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  1. "And you as well Erephis. We both appreciate you bringing us news; every little bit helps," he says before blinking at the sudden comment afterward. That definitely left a nice feeling in the oni, his smile a bit more natural now. "Really, then I'll try to find time during our excursion to come by you for a conversation or two," and with that he bid the snake goodbye with a wave of his hand. Quite the interesting one he's found, hm? "...We'll get her back," he suddenly says, sagging a bit where he was sitting as the weight of the news settles in. His smile was smaller, eyes droopy, but never once did he let go of his cousin's hand. Well, she was right in that regard; the castle, while home, was quite stuffy and stifling. Not one to disappoint, especially Lavinia, she agrees with a nod against the other's hand that was still petting her hair. "Alright, if that is what you wish dear sister," she pipes up, quickly placing a small peck on the other's cheek before lifting herself up. "Shouldn't be a problem for this Bridgit right?" she mutters to herself, before heading on towards the other three around the campfire. As she nears them, the scene puts Bridgit in a bit of a...bind, already feeling the creeping embarrassment as she sees Ness flirt her way into the undead elf's pants. "Ah, um, are we interrupting something?" she asks, thrumming her fingers against her dress while giving Taliyah her undivided attention before turning to the succubus once more. "Really Ness, can't go one minute without scaring someone half to death with your flirtations?" the Pureblood continues, a light tease in her tone as she waits for an answer.
  2. Ren agrees with a nod. "I do apologize for the misunderstanding, but thank you for clearing it up Erephis," he says while looking over at Ayane. The oni knew that in some way he was trying to find the easiest solution for their problem, but having a person with a better head above their shoulders telling them this helps through the pain of the truth. Now he and Ayane have to discuss on how they were gonna go about this... "Y-You saw me in battle!" she quickly responds to the other's doubt, not helping the small pout on her lips. "I can take care of myself sister, but your words have merit. I promise to take care of myself throughout this journey." Hopefully her words and actions are enough to keep Lavinia's mind at ease. On her next request she hums, simply cuddling into her as she's brought closer by the other. "I...can try. I'm sure there'll be things I can find enjoyable with the others," the Pureblood offers with a small smile before it upturns slightly into a smirk. "Althought, I thought this was supposed to be a very serious expedition dear sister. Surely there is no time for fun and idle chit chat?" It was almost hard to hold back her giggles.
  3. The smile slowly became smaller, a ghost of it remaining as he hears the end of what will happen when they revert Ouka's curse. He also feels his cousin squeeze his hand, and by default he squeezes back to reassure her that she's not alone. "You say this might kill her...but if it doesn't...there is still hope?" he says, trying to be a bit optimistic while the cogs in his head start turning. "Or well, it wouldn't be uncommon to just find a way to keep her alive..." Ah, how should he put this... "What I'm trying to say here, is...if the end result is futile, we might as well ask Jade for help if you catch my meaning," he offers, a bit embarrassed at offering such a suggestion. Still, he looks at Erephis once more and nods appreciatively. "Thank you for the information Erephis. Honestly if you have more to tell us, now or later, please let us know." Lavinia reassuring her that she isn't in trouble relieves the young Pureblood of some stress, but as she's led towards the campfire Bridgit felt a sudden wave of childishness as she observes the other small group with the general and then at Lavinia. In truth, the reason she wasn't trying to get along with the others is because of purely selfish reasons. She wants to stay at her dear sister's side, but...with how things have been going, that's not something she can afford here. It wasn't like back at the castle, when they were both together and she was having fun and Lavinia doted on her and- No, this was much different. "Jade is quite the character, and suits you just as much," she begins with a tease, warming up to the conversation as she lets the other pet her hair. Just like before, at the castle... "I followed because I worry. I miss you. There's so much happening while I'm at the castle, and I just...there's nothing to do there for me when you're gone..." Childish reasons from a child. "Besides, I think it's good for me to...broaden my views and seek answers myself," she adds, all while biting back a comment she knows would've upset Lavinia. And I think brother would've done the same and followed right after you. "I promise to...be civil, with the hero," she bites out, then calms down. "I promise to try and get along with the rest. Just...don't leave me behind again..."
