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  1. Ren: 21, 14 block part of the gate Bridgit: 20, 14 block other part
  2. The only reaction the pureblood shows to the oni is a twist of her mouth in annoyance, more irritated than anything from being slammed into the wall. She lets Ayane have her words, half listening and half trying to force back a roll of her eyes. So touchy. At the nail against her cheek she can't help the faux bright smile as she leans against it instead of trying to pull away. "As someone who's dealt with the King personally, and has been on the end of several petrification 'incidents', your threat is merely acknowledged for now," she responds with the same faux tone that reflects her smile. When she's let go only a huff leaves her as the scratch on her cheek quickly heals. "If a mere child can rile you up this much...well," she lets the sentence hang before looking at Ari just as the other sticks out her tongue. "Really mature," she drawls, wiping away the blood from her cheek to lick it clean with a subtle smug expression. She got the response she wanted, no need to actually lose a limb or two for her sudden foolishness. Not only would it be annoying as Hess but also really inconvenient.
  3. Ren to 19-16, fire Zombie #5 "Oh, nothing wrong with that on my end," she lightly responds to Ari's quip, floating near them as she inspected her nails meticulously. If she heard Ayane call her a child she ignores, not deeming the pitiful attempt of riling her up any attention. Instead she gives them a small knowing smile and words of her own. "No, in fact keep on being all the more obvious on how much you want to, pardon the language, get into each other's pants. We wouldn't be the one with the problem!" She then looks at Ayane. "Your cousin on the other hand..." "How would he feel if he knew that you were infatuated with your would be murderer?" Bridgit giggles and floats towards 21,13
  4. Ren to 20,13 "The two of you are quite obvious, you know that?" the drawl from Bridgit can be heard from the side, giving the other two a flat stare as she continues to follow and move up. Why did she agree to the older oni's whims... Bridgit to 21,8
  5. "Looking out for each other, that's cute," Ren comments when making his way towards Asami. Ren moves to 20,10 "They seem to be goading us by the looks of things," one small pureblood pipes up while floating alongside Ayane and Ariana. "We'll just have to make haste and not fall behind," she then adds, giving Ariana a hard look before scoffing under her breath and floating forward. One hero is enough for her, thank you. Bridgit floats to 23,7
  6. At his cousin's call, Ren offers a smile as he lifts his hand to a lazy salute. "Sleep has found me well, and hopefully it has for you too," he replies, giving her a half truth as he watches her head over to the houses. In the midst of battle there's no reason to worry her at the moment over nonsensical things he can figure out himself. No, right now he's more worried at seeing the would be murderer following Ayane towards said houses- "You know you're being too obvious, right?" He doesn't startle, letting a breath hiss out through clenched teeth as he turns to look at the vampire brat. "And what, pray tell, would you propose me to do?" he bites back sharply, eyes narrowed and one brow arched. "If you're only here to antagonize me, as you usually do, then kindly fu-" Ren doesn't finish his sentence, his expression one of surprise as he reaches up to rub at his forehead. Right between his horns no less. What even... Looking back at Bridgit, all she does is sniffle petulantly before retracting her hand back to examine her nails. "You're worried. It's understandable. If anything I can join those two and keep an eye out for you, that way you can easily focus on the fighting ahead," she explains, giving him a look that says 'i dare you to tell me otherwise'. Ren thinks about it for a second, then lets out a winded sigh as he returns her look with a flat stare. "You're such a little brat, you know that?" All he gets is a fanged grin in return before the pureblood teen floats over to the other two girls. Bridgit floats towards 23,4 "Do be careful you two...and good luck." Ren moves to 19,7
  7. By the time Gabriela made her comment the Pureblood was already minding her own business listening to what Thessy had to say. It wouldn't do if she kept poking at that particular couple, that and she didn't want to bring unwanted attention to herself. Not only that but she didn't really have questions to ask...at least not ones that pertained to the planning of current operations. Once the vampire's truly left them Ren simply huffs softly at the reprimand, but knows Gabriela is only looking out for him at the moment. "Hmm, that does sound lovely," he says in a softer tone, offering a more genuine smile before looking over to the person now nearing them...ah. By the gods he's finally getting healed. The feeling of wounds closing and mending properly from the girl's magic left him a bit breathless, mainly due to relief now as he isn't on the verge of passing out. A long sigh leaves him, his smile returning as he looks over at Tenna with gratitude in his eyes. "Thank you kindly dear," he starts, then feels his face contort at the comment before schooling himself to a more passive expression. No need to scare the girl more. "Won't turn away some healing from such a brave girl like yourself," he offers, hoping to ease the princess' fears while letting her finish patching him up. "Can't really hate someone that's trying their best in a place so hostile towards them, even if you were our enemy at one point," he then adds, shifting slightly to tilt his head in a small bow. "I also feel like hate is such a strong word. If we're going to be working together we might as well be on more amicable terms don't you think?" And yes, he noticed the way Gabriela's mood shifted once the princess arrived, but this isn't a feeling he shared with the rest. To say he didn't have his suspicions is an understatement, but Ren knew when to be cautious and trust his judgement...to a point. At the moment, all he sees is a frightened girl surrounded by strangers that don't really have her best interests in mind. ...It's probably why he also holds such fondness for the little hero trying her best. "Hm? Yes yes, I'm still awake," he reassures Gabriela as his thoughts drift back towards the current situation and directs his attention to his beloved. "Resting still sounds like a nice idea, and how can i refuse such an offer from you?" he says, his voice soft and tender for only the siren to hear. "Just a moment should be fine, enough to let the soreness be at least tolerable," the oni then adds, returning the peck with one of his own as his hand finds and holds hers in gentle embrace.
