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  1. With the meeting over and done with, and everyone was well fed, the group continued on their way towards the aforementioned location of the sightings. Ren of course sat next to Ayane, his eyes closed in concentration as the wagon started to move. He idly stroked Ukogi's wings and back, the softness of his feathers a welcomed distraction as he mulled over his thoughts. He wasn't surprised by the reactions and answers he had gotten during the meeting, accepting it for what it is. He was actually impressed and glad at the reactions; that showed to him the importance Marina held, and that there were people who would protect her if things went south. As he opened one of his eyes, Ren noticed that their little hero had chosen to sit at the front of the wagon, occupied with her notebook of sorts. Maybe this was the best opportunity he had to speak with her. "Dear cousin, would it be alright if I went and kept the little hero company?" he asked, leaning in so Ayane was the only one to hear. If anything, only those with ultra sensitive hearing would be able to listen in as well.
  2. When Gabriela returned his wave with a wave of her own and her cute smile, his chest fluttered briefly before disappearing as soon as he garnered other attention. He took the comments and reactions from the hero's close companions in stride, neither flinching nor reacting back in a negative manner. All he did was wait, face calmed with a small smile on his lips. That the other two would stand up for Marina had Ren feeling...nostalgic. Just as what they had done for her, he would've done the same for Ayane, and she- Well, there was no point in explaining, his cousin doing the thing he had expected her to do. Closing his eyes, he took a moment for the words to sink in (and also took a moment to reminisce in some old memories), before opening them to face Lavinia and Agni. "Thank you cousin, I appreciate the help and explanation. All I do and say, even if it may be crass and unprecedented, is because I care deeply." He places a hand over his chest, where his heart should be. "We may not know each other for long, but I take my job very seriously. I want us to succeed, and I worry just as equally as everyone. I know it's...brash, but I can't help it. I wear my heart on my sleeve, because I care." Maybe a little too much- "I do sincerely apologize if I have offended you both, that was not my intention." A bow, this time instead of just his head he bent his body as well for a more respectable response.
  3. A small Blunder: ... Ren's father always told him that he was good at speaking, but he wasn't tactful enough. When he had finished his observations, he immediately bit his tongue as he remembered that one of their members wouldn't take to the familiar saying of his country. "A-Ah, Xalrei was it?" he asked, a bit flustered at having to do this in front of so many people. "The, uhm, the saying "The Dragon in the Room," it usually pertains to the problem we have to discuss or just the awkward subject we need to face...n-not that you are a problem! Oh dear..." He should just, keep his mouth shut next time instead of making it worse...
  4. Unlike the others, Ren stood behind Ayane's chair. Composed and hands hidden in his sleeves, he surveyed the group with a small smile on his lips. He needed to have his cousins back, even in a room filled with potential allies. He did, however, feel his cheeks flush at the sight of Gabriela, offering a small wave of his hand before going back to the conversation happening at the moment. "Ah...that is a nice look for you Erephis," he offers in compliment, eyes now drifting at the new image for the lamia. In that moment, his mind drifted to a sudden thought that popped up and before the conversation could continue- No, not yet. He needed to restrain himself at the moment. As he turned to the hero, he gave her a nod. Her sudden relapse yesterday wasn't lost on him, and while he was under the watchful eye of her caretaker and guard Ren waited by her side until she woke up. Lest to say, he had much on his mind that Marina needed to hear , but only so much was said before she retired for the evening. Now, in this meeting, as they discussed the next course of action, he wanted to bring the topic up now since no one has touched on it yet. "Before we can all vote or decide on what we must do, I would like to point out the dragon in the room: the fact that your little hero has quite a martyr complex," he speaks up, now looking over at Lavinia and Agni both. "I can tell you right now that this will become quite the problem in the near future, if not the next battle we fight. You need to make her understand that one mistake can cost her life, or the life of her comrades." His voice was calm and collected, but there was certainly an edge to it. A blade ready to strike. "The only reason I'm bringing this up is because I have experience with taking care of rather...rambunctious ladies. Hardheaded even." He looked down to where Ayane was sitting, but before she could protest he continued. "Please believe me when I say I have nothing but the utmost concern for this group, because whether we succeed or not will eventually decide whether we capture Ouka or not in the long run." He let out a sigh, taking comfort in the fact that he had his feathery friend resting in his fur collar, his warmth a familiar sensation. "I agree that we should find out what this spirit is, or wants, or if we have to get rid of it. What I ask and suggest that we do first, or as we travel, is to educate this hero in not only to care for the safety of others, but also her own..." "Because if she can't take care of herself, then what business does she have in taking care or saving others?"