  4. The week passes with no other altercations, and the Pureblood wants to consider that a success...if it weren't for the sudden unease she was feeling whenever she was close to the party. It wasn't even her wanting to distance herself from the others (aside from the hero...), but she just...didn't know how to properly act around an actual adventure party like this one. She helps wherever she's needed, has actually made small talk with...Jade. Honestly, she feels more at ease with the other undead than the rest of the group, which was...nice, in a way. Overall she feels like an awkward batling just fluttering around, and Bridgit didn't know how to handle it. There have been times though where she's been completely at peace; just like Lavinia, the Pureblood favors the cloudy and rainy weather. The urge to jump in puddles like she used to many years ago was great, but she holds back on account of keeping her cool exterior in front of the others. Now though, during the night and as they all went off to do their own thing, Bridgit did her usual thing of parting from the group and...observe. It was interesting how things develop, but for her to be involved in any of it... Now that just wouldn't be proper of her- "Bridgit." She suddenly turns her head, mouth closing before she could say anything else as she suppresses her surprise. "Sister, is everything alright?" she asks, a small tilt of her head as she curiously listens. Dread sits on the pit of her stomach as the other suggests they talk seriously among the others. Her hands twist into the dress she was wearing, before nodding with a neutral expression on her face now. "Alright...." Her voice was small but still loud enough for the other to hear her, waiting to be led towards the fire. Just like his cousin he sits in contemplation, by her side as always. The week has come and gone, with no trouble brewing among them. That was a good thing, but there was still so much disharmony among the people in the group. Hopefully by the end of this journey that will change... As he thought of something less pressing, gently petting Ukogi in his hands, a voice was heard calling out to Ayane and himself. He quickly smiles when he recognizes the lovely naga, before it turns into a contemplative look as she mentions Ayane's sister. "Well, that's certainly interesting," he murmurs, placing a hand over his mouth in thought before blinking in realization. "Ah, forgive my manners Erephis. How are you doing tonight?" he asks, before smiling once more. "You heard my dear cousin. Coming to terms with what is happening is something that we need to do, but please do go on," he encourages as well, tone light even as he slips his hand under and gently holds Ayane's in comfort and support.
  5. She watches with calm apprehension, wondering if she was even needed here before the zombie- Jade, brought her up in conversation. She blinks, wondering if trust can be even given to her this freely before nodding at the other. "We are called Bridgit by name, and you may use it freely," she offers, still her usual self but offers a smile in return. "If sister permits it, we will gladly accompany miss Jade while sister goes to Nessa," the Pureblood then adds while turning to Lavinia expectantly. He does notice, his smile growing before following diligently along with Ayane. As it should be. "We could, after arriving to our destination, take time to train? I'm sure you're itching for an extensive workout," he teases lightly, knowing well that any form of training would do them good. Especially Ayane, who was the more rowdy of the two. It was also a good way to just...let it all out. Talking helps somewhat, but training? It did wonders for Ayane, and Ren knew exactly how to work with his dear cousin.
  6. At his cousin's words Ren falters slightly, immediately reaching out as soon as Ayane starts to leave. "Wait-" he calls out, cursing under his breath as he leaves to follow. Better now than to be around the cacophony that is this damn group. I mean sure he was a contributor at first, but really they should just take their time to- Why was he working himself up over a bunch of strangers? Shaking his head, he reaches Ayane and actually takes her hand this time before she can leave him behind again. "This isn't your problem to stress about. The hero made her decision, and while we are still part of the group there are some choices we can't prevent." His expression softens after. "We're not mind readers, not more so when we were humans," he jests, trying to lighten the atmosphere before squeezing Ayane's hand gently. "Don't...walk away please? More now than ever we need to stick together..." As the whole squabble happened before her, Bridgit can't help but feel her eyes droop slightly in both boredom and sleep. It was only when her dear sister's shouts resound throughout the group that she snaps alert once more, gingerly rubbing an eye while a soft huff leaves her. Those fools should know better than to anger my darling sister. "Is everyone quite done now.? Our dear sister is right; we should move along before anything else catches us by surprise," she offers, toning down on her scathing remarks more so than before. No need to be another reason for Lavinia's stress. Still, with no hero in sight she is able to relax a bit more. Shoulders were less tense, her eyes didn't flit around like before, and she let out an unnecessary breath. "Anything I can help you with Lavinia? Jade?" she then asks, forgoing the "sister" title on the other vampire for now. No need to...cause trouble more than has been given.
  7. "Who's to say she wouldn't do the same thing when killed?!" Ren suddenly snaps at Bladen as his eyes narrow. "No need to take out your frustrations on the Hero; how would you feel if someone went after you for a mistake you've made?" How can no one see the stress they put Marina in by just complaining and reprimanding her? There are ways to discipline and educate someone, but this was not one of them. Damn it all, even Ayane and himself knew of this... Were things just that different on this side of the world? "Either way, what's done is done. More use in warning her so it doesn't happen again, instead of getting angry at the poor girl." "Unfortunately, we can't help but to agree with him." His head whips to the side, eyes widening at the Pureblood who simply looks on with a cold expression. "No use in making her feel even more useless; it's better to just focus on the emergency at hand, which is figure out what has happened to Jade," Bridgit responds in a meticulous manner, moving away from Nessa and going over to Lavinia and Jade with a worrying expression. "Do you see any difference dear sister? Does your friend feel strange or..." and the others can see her whole persona change, genuine worry marring her delicate features as she hovers around the two ladies. Ren just sighs, looking on with indifference. Quite the mother hen that one...for those she cares about. Which he could relate to, looking over at Ayane respectfully.