  8. At her apology Ren simply shakes his head and offers a small smile. "As I said I am not opposed to seeking treatment, but given the fact that...all of our healers went off we're a bit low on options I can...fully trust on to look at my injuries." Is he being a bit petty in bringing back this point of discussion? Perhaps, but the ex human has lost the fuck to care a while ago. Really, they could use with a little organization... That being said, it didn't take long after this that the rest of the group came back...along with the Demon King no less, and already demanding them to gather around and figure out what they'll do when facing Ithraxil next. Ren simply stayed near Gabriela, not really wanting to move but if needed taking a moment to get closer and hear what the King has to say. "Positively dreadful," is his immediate response to her comment on seeing how everyone is doing, a drawl to his tone of voice as he looks on with a flat expression. Really he could give less of a lick to what Ariana will do, and really having more people join up is just...bothersome at this point. If he had more time to rest and recover, then sure he'd put on his best showman smile for the others. As it stands the ex human just wants to rest. He can't keep up the mask forever, this act of being the nice one, the approachable one... "Should've thought better than to fight your cousin right after a battle." At this Ren felt his temper stir, amber eyes looking over Gab to where the pesky little Pureblood just appeared. "I'm sorry, and who asked you?" Bridgit simply huffs and returns his frosty glance with an amused one of her own. "No one, but we assure you that your complaining is unwarranted and unnecessary," she responds, dainty hand running through a twin tail before flipping it back. "Treatment for the both of you will happen soon enough." "..." He looks away now, biting back the quip he was about to lash back at her as his interest in the conversation leaves him suddenly. His energy is better used in keeping awake. Most of the idle chatter passes by one ear and out the other, but when the King warns about Ariana he can't help the snort if derision as he looks at them now. "Has the Church's little cat girl been declawed then? Truly, what...wonderful news," he continues on, any filter gone for the moment while biting back the pain he still felt. With nothing more to say though he simply looks away from the others, leaning a bit more against Gabriela as he hums softly under his breath. He really, really wants to sleep......
  9. It took most of his concentration to not cry out when the Siren started to press against most of his injuries. In any other circumstance he would've jumped on the idea of accepting such loving attention, but- "A-Ah, yes. I do...apologize for worrying you dear." Keep it together, the pain is only temporary. "To be quite honest I don't really know where the rest of the group went. A bit busy...tending to my wounds myself," he forces out while biting back a pained whine. "We might as well wait...with the others- Gab, dear, I know you're worried and I'm worried as well but my wounds won't get better if you keep on pressing against them." He says the rest in a rushed breath, the words tumbling out in a rather undignified manner. Sorry Gabriela, your beau did try his best but there's only so much he can handle after getting his ass kicked by his dear cousin.
  10. He notices the shift as soon as it happens. The slow realization shifts his face into shock and surprise, before shame and guilt twists it as soon as the zombie flees. At Gabriela's words he shakes his head and tries to reassure her with a smile that only comes out as a grimace. "I shouldn't be the one to go, seeing as my condition is what caused this visceral reaction. I do agree however that someone should keep her company and make sure she's okay." Maybe even make sure Jade not lash out at others... "I never said I wasn't," he huffs, refraining from rolling his eyes. "Apparently the other half of our group deemed it wise to take their healers with them...which wasn't wise at all. Quite the opposite in fact," he drawls with a deadpan, now debating on the integrity of such a decision. Brushing the thoughts away, his attention is once more back on Gabriela. The worry is appreciated, gently squeezing her arm to show how much it means to him. When Aithlin offers to follow after Jade he has no qualms about that. "Please tell her I do apologize for not thinking of how my condition can affect her," he makes sure to say this before the elf leaves, before letting himself lean against Gabriela a bit more. "I don't suppose we can go and disrupt the others for a bit of healing now?" She lets herself be one with the background, letting the other two speak their thoughts as Bridgit mulls over her own. The Pureblood felt quite rude in intruding now, not having any strong feelings about the problems these two were going through. She can't relate to it, and it left her...hollow? No, that's not it. Having her oppose a member of her family...that's not something Bridgit wants to experience. At all. If it were her facing Lavinia (if it were Roman) she knows she couldn't go through with it. Her heart wouldn't be in it, and that's a weakness she can't bring herself to talk about. Before her thoughts spiral any more, Bridgit catches Taliyah giving her such a soft expression that she has to give pause before speaking once more. "It may seem that Ayane and...myself, have the same train of thought," she struggles a bit with the familiarity, but marches on. "If our solutions always result in death, then we're no better than the trash we fight against." Not the most eloquent, but straight to the point.