  5. "That could've been detrimental, her fainting in the middle of the battle," Ren spoke up, Ukogi fluttering towards his furred collar and nestling in it after Marina fell. "It does no good her overexerting herself. Maybe some advice and training is in order?" he offers, giving Agni a nod. "I don't think we properly introduced ourselves, what with the commotion and all that. Ren Itou, Ayane's cousin and guard," he greets, polite enough to not give off any bad vibes. It was... nostalgic, in a way, seeing Marina and Agni. The only two humans in this entourage of demons and the like. The thought of losing his humanity and becoming someone he didn't want to be settled deeper; if anything, it worsened the sadness and spite he felt, maybe even envy... Shaking away those thoughts, he paid attention once more to the conversation. "Not only does the hero need to restrain her perseverance, she needs to learn how to listen to others and take advice without thinking she's being a burden." Hopefully he'll have a chance to talk to her once she wakes. "Hm, will it be alright if I stay close? With proper supervision of course."
  6. Ren had to try with all his might to lessen the cry that wanted to escape into a soft whimper. He definitely heard some bones crunching, forcing his expression to stay friendly even though inwardly he was suffering through excruciating pain. He will remember this. "Please don't listen to my lively cousin, she's just a tiny bit envious because I have an easier time making friends," he smoothly delivered, side-eyeing Ayane before letting Ukogi flutter into Marina's hands. "Ah, this is a first. Normally he doesn't take easily to strangers," he says, pain forgotten as he chuckles. "Marina Fairchild eh? That sure does roll off the tongue," he teases, his bird companion nuzzling his head into Marina's palms. He did sober up a bit, when Ayane mentioned how young the other was. "I should agree with my cousin here, but if I recall that had never stopped you cousin. I remember, fresh out of your basic training, that you wanted to join us in looking for the Heaven and Earth scrolls. Still, that was a simple scouting mission, not much fighting....but you, Marina...." Looking at the young hero now, he gives her a melancholic smile. "You've seen more than enough bloodshed..."
  7. There was a noticeable bristle from the older oni, eyes widening for a slim second before narrowing. So that's how it was then? "I-I did so because it would've been rude to decline such hospitable and well behaved ladies," he counters, emphasis on what he thought was something his cousin lacked at the moment. It didn't help her that his smug aura returned, the flush that had peeked through disappearing as he found an opening. "Besides, at least they know how to cook. I still remember that awful attempt at a feast after defeating the spider like onis back in Natagumo Mountain. I still get shivers down my spine whenever I recall the smell." Because unlike the soldiers that braved through the taste so as to not disappoint her highness, Ren flat out refused to "poison his body with that awful concoction his cousin had come up with." They were lucky their healers were some of the best in the country. Now, before his cousin could get another word in, his sharp eye noticed someone approaching. "Looks like we have company dear, and I for one would like to introduce myself to the hero of this land. Now, if you'll excuse me," and with his fan closing shut with a sharp snap!, Ren smiled smugly at Ayane before changing course and making his way towards Marina. "Well, aren't you................young, miss," he paused, actually surprised at this fact. He had thought the fatigue of battle might have clouded his vision, but to have her here now it was... He frowned slightly, any form of satisfaction washing away. "Ren Itou, at your service little lady," he says with an elegant bow. "Royal personal guard of Princess Ayane, as well as her cousin. And this," he says, before softly whistling, extending his arm and his palm up to let Ukoji land with a soft plop of feathers and fluff. "Is my friend Ukogi. Would you like to pet him?" he asks, making his demeanor calm and approachable. He can deal with his cousins fury after these introductions were over. It seems there's some training to be done...
  8. He tensed when his name was spoken by a rather irate oni cousin. Suddenly straightening up, as soon as Erephis completely left he simply scoffed and crossed his arms against his chest. "Is your memory failing you dear cousin, or have you forgotten most of those messages were of praises for the good work I did in helping those lovely ladies," he counters, now taking out his fan as he hid the lower half of his face with it. "At least I had a social life, all you wanted to do was train train train. It was rather hard to offer my services when I had a rather rambunctious princess following me asking for a rematch, or did you also forget that I was winner of most of our matches?" he rebukes, arching a brow with an unamused look. Two can play at that game Ayane.
  9. Hearing once more that their infection has no cure left a sour taste in Ren's mouth, but the fact that Erephis knew about their curse his interest piqued. "As Ayane said, our curse has no known cure, but any new information you can find for us is greatly appreciated," he offered with a smile. His cousins glare and the impending doom mood emanating from her when dealing with him was not lost on him, but he will deal with that later. "Will you be leaving then soon? That's quite the shame actually, I would've loved your company longer," he says idly, before blinking as he realized the last part could be taken wrongly. Red suddenly appearing on his pale cheeks, he quickly went to correct himself. "I-I mean, I would've l-loved to have more conversations with you! Yes, yes quite..." he explains while offering a more bashful smile this time. "Your wisdom is appreciated Lady Erephis, taking your time to help a pair of foreigners like us," and with that he proceeded to finish his compliments with a bow. He was mostly trying to hide his flush from the others, but details...