  8. As she twirls her parasol lightly in her hands, Bridgit simply observes the commotion about the wraith with well hidden disdain. She has half a mind to just Shade the soon to be corpse, but one look at the General makes her bite down on that desire. With a petulant huff she looks away, none of this her business now as she patiently waits for Lavinia to return. "Nessa...has she been well?" the Pureblood asks softly, still standing next to the succubus but somewhat hiding herself behind the other to block out unwanted attention. Lavinia being the obvious "she" that is mentioned, Bridgit waits for the other's answer with a pensive look. Not helping the soft color on his pale expression when the siren winks back at him, Ren simply waves back with a ditzy smile before focusing on one more person he needs to check up on. While his cousin was of a sturdier build, he knew her better than most. Making his way towards her discreetly, he manages to place a hand over her shoulder and squeezes in reassurance. "Quite the battle, hm?" he asks, his tone on the surface playful and light... Are you alright? is left unspoken, but his eyes have a way to convey the question as he looks back at Ayane.
  9. She feels like a child, Ness berating her (albeit lightly for someone like her) for bickering with one of their teammates. "I know, I do apologize Ness," she mumbles softly while quickly letting Lestat transform back into his parasol form. The daylight was fast approaching, and she didn't need actual physical burns on top of the other ones given to her by the general. Like a pup she follows, but..."Shouldn't we check on big sister? She was with th- Jade," she says, referring the other by name instead of her general term. "I worry that something might come up once more..." "Or we can give her one last wish before she parts. Look, her hands have dried up to the point of blackened skin. Surely you don't think she'll be able to cast any more magic?" Ren confronts the other before Marina is able to do so herself. "How...heartless? For people to think like you," he says, arching a brow at the elf. "I thought elves were different, and yet here I am proven wrong!" he then adds, shaking his head as a sudden chuckle leaves his lips.
  10. "Oh!" Not really insulted or much less annoyed, Bridgit gladly gives Taiyute the tome, watching in vast excitement as the other ended one of the last dragons. "Quite the good form, umu!" she praises, taking back the tome as she nods at the other. "We'll be taking this back to Ne- the General yes," she quickly fixes the slip of tongue, bowing her head back as she floats over to the general. "Nesssss, I brought the tome back," she chirps, offering the book to her as she looks away slightly. "Are you sure we can heal...them?" Ren suddenly calls out from behind Marina, catching himself before saying "that" instead. "I'm not one to think negatively of our options, but we have to be realistic-" Ren was cautious, moreso for Marina than anyone else. Ayane is able to take care of herself, and eventually he'll ask her on how she feels at the moment. Right now though he simply stood near Marina like a silent protector.
  11. "Ah! This should do it," Bridgit told herself as she looks and analyzes the situation. Seems that everything was in control, with only a couple monsters left. Floating over to the general, the young Pureblood fiddles with her fingers as she asks for the tome. "Would it be alright if I borrow this for a moment?" she asks, pointing towards the tome Ness was carrying. "I think I might be able to down one of the remaining monsters with it, umu..." At Gabriela's response he couldnt help the laugh that escaped him. Wanting nothing more than for this battle to be over with, he watches the Purblood as permission for the Ice tome, all while he had his own plans as well. A plan that involves the tome he holds, a necrodragon, and a whole lotta THUNDA. Bridgit to 21-11, grab Blizzard from Ness Ren to 22-11, thunder Draco Zombie
  12. Bridgit was a bit addled by the sudden movements and chaos that came from battlefields, almost missing the genasis' words before looking over at her. "Hm? Oh-" before she could even say anything her words crumble at the sight of Marina. The taste of ash overpowers her tongue, clicking it bitterly as she solely focuses on Taiyute. "Umu, this Bridgit will do as told," she replies icily, more so at the action than at the other. "Thank you for the warning," and with that she floats to her next target, not even asking as she picks up the girl bridal style. Repulsion can be felt and seen even when holding a neutral look, and once she arrives at said destination she unceremoniously drops Marina onto the ground with a huff and a flip of one of her twin tails. Without another word she removes herself from the premises, a little ways from where she dropped Marina. Hoping thing can finish soon, Bridgit drops (literally but from a short distance) at 21-10, before moving herself towards 22-10
  13. "Would it kill for you to leave some for the rest of us dear cousin?" Ren calls out jokingly, watching with reserved fascination as Ayane downs one of the remaining zombies. Not wanting to be shown up, her cousin grips the tome in his hand as he directs thunder at one of the eye monsters. "You don't happen to be taking any more passengers miss?" he then casually calls out, noticing Gabriela during his attack and giving her a teasing smile. Moves to 19,12 and Thundercats the eye!
  14. This Bridgit will move to 21,9! Although, we look curiously at the Fallen next to us....interesting....
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