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  1. Didn't have a thread that you created and had fun in locked.
  2. Well eclipse locked my counting thread and we had fun and it was hot this morning and of course she had to lock it. I have a plan if she doesn't unlock it. 70
  3. Felicia. Which character would you see telling you that there is ocean front property in Arizona, but doesn't know geography?
  4. *Steals my five bucks back and the Nintendo Switch with it being guarded by machine guns*
  5. So we have a counting topic we have that has to reset when a mod posts, but for this one it is a specific mod, eclipse. I'll start. 1
  6. That reminds me of a song: *Steals a Nintendo Switch*
  7. Good grief, it is going to last for a lot of months, that's messed up. From March to November. You probably need to check your dates correctly.
  8. 121. Whoever taught Azura the following song will be sent into My Castle's slammer for two weeks. Yes, I'm looking at you Kaze.
  9. It is happening because of a glitch we call the "curse." Didn't just come back from binge playing Fire Emblem Warriors.
  10. I have good news, John Denver Fan, my brother has survived his heart attack, he is going to be released tomorrow afternoon. 11
  11. He's at the hospital, I departed. They will give me a phone call about an hour from now to see what his condition is. 9
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