  10. "Forgive my dear cousin's brutish tone miss. It seems her humanity wasn't the only thing taken from her." Like a specter from the shadows, Ren appeared and placed a gentle but warning hand over Ayane's shoulder. He looked no worse for wear, one of the few that came out of this somewhat unscathed. "Sorry for making you wait Ayane, I was looking for a little pretty bird that had worried over me," he offered as an excuse, smile unwavering even as he looked over to Erephis. "Well! And who might this charming lady be?" he asked, knowing full well that his cousin had already asked this before. Some light teasing could be what they needed after what happened tonight. "You know, snakes are quite revered where we're from. A symbol of rebirth, transformation, and the continual renewal of life," he offers, his smile brightening at this knowledge. Quite the bookworm, his cousins would often tease him about, but never really bothered by it.
  11. Ren moves to 18,13 and...! Oh? At this range, he can see the hero better. Ren's brows furrowed. Did the heroes always looked this...young? She was just a child...why were they...No. He shook his head. The oni will deal with this later when he properly introduced himself to the girl.
  12. As he calmed down from that sudden family reunion, Ren watched as Ayane also dealt with her turmoil of emotions. Not quite the same as him, but he knew that his cousin was definitely feeling this worse than him. Still, they had to endure and stay alive until they could meet Suzume once more. Hopefully, it didn't end in more bloodshed. Before he could move from his spot though, a sudden relief spread through him as he saw Gabriela reach him unscathed. "Thank you Gabriela, I'll keep that in mind. Usually I don't have issues dealing with these barbarians, but after- E-eh????" She didn't let him finish, the Siren suddenly taking his Yari from him as he blinked and wondered what just happened. At the realization of her words, his pale cheeks brightened up with a blush, simply nodding as he tried to clear his head of any indecent thoughts. S-She didn't mean it like that. We just met, and yes she's very s-stunning but...o-oh dear.. "That...is a problem for Future Ren to handle," he muttered to himself, shaking his head as a soft huff of amusement left him. With a smile on his lips and feeling like a weight has been lifted, he moved to keep an eye on the thief near him. After taking out a vulnerary and applying it to his wounds, he felt better for the moment. Now holding his Tonbokiri, a threatening aura surrounded him as he kept a close eye on the thief. Ren moves to 12,16, applies a vuln and gives off a threatening vibe towards the thief
  13. He watches the scene unfold, eyes widening as Ayane completely throws Orochinagi down on the ground. There was so much going through his mind, thoughts racing yet he stayed rooted in his spot as Suzume tried and failed to bring them to Ouka's side. The witch will pay for what she's done. As she started to laugh, he felt his heart clench. Oh how he missed it when it wasn't warped by madness and manipulation...sadness... When she left, and was gone for good, he couldn't help but waver in his stance as he caught himself before falling. The meeting took its toll, freezing pants leaving him as he bent and placed his hands on his knees for balance. The frozen air didn't cease until a moment after, now icy blue eyes looking back at his cousin. Their was a cold hatred running through him, skin cold to the touch, frost building up around and under where his feet were placed... "Soon...We will get h-her back soon, I promise," he called out to Ayane, as well as reassured himself of the promise he had made. It was the only thing keeping him in check at the moment, the sudden Chill passing through him and ebbing away.
  14. Ren easily disposed of the mercenary charging at him. He took advantage of the initial confusion and brought down his yari to end the man's life. A quick prayer was sent to the troubled soul, before Ren could focus on his cousin ad Taliyah. It seemed everything was getting taken care of, and while he couldn't talk to the hero yet Ren was able to get a look at her from afar. Although, he couldn't get a good look yet, maybe if he got a bit closer- "Oh, darling cousin, sister... I've missed you, truly~" He froze, sudden puffs of frosty smoke leaving his parted lips as he took a deep breath and placed his undivided attention at Suzume. He watched Ayane, the only other person he could acknowledge at the moment, and mimicked her movements by putting his weapon away. Suzume has not attacked them, so there was no reason to retaliate. Plus, it was quite hard to raise a weapon at a dear family member with the intention to kill. He let the sisters have their words, an as he watched Ren could notice that Suzume was...sad. She was not happy, the tears were not happy. Living and spending his time with his cousins has helped him to recognize their reactions, their movements and hidden meanings. This was a cry for help. "Suzume, you don't know how much I would love to join you. For Ayane to join us and be together once more," he starts, raw emotion in his voice. "But Ouka is not the way. We can seek help, and be together once more. That's what you want, what we want." He paused, needing a moment. "My dear Suzu..." He smiles, that pure smile lacking any negative emotions, as tears well up in his eyes. A smile only reserved for Ayane and Suzume. "You are like a sister to me. Please, reconsider; think about this. I'm so glad you came with no ill intent, but I dont want this to be the last time we're able to talk like this," he finishes up, waiting for an answer as he prays that Suzume doesn't lash out at them. He hopes that his words, while not enough to quickly change her mind, reaches her and settle in her mind.
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