  11. "Right, a few cuts," she quips, but leaves it at that as she rather enjoys having her person in one piece thank you. Still, it's quite fascinating to see how these two outsiders handle their business, although not at all surprising. It's not rare to settle disputes with a bit of familial roughhousing, just uncommon. Well, not that she knows much about that seeing as most of her knowledge is from inside the castle walls until just recently. It's quite frustrating, not knowing things. At Taliyah's questions Bridgit can't help the small huff of a sigh leaving her lips, expression now soft as she plays lightly with a strand of hair. "Their fight is...not quite the same to what you speak of. True, there was probably a chance that one of them died but...hm." She pauses, then looks at Ayane once more. "Probably best you continue. We are just an outsider after all." No use in being openly rude to the girl or to rush explanations to someone she actually....likes. Eugh, patience. How she loathes it.
  12. Ren had retreated from the training room after getting their injuries at least bandaged and looked at. It wouldn't do if they both simply dropped from their injuries, if the cousins were planning to actually work on themselves. When he did come back the ex human was dressing differently, no armor visible as he sports something loose to not jostle his injuries more than he's already done. All of his hair is tied back, loose bangs framing his bandaged face. He holds Tonbokiri close, a makeshift crutch as he leans a bit into it as he walks back to where the rest of the group is. He doesn't stop where Ayane and Taliyah are, but does offer a small smile with a wave of his hand. Same with Asami, arching a brow in amusement but not bothering her time with the Fallen as he continues on his way. It's only when he notices Gabriela that his heart settles, not having the time after to make sure she was alright. Jade and Aithlin are there as well, the ex human wincing a bit but not from his injuries. "Didn't think it'd get so out of hand, so I felt it fine to leave you to rest," he calls out, catching up on the last of their conversation as he raises his free hand and waves at them. "No need to be so harsh on her Gabriela, since it's mostly my fault." Really, what to do now while her sister and almost half of who she actually wants to talk to are interrogating their prisoners? Bridgit huffs, blowing away a bang with a puff of air before floating about with the remainder of the group around her. Well, there is the genasi she's awfully curious about, but there's a small grimace wrinkling her nose at the sight of the new girl. More strangers, lovely. Twirling her parasol in idle thought, she does catch sight of Ayane and Taliyah over at one of the training grounds. On one hand, she doesn't mind the company of the lizard girl and would find a conversation with her to be rather welcoming. On the other hand...she'd have to actually interact with the other oni. Sighs, for Hess sake. She floats over, letting her impulse take over before she could talk herself out of it. The Pureblood makes herself known, not wanting to startle them both as she gently lands a few paces away from them to walk the rest of the distance. The clack of her heels should be enough warning. "We take it the talk went rather..." having no word to really describe, Bridgit simply motions to Ayane's injuries with a flutter of her free hand. "Tis unfortunate that our healers are dealing with the rifraf we picked up," she drawls, before looking over at Taliyah and offering the girl a small smile. "How are you faring Taliyah?" she asks, a hint of worry in her tone masked by casual indifference.
  13. Yet how many more fights do we have left? Bridgit simply lets Lavinia bring her into a hug, letting the closeness of someone she loves and admires chase away the ugly feelings pent up in her chest. "I know," she says softly, more to herself than to her sister. Pushing back a bit to look at Lavinia, Bridgit musters up a small smile as one of her hands gently brushes against her cheek. "Later, please? I...I do wish to talk but doing so just after a battle...is not something I feel comfortable with," she admits quietly, patting Lavinia's cheek once more before gently pulling herself away from the other. "Besides, the sun is such a dreadful thing on one's skin. Do be careful sister, I will see you then," she goes for the usual haughty approach, her free hand flipping a twin tailback in place as the other brings her parasol up. Still, the look she gives Lavinia is earnest before turning around and heading back to the fort.
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