that was with Gabriela, and Ren, she was the only other human woman in the group as of the moment. She had more than a little inkling of what it was like to feel a bit isolated because of who or what you are. Lucille had, and would continue to deal with both. Deep down though, Lucille was quite happy that Marina wanted to stick around. The less time that Lucille needed to spend on her own thoughts was only a net positive, and Marina was someone she could just talk with. "Well... if you're sure, then we can stick together for the moment." Lucille found herself smiling brightly, perhaps they both could use the company. Lucille diverted her gaze as Seilan walked up with his plans, "Oh, uh..." Lucille felt like following along, but she'd just told Marina that they'd stick together, and she still needed her skirt before she could go. But she also quite wanted to see Seilan fight for real; she hadn't gotten to before, so she never got to see how his magic worked. There was also the element of wanting to cheer him on, but no one else but her really needed to know that. "O-okay, I still need a skirt, so I'll be here with Marina a bit longer. D-d-don't go through the arena too quickly, I still haven't seen your magic in action. I, uh... be careful, okay?" Lucille looked at Marina, unsure if the warmth she felt was evident on her face or not, "Now then... Skirts." Fortunately, those were easy to find. Opposite side from where they were standing. With a measured wave, Lucille quickly moved away, almost leaving Marina behind.
  22. The woman cradling the bottle finally seemed to have a question that Tio could meaningfully answer--one that wouldn't potentially put Glacies under fire if she was actually a fugitive from Hecatia. "Due to the sheer amount of payment... the crown is not particularly willing to part with anything until the job is complete. That said, due the importance of the mission, Elisa and I will foot some equipment amongst other things. Lodging is taken care of, more or less, until we get into Islexia." Tio then turned to see the... Tio tilted her head; other than that it was a girl, Tio couldn't tell what she was. Not any race that she'd ever seen, and she'd been to Lufiria before a handful of times. But, more odd was the faint feelings of magical energy that she was exuding. Her presence was... unnerving. Tio then cleared her throat as she realized that she was staring at the poor girl quite hard, "Aha... sorry about that. The Hecatian portion of the route that we'll be following is a lot of backroads, and forests. Once landing, we'll be a bit more inland, trying to avoid the main cities and the coasts. Islexia... is a mix of things, forests, a lot of mountains, and--towards our destination--a lot of flat land. Our routes are going to mostly avoid the flat lands, since that's where the majority of Islexians are located, and, again, we want to avoid them as much as possible. So having a capable scout would be wonderful." There was one question left to answer--aside from the one now swirling about in her head--and that pertained to the burgundy haired woman. Tio didn't miss her apprehension about all of this, but there was so little to go on. But there was definitely something there. This group was becoming more intriguing by the moment... "Continuing on from her question," Tio tilted her head in Nyx's direction, "Really, all you'd need to bring is your equipment and likely clothing that would be fine for the heat. Hecatia's not too bad, but Islexia is much warmer than Glacies is. With summer around the corner, you might as well add the heat to our list of enemies." Tio snickered a bit, before continuing. "We shouldn't really have anything to worry about until we reach Islexia; Hecatia may not be progressive when it comes to the Clouded, but they're not brazen idiots like the Islexians. Plus Lady Altair does a decent job keeping her province in order." Tio took a deep breath, her voice starting to tire a little from all the questions, "All that said. Unless Elisa has anything to add, or any of you have more questions. I think it would benefit us all to get our things in order, just in case we're able to get a move on soon."
  23. The young dragon seemed to have something that she absolutely needed to do. That fire would be beneficial to have but, it felt odd. There was something there that Tio couldn't quite place her finger on, and it didn't seem like she was willing to share. Hopefully things stay open... Judging by how quickly the group warmed to the request, the questions they were asking, and the level of concern that they were showing... Iseria's intuition had been spot on yet again. "That's about the gist of things, Commander. You can be assured that should things come to a fight..." Tio manifested a tome into her hand, and as she did the staff floating behind her disassembled itself into six pieces. Tio opened the tome, and the six floating crystals appeared to all start glowing with luminous energy. "As long as I, or Elisa are able we'll assist you in anyway we can. As much as I prod, Ingverd is supposed to be a capable fighter as well. Failure isn't an option, after all." She closed her tome, and relaxed herself. As she said that, Ingverd's attention appeared to be focused on assuaging one of the mercenary's concerns, Miria appeared to be her name. Tio sighed, but cracked a small smile; camaraderie was equally as important as raw capabilities and anything to make sure that they didn't come up short. He... hadn't started flirting with her at least. Tio turned to face the blue haired woman, she appeared to hold herself a bit differently from the others--it was a colorful group, to be sure--and her question was arguably one of the most important. "Yes, we intend to keep as low of a profile as possible when traveling through Hecatia and Islexia. We do intend to follow a similar route to the one that our missing envoy traveled upon. Our first task is to determine whether they are alive or not, then we head to Lufiria. There are a couple... paths that we've used to evade detection from the Islexians before; we couldn't just completely rely on the naval route. Clearly, our envoy ran into something so they're not entirely safe anymore, but as long as things never escalate beyond skirmishes, now and again, I believe our route should suffice."
