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  1. Ren blinked, before giving Gabriela an amused smile. "I was actually referring to you and Tayilah. I'm sure the other two are quite capable enough to confront any foe they meet," he replied, a small chuckle escaping him before look at said lizard gir. "Sometimes, it's quite difficult for a person to admit their feelings to another," Ren offered as he walked with them, now with a thoughtful look on his face. He had been on the same boat before; whether it be him trying to court a pretty lady, or having a handsome soldier come up to him with the same intentions, Ren was never the eloquent one when it came to the subject of romance. Maybe that was why his endeavors never ended with anything fruitful, but he didn't need to tell these two that. As the girls continued their conversation, Ren simply watched silently, soft chirping from Ukogi splashed here and there as he snuggled against the oni's coat fur. It wasn't until Taliyah announced a race to get to the inn first that he noticed the smile that had formed in passing, before disappearing as his focus went back to the now flying and running racers. He stood there for a moment, pushing the unwanted sorrow away for now, and went on to follow them back to the inn.
  2. Following Gabriela to where two other ladies were standing, Ren offered a polite bow of his head towards Xalrei and Nessraya. "Ren Itou, at your service," he offered in short greeting while listening in to what they were saying. Knowing he had interrupted their break, and a date to boot, he felt sheepish and rather apologetic as he offered a small smile towards them. "I do apologize for ruining your time of rest and relaxation, but it seems that evil takes no consideration for these things," he offered, before looking over at the Succubus and then at Gabriela and Taliyah. He listened to the lizard girl explain why it was better for her to accompany him back to the inn, and Ren couldn't help the small frown at learning about the prejudice between demons and "half breeds". He stayed silent though, not his place to speak out, but he did have the sudden urge to reach out and pat Taliyah's head in comfort. Not acting out on this feeling (they weren't fully acquainted yet, so it would've been awkward at best), he instead looked over at Gabriela and gave her a reassuring smile. "Quite dishonorable of me to just leave such lovely ladies defenseless. It would be my pleasure to escort you back to the inn, and hopefully find my dear cousin in favorable spirits," he said with a nod, before dismissing himself from the other two and following Taliya and Gabriela out of the bar.
  3. Ren stayed silent, realization dawning on him as his eyes widened. Taking back his weapon, he couldn't help the sudden flinch at the tone she took when talking about Efari. He gripped Tonbokiri tightly, sending a silent prayer to the group that had helped him get here safely. All he could do now was hope that their passing was quick. As she left the tavern, and was finally out of sight, Ren let out the breath he had been holding in. He shuddered, pressing a hand against his face as he tried to compose himself once more. Barely catching Taliyah's words, the oni looked over at the young lizard girl with a guarded expression. "Don't be fooled. We just ran into one of Ouka's...minions," he warned, voice devoid of any positive emotion as he grimaced at the words. To think that his dear cousin, Suzume of all people, would be brought back like this... "We need to warn your group-" His words faded away, suddenly picking up the tale of the drunkard that was talking about a "witch" he had seen in the woods. He felt a chill run down his spine. Suzume being here wasn't just a coincidence then. He looked over at Taliyah and Gabriela, expression serious as he got up from his seat. "I need to see Ayane, now."
  4. Her voice, still sporting the same gentleness from when she was alive. It was hard not to look her way, Ren feeling his resolve cracking as soon as she showed concern for his well being. Her hand...a cold reminder of what had happened to her. It took all his resolve not to lean into the touch. "I did come here alone, yes," he answered, keeping calm even as his heart threatened to beat out of his chest. He wasn't lying, when he said he came alone, but he wasn't telling the whole truth either. "You...what are you doing-" Ah, even when she had mentioned them, the former human had forgotten about his recent company. Of course, it wasn't for long as he noticed Taliyah first when she spoke up, then Gabriela soon after. "You...could say that..." he answered Taliyah, before sputtering as he heard Gabriela's question. He quickly shot that down, shaking his head as he waved his hands in front of him. "I-It's not like that! Oh gods, that would be...please, no," he groaned, composure breaking as his flustered expression was covered by one of his hands. "I-It's...complicated..." he managed to say, not wanting to explain more unless Suzume did so. Suzume... Ren didn't want to think about why she was here, but he was suddenly feeling a lingering dread in the back of his head...
