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  1. Bridgit was a bit addled by the sudden movements and chaos that came from battlefields, almost missing the genasis' words before looking over at her. "Hm? Oh-" before she could even say anything her words crumble at the sight of Marina. The taste of ash overpowers her tongue, clicking it bitterly as she solely focuses on Taiyute. "Umu, this Bridgit will do as told," she replies icily, more so at the action than at the other. "Thank you for the warning," and with that she floats to her next target, not even asking as she picks up the girl bridal style. Repulsion can be felt and seen even when holding a neutral look, and once she arrives at said destination she unceremoniously drops Marina onto the ground with a huff and a flip of one of her twin tails. Without another word she removes herself from the premises, a little ways from where she dropped Marina. Hoping thing can finish soon, Bridgit drops (literally but from a short distance) at 21-10, before moving herself towards 22-10
  2. "Would it kill for you to leave some for the rest of us dear cousin?" Ren calls out jokingly, watching with reserved fascination as Ayane downs one of the remaining zombies. Not wanting to be shown up, her cousin grips the tome in his hand as he directs thunder at one of the eye monsters. "You don't happen to be taking any more passengers miss?" he then casually calls out, noticing Gabriela during his attack and giving her a teasing smile. Moves to 19,12 and Thundercats the eye!
  3. This Bridgit will move to 21,9! Although, we look curiously at the Fallen next to us....interesting....
  4. "Taiyute? Quite the name from someone who comes from the elemental planes," he compliments, waving off her apology with a hand and a smile. "No need to worry, just have to focus on the enemies at hand." With that said, he waits for the other to finish with the tome before politely taking it from her to do take down another skeleton. Ren to 21,7, trades Thunder from Taiyute and THUNDERcats the skelly
  5. "What in Hess's name-" Not needing to step on the ground on account to her floating, Bridgit still notices the tremors as more enemy reinforcements appear from beneath the earth. "By the goddess, necrodragons..." she says aghast, feeling nauseous before composing herself enough to where she could attack one of the skeletons near them. "Enough of these disgusting things!" Bridgit yeeteths the skeleton 5 after moving to 22,6!
  6. Ren simply laughs at her snarling, a soothing sound in the midst of all this chaos. "You know I jest cousin! Quite the temper, tsk tsk," he wiggles a finger at her even as the other moves away from him. Humming to himself now, he contemplates his next move before settling with targeting one of the corpses that Taiyute just finished attacking. "Allow me?" he offers, switching weapons in one fluid motion as he fell the corpse with the yari. "Don't think I've introduced myself properly, the name's Ren!" Ren offers small talk while yeeting the corpse and moves to 22,9 Bridgit moves to 21,8
  7. Ignoring the foreign demon for now, Bridgit observes the battlefield with focused precision. Moving away slightly from the group instead of staying still, she wants to get a clearer view of the enemy...although... She couldn't help but side eye the hero, feeling a chill run up her spine on how mundane and simple she looks. Nothing screams HERO at her about this girl, and yet... Giving away no other emotion other than visible disgust, she looks away as her real emotions hide underneath the mask. No need to show just how afraid she really was. The smol lass goes to 23-2 "Now now Ayane, let the poor man breathe!" her dear cousin calls out, placing a hand against his mouth so his voice carried over. That being said, she was right; the Fallen was quite skilled, and while he didn't voice his own desires, he too would like to spar against Bladen. The innocent oni moves next to his cousin [22-5] and gives her a knowing smirk. (she is totally flirting)
  8. At Nessy's tone and sudden warning Bridgit let out a small "eep!" before twirling to look at the General. "B-But I did nothing!" she said in a flustered tone, all while Ren simply sighed as he kept on leaning on his weapon. "Pleading is unbecoming of you little lady. Just accept the fault," he offers while giving Ness a nervous smile. "I do apologize General. We'll keep our banter to a minimum!" he says as a peace offering, now going back to position while the Pureblood lass bit her nail and suppressed a whine. She then sighed, before pouting scowling at the oni. "So long as he leaves us be, then this Bridgit will behave accordingly." "Hmm, I'll think about it," was his only response, but did nothing else to antagonize the other as he went back to focusing the battle.