  24. Tio clapped her hands as she heard the majority of the group agree to assist... surprisingly easily, all things considered. Even with the incredible payout, the chance of things going incredibly wrong were quite high. While Hecatia wouldn't be too terrible all things considered--even counting that they may of had a fugitive in their midst--traveling into Islexia being as they were was practically asking for all kinds of trouble. While she brushed past the woman clinging to a bottle's question, Natalya's question did merit an answer; they deserved as much information as she was at liberty to give. "Yes, well... You're right that Elisa and I would have very little issue defending ourselves should it really come down to it. But... The issue isn't entirely us defending ourselves. Time is of the essence, and handling it ourselves is difficult. As strong as we are, we are still very much human, and require time to rest. Islexia would have no issue about trying to overwhelm us with numbers, and it would eventually succeed. But! There appears to be no longer anything to worry about on that front." A small internal sigh of relief at that fact. "Now then... if there are any other questions regarding the nature of the mission, I'll try to answer them, but I can't guarantee that I can. Any questions about us on the other hand..." A confident smile spread across her face, before she cleared her throat once more, "Also, I would try to find ourselves a ship as soon as possible. I would be quite surprised if we found anything that would allow us to leave immediately, but as soon as we can across the Altair Channel, the better."
  25. Tio tapped her staff on the ground before giving Ingverd a side glance, "We've been over this, Ingverd. Tio. Not Tiora, Tio. Please." A tinge of annoyance was present in her voice. She cleared her throat before turning to Natalya. "But I guess that means I should do introductions myself. Everyone, I am Tio Candialia, and this is my partner in every sense of the word, Elisa. We are the Evokers of Glacies, and we've been given a task. A very important task, one that currently may determine the fate of Glacies as a country." And a whole heck of a lot else, if other reports are right... Tio waved her hand, and began floating her staff behind her, "I'm sure Ingverd has also given you the rough idea of things. But for more clarity, I'm sure you're aware that Lufirian ships haven't been seen for about a month at this point. Well, that's because--" Tio paused a moment as she heard her and Elisa's name shouted incredulously, Tio looked over, a little annoyed that her full name was used, and caught sight of the culprit. A pink haired cleric who seemed to be getting smaller by the moment. "Aha... Thank you for that." Normally, Tio would have been a bit more proud about such an enthusiastic response to their arrival, but unfortunately, duties came first. "As I was about to say... The Lufirian trade route has been entirely closed. The reasons they've cited are numerable, but they're not particularly important at the moment. What is, however, is that the original envoy that was sent to deal with this... never arrived at their destination. Without access to the Lufirian Trade Route, the only option left to us... is through Islexia. I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone why that is such a problem, so I won't. Lady Iseria choose an elite group of close confidants, and one of Glacies's better diplomats to travel through the Altair Province into Islexia, and then meet with the Lufirian escorts who would take them to Lufirian capital of Ametrine. Elisa and I were asked to head to Islexia and discover if our envoy is still alive, and if so, escort them to their location, but, in the event that they aren't, Elisa and I are to assume their duties and head to Ametrine ourselves. Lady Iseria is no longer taking any chances, so she's sending us, Ingverd over there, and had us pointed to you for their effectiveness in dealing with the Islexian pirates. So, all of that was a long winded way of asking for your assistance in this mission. The Crown of Glacies is willing to pay everyone who assists in an official capacity 30k gold, as this mission is worth far more to the well being of Glacies. That said, we recognize how dangerous this mission will be for many of you... We would be traveling through Hecatia and then Islexia; both countries not exactly known for their friendliness with Lufirians, or the Clouded. It is quite alright if you don't feel comfortable undertaking this mission, you were simply chosen as Iseria thought that your group was the best fit." Tio took in a deep breath, "...I didn't forget anything I don't think... The Trade route, the reason we're going into Islexia... Hmm, nope, I don't think I did. So then, how about it? The choice is yours."
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