  5. D-Done with him? "Eh? W-What do you mean by that..." he trailed off, cheeks gaining a tinge of color at the implications. He did sober up though, as she brought up her thoughts about family heirlooms. His brows furrowed, his feathery companion sensing his distress before nuzzling against his neck. This time he did not pet him, the oni pursing his lips as he looked down and away from Gabriela. "That may be how you feel, but...it's more than just a useless weapon. I don't know and can't assume the relationship you had with your clan, but I was very close to mine." He looked up then, face smoothing out into a gentle smile. He didn't appear to be upset or angered with Gabriela, simply trying to understand her side of the coin. "I'm sure you have your reasons, but please respect my feelings over this. The wound is still fresh, and I need time to heal." His words were soft, as if he was afraid of his voice wavering if he spoke any louder. Now having said his piece (for now), Ren focused on the matter at hand. "Well, since we're not going to see my dear cousin yet, I can answer any questions or curiosities you have in mind? Maybe have a spot to eat, since I am quite famished-" The next words died in his throat, his attention having drifted just a moment to see around the bar. He hadn't meant to do so, just a slight distraction, but when he did his heart plummeted down to the pit of his stomach. He slowly brought up a shaking hand, covering his mouth as crimson eyes widened, mouth dry She...she should be dead...he saw Ayane cut her down....her own...his... Staying silent, Ren slowly moved away from the two girls, and made his way towards her. His movements were steady, but with a frantic anticipation with every step he took closer to the girl he had thought deceased and buried back in Izuna. It was only when she went to sit down at the bar and turned her back to him that he noticed Tonbokiri. His blood ran cold, fearful of how she obtained it...and... He swallowed, gathered his bearings, and without much to say at the moment he took a seat next to someone he held dear to his heart. Someone he had prayed for to have a peaceful journey to the afterlife. "....Suzume." His voice was just above a whisper, making no scene now as he simply held a neutral expression while facing forward. He felt cold, chilled to the bone.
  6. "Yes, isn't he the cutest-" the former human started, before suddenly realizing the situation he was walking into. Eh... EH?! Ren startled, eyes widening as he was accused by this semi stranger of lies and slander. To prove his connection with Ayane, he would've done so easily with his family weapon... If he still had it. "Y-Yes, your wings are quite lovely miss..." he still couldn't help but notice, and if it were under different circumstances he would've complimented them more, but... He felt his stomach do a flip as the two girls turned against him, not believing his story (which was definitely true!) after he told it. Suppressing a groan, he let out a stressed sigh instead as he tried to stay calm. "Please, ladies, there's no need to cause a commotion," he cautioned, all while Taliyah slammed her claws against the table. It startled Ukogi, ruffling his feathers as angry chirps left him. "I-I would be glad to come with you and prove my familial connection towards Ayane. After all there was nothing to hide, but..." At this point he looked over at the common Yari innocently leaning against the table next to him. He was really, and truly dead. "I...I wanted to at least have some time..." he muttered, before sighing dejectedly and turning back towards the other two. "Ayane has...quite the temper. Even before being turned, she was quite the spirited one," he started, not helping the fond smile appearing on his lips. "If she found out I had foolishly gambled one of our family weapons, I'd have more than Ouka to worry about..." he finished with a nervous chuckle. "That being said, it's understandable that you two would want proof. Just...make sure my death is a swift one," he ended in a more detached tone, already accepting his impending fate as he rose from his seat and took hold of his weapon. "Now...shall we ladies?"
  7. Having recovered considerably, Ren cleared his throat and directed his attention back to Taliyah. "The princess didn't bring a problem with her. Said problem simply changed objectives, and Ayane quickly followed. Most likely to get rid of the problem herself," he explained, placing hand against his chin in thought. "So you say your group is helping this country? From what exactly? Sorry for being ignorant, but there's not much I know about this place. My father-" Quickly changing that line of thought, he tackled the next subject at hand. "So someone from your group knows of our situation. Tell me, what are they like?" he asks, before blinking once more as she brought up another point. "Working together? I doubt that would bode well with the princess, but...Hm, this is a rather strange turn of events." When setting forth to Xensat, Ren only assumed he would meet up with Ayane, get back his weapon (after a thorough beating), and march forth to bring down Ouka before she caused great damage here. He never thought of adding rogue elements into the equation. "Oh, I guess I haven't properly introduced myself," he suddenly says, breaking away from his thoughts to offer a polite smile to them both. "My name is Ren Itou, cousin of Ayane and her personal guard," he says with a polite bow of his head. "And this...is Ukogi!" he says, presenting a lovely checkered pigeon of copper and white that had been resting snugly against the inside of his furred collar. Said bird simply ruffled it's feathers, before looking at the girls and letting out several soft chirps. "He says hello," he mused, gently rubbing a finger against the bird's head, but then...his smile slowly left his face as realization kicked in. "Ah, it...would be best if you didn't tell Ayane that I am here. At least, not yet," he says, on the verge of pleading as he quickly grins at the girls.
  8. Before he could get an answer from the peculiar reptile like demon, Ren couldn't help the startling look once more as another approached them and made herself comfortable. He blinked, the compliment going over his head for now before the rest of her words registered in his brain. His brows furrowed, pursing his lips at this new information about his dear cousin joining some rag tag group while in such an unfamiliar place. Journey? Wh- "Wait, could you explain from the top? What do you mean journey? I don't understand-" he started, before everything else clicked in his head. His face gradually turned a flushed red, not able to articulate his words as he gently waved his hands in front of him. "A-Ah, that's...that's very k-kind of you to s-say that. I am very f-flattered, and I-I'm sure you h-have a very l-lovely singing v-voice...N-Not that your regular v-voice isn't n-nice! It is, I...u-um..." In the end, Ren simply looked away as he hid his mouth behind his hand before running it over his face with a sigh. "Sorry, usually I'm more c-composed than this. You just c-caught me off guard..."