  9. Taking his eyes from Ayane for a moment, Ren decides that this was not the appropriate time to admire his cousin as she slashes down their enemies. Switching to Tonbokiri with a graceful swerve of his arms, the guard turned oni smiled effortlessly as he directs his next attack towards a zombie. Ren to 20-2, stabs zombie 11 with Tonbokiri Not being able to avoid the counterattack, he grits his teeth and jumps away afterwards. "Hmph, watch and learn." Bridgit to 19-1, blasts zombie 11 with Shade The Pureblood smirks, lowering her hand as she twirls in the air to turn towards Ren. "A proper thanks should be enough for now," she replies loftily, resting her free hand against her cheek as she waits for the proper praises. Ren, on the other hand, simply arches a brow at her before letting out an amusing chuckle. "Quite the bratty one aren't you?" he simply says, leaning against his weapon as he watches the vampire fluster at his indignity. "Oh! You barbarian!" she snaps, huffing and puffing as she turns her back on him, grip on her axe tightening just a smidge.
  10. As the air around her cools, Bridgit could feel herself calm down even as she expresses sudden surprise at the sudden change. She has an inkling as to why, and before she moves to her new position the Pureblood looks over to the Genasi and nods her head in thanks. "I- W-We thank you for the calming breeze, ah..." she tries to remember if anyone has said her name before, but can't quite seem to recall. "Mayhaps at the end of the battle you will share your name with me Genasi," she offers with a shy demeanor, not wanting to look excited to meeting someone from the elemental plains. His thoughts are the same; so long as Ayane was still alive he still had a reason to keep on fighting. To keep on living. Not only that, but so long as Suzume still has a chance of being saved Ren was not giving up on her. Having dodged some deadly poison claws and given his counter, Ren simply took his opponent in stride as he smiles and strikes once more. Ren uses the Yari to strike down the zombie (6)!
  11. Hearing Asami direct her attention towards her, Bridgit feels her cheeks heat up slightly as she lets out a rather unlady-like noise. That conniving she-fox....guh! "I would like to let you know that we are more than capable of staying collected during a battle!" she calls out, wanting to cross her arms in an act of defiance but not being able to do so because her hands were already occupied. Alas, she will settle for an indignant pout scowl. Either way, she started to focus on something that was rather vexing; having been looking at her beloved sister, Bridgit was about to call her before stopping as the older vampire started conversing with the other undead in the group. Watching everyone communicate, including the barbaric Hero, made her heart uneasy and lost. Her conviction starts to waver, feeling an acute displacement in a group of strangers (save for those she did know). With the high of finally reuniting with Lavinia gone, Bridgit did her best to look as prideful as any Pureblood, head high and posture straight as she moved towards the oni to position herself below them. She'll try her best to wave it off as a fleeting feeling, and hope that it'll come to pass as the journey progresses... Bridgit moves to 15,1
  12. The visible flinch Bridgit gives to Marina as soon as she learns of her title is visible to everyone in the vicinity. Before she could respond though the Fallen had given her a nod with a grin; she politely nods back to acknowledge him, but then as soon as he steps out of her view she focuses down on the supposed Hero. The Hero...no. The Murderer. Her hands clench, wanting to form into fists as her eyes glow with a dangerous power and ire behind them. "For the sake of Lavinia we will be...compliant, but ONLY on the battlefield," she corrects before her glare darkens into something more twisted. Something broken.... "Don't direct your words towards us. Don't even look in our direction. If you need something from us, send the request through Lavinia." It was difficult to address her sister in such a formal way but...with this person...no. This monster. They are responsible for...for....... She gives Marina a cold look before ignoring her once more, but her chest feels like someone is pressing down a handful of needles against it. "How are you fairing dear cousin?" Ren asks as Ayane draws near. Watching as she applies the vulnerary on, his smile softens a bit but doesn't disappear completely. "Just treating some flesh wounds?"
  13. She didn't spare her full attention, the Pureblood simply giving her a side glance in acknowledgement for her words she was...spewing. "You have the gal to assume we need your protection? Umu, this Bridgit may be under your responsibility now, but that doesn't mean we have to accept your pathetic excuse of a paltry alliance." Flipping back one of her twintails, her crimson gaze narrowed at another zombie as she raised her hand this time to deal with this annoying foe. We move to 12,3 and use Shade on this foe. "Who even are you to ask this of us? You look nothing more than a human with some parlor tricks up their sleeve." Ren takes this time to move to 17,1 and apply a vulnerary. Gives the Pureblood newcomer a cold look.
  14. Unlike Bridgit though, Ren had to take a moment to just stare in awe at the sudden skill Marina showed against these monsters. Still, with his own foe charging at him, he focused back on the foul creature as he went to attack. Switches to the Yari as he moves to 12,1 and stabs towards the wight.