  9. He could still feel the pull from his weapon, always knowing where it was even if apart for long periods of time. Still, as Ren lightly twirled his drink, the group hadn't ventured far yet. They were probably at the edge of the town, counting their supplies before they continued on their way. A sigh left his lips, downing the drink quick before ordering another. Head hanging low, he wondered when and how he'll retrieve Tonbokiri before meeting with- Eh? He startled, a sudden yelp leaving his lips, followed by a curse out of instinct. "Son of a bi-" he snapped in his mother tongue, before stopping midway at who had approached him. Blinking rapidly, the newly turned oni had to make sure that...she shouldn't...how could she know... "Do...how do you know of her?" he asked back cooly, affirming that he knew who Ayane was, but being vague enough about the subject. His eyes narrowed, free hand itching as his Yari stood harmlessly beside him...for now. While he did have the fear of Ayane finding him (and finding out about him gambling away Tonbokiri), he had more fear of what has happened to his cousin and why this person knew of her. He wouldn't live with himself if something had happened to her while in this foreign land.
  10. Well, both of their responses weren't surprising in the least. If anything Vvi expected such reactions. "Well, being alright physically is one thing....mentally and emotionally-" Eh? Was she alright? "Don't worry about me dear. Already took care of that before I contacted you two," she simply said with a wave of her hand before going back to Aliza and Alriana. "We'll talk more when we land, when we're face to face," she adds, before cutting off communication and simply sitting in her machine as she closed her eyes and sighed. One step at a time.
  11. And just like that, the survivors were gone. She didn't feel relief, nor a sense of victory. Being able to think clearly now, she took hold of those stray emotions from earlier and bottled them up. Quite the easy task when your powers revolve around manipulating emotions. "Aliza, Alriana, are you two alright?" Rather than worry about herself, she reached out for the next best thing out there. She just got into amiable terms with them both, it would be a shame if they just up and died on her.
  12. Glory? At the feline's last words Vvi simply scoffed. "There's no glory in war. Foolish to think that before your final moments, but I guess whatever appeases the soul as they pass..." She didn't...understand. Couldn't understand how someone could just fight for the sake of fighting, for the sake of conquering others. "Tell me Soor'Kan, what were you trying to accomplish from all of this?" she asked, actually curious about his train of thought. "I doubt it was just to retrieve Alriana, or to assist these humans with their plans." She aims at one of the cats, blinking softly as she prepared her attack. "Tell me, how does it feel to be picked off one by one by a species you deem inferior to you?" Rhongomyniad Cat 5
  13. Anyone else hearing this would've been offended, absolutely livid at being called inferior, but for Vvi? All she did was roll her eyes and scoff at Gaal'Bathy's elitist comments. "Okay dear, whatever helps you sleep at night. In the meantime I will blow up your comrade alright?" she called out with a lilt in her tone, almost melodic sounding as she aimed her beam at one of the overgrown felines. "Truly a shame we have to be pitted against each other...." and there was a pause, violet eyes narrowing as she opened her mouth to say something else, but refrained at the last minute as she fired at her target. Vvi Sense, attack Sacarian 6 with Genocider
  14. She was, in all sense of the word, surrounded. This of course wouldn't deter her from the objective, placing a hand against her chin as she started to count. "One, two, three, four... So there's four of you and one of me. What's a girl like me going to do in this situation," she says, not helping the fake wobble in her voice before grinning sadistically at her targets. The first cat attacks, but Vvi effortlessly dodges before countering with a Lance Rush. "Oh you poor thing, thinking it'd be so easy to deal with me. HOW FOOLISH YOU ARE," she exclaims, easily evading the next cat as she moved about in the air. That's two, can she go three for three? Yes, apparently she can, countering the third one and attacking with a Turbo Smasher PUNCH. The fourth one though was a bit trickier, earning a sudden grunt from the alien but not letting this attack phase her as she does one more Turbo Smasher PUNCH THIS CAT IN THE FACE. "And that, my friends, is how you keep these manges in check," she calls out to the open frequency before directing her next words towards Soor'Kan. "You have to do much better than that dear, if you want to bring me down," she says in a very sweet voice, before taking note of what was happening in her surroundings. Over at Kim she noticed the Luna go down, a sudden whoop leaving her as she grinned in excitement. "You go Kim! Good Goddess, we should definitely celebrate once all this kerfuffle is over hun, my treat!" she exclaims, but as one is captured the other disappears, the Luqari huffing with a pout as the Ceres warps out of their range and out of existence in the battlefield. "Well that won't do. I really wanted to play some more with A-ver-y~," she sighed and whined, only thinking of what she would do once they had her in their grasps once more. Oh the terrible things she could do~... That thought alone made Vvi stop and rethink her intentions, brows furrowing as she tried to steer her thoughts to something else. Right, surrounded. She was still surrounded, by three cats this time, but that wasn't a problem for her. Her face turned serious, taking her situation seriously now as she started to move, one less cat being enough wiggle space to maneuver and aim for another. "One by one you will all go down, if not by my hands then by the hands of my comrades." Vvi focus, move to 9,17 and Guan Genocider Cat 6
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