  15. Bridgit, instead of answering Marina, she gave her a quick side glance to acknowledge at least that she heard, before quickly flying towards her first target: a zombie. This Bridgit moves to 10,2 and raises her parasol towards the sky, before smiting down the zombie with an influx of Shade. She turned to look at Marina once more after she was also done with her own little stunts. "You don't have to worry about us girl," she replied, suspicion in her tone as she addressed the other. "We are quite capable of bringing down vermin. Hmph, only our dear sister has the right to worry about us; don't think we're grateful," she said, making it clear to Marina that she wasn't here for her, nor this little quest. Her reasons were selfish, she won't deny that, and if it meant helping this group Lavinia had rounded up then there's not much she could do about it.
  16. He nods towards Marina before they take their positions, his eyes scanning over the enemies before them. Not only were they many, but there were varying types that he's never really seen before. That being said, he made sure to stay close to his cousin and Marina as he- ...Eh? At the sudden arrival, Ren could only tilt his head in confusion at the girl latching onto the vampire woman. Having referred to Lavinia as "sister," Ren visibly relaxed before going back to focus on the enemy approaching. No need to involve himself in situations he wasn't needed in. Ren to 10,1 "More longing than boredom really," she corrected Dorothy, but there was no actual bite in her words. Quickly releasing Lavinia, even if a bit dejected at the other's reaction, she promptly picked up her umbrella before nodding at the older vampire's words of warning. "Yes yes, you do know I am also a capable fighter right?" she offered with a soft laugh, Lestat transforming into its weapon form: an axe. Looking as if it had great weight to it, the small Pureblood lifted it with ease before heading back to Lavinia's side. Of course, she did offer a warm smile and wave of her free hand to Erephis, having missed her former caretaker after she left as well. It seemed, in some way or another, everyone left eventually... Now taking notice of what was going on, she tapped her chin with a finger before looking over at her sister once more. "We should be able to clear the first waves I'm sure-" she started, but then a sudden voice, loud in intent for everyone to hear, made her pause before arching a delicate brow at the person barking orders. Her eyes narrowed, grip on Lestat tightening before a sudden glint of confusion crossed her expression. "This Bridgit does not know what the term `turtle` means, but I'm assuming you would want us to stay together?" she asked, tone cold and a bit biting towards Marina. "The other human is correct, lest we want to get overrun by these hideous beasts." Bridgits "hmphs" and floats over to 9,1
  17. He listened intently at her story, her life before getting summoned to this world, and didn't interrupt as she spoke about things that were foreign yet similar to him. He took note of what to ask about later on when they had more time, and definitely perked up a bit at these "comic books" she mentioned. They sounded quite like picture books, but other than that he'd have to ask later. "My father was also military; one of the Shogun's, Ayane's father, best warriors. I guess we share that similarity. My mother was an Oiran before meeting my father. Heh, you should've seen my uncle, trying to forbid him from seeing my mother. I have so many stories about their courting, but we'll save those for later alright?" he promises with a small snort and a grin as Ukogi chirps and flaps his wings briefly. Then the mood changed, lightning flashing through his eyes as they sharpened and Ren looked away when they had to stop suddenly and Lavinia motioned for them to leave the cart and continue on foot. Normally this wasn't a problem with Ren, and was even about to offer Marina assistance out of the transport, but then the vampire called out a warning and he was suddenly on high alert. "No peace for the wicked eh? Ayane!" he called to his cousin, more of a "stay sharp" than an actual warning. Ren hadn't planned on interrupting her talk with Taliya, but it seemed there was danger up ahead. He looked at Marina, expression still sharp even as it soften just a fraction. "There's no reason to prove yourself; remember, we are working as a team. If you need help, I won't hesitate to offer it," he calls, letting Ukogi find refuge after taking him back from Marina. SIGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH The Pureblood kept her discontent and boredom internalized, giving no actual reaction as to how she really felt at the moment. If anything, Dorothy would only see her impassive look stay on her face, eyes and head shifting from side to side as they walked down the path they had seen the cart go down. Really, flying would be much quicker, but of course Dorothy has to pipe in with her sound explanation. "W-Wait Miss Bridgit, the closer we get the more dangerous it is to fly in these parts!" Umu, that being said she is slower than me... Of course, any sound logic flew out the window once she met up with Lavinia. Just thinking about reuniting with her sister made her heart flutter, the grip on Lestat tightening as she picked up her pace. "Dorothy, do you think big sis will be upset with me?" she asked, breaking out of her impassive facade to show a bit of worry as he brows furrowed. She hated this separation, this constant worry looming on her head as she wondered if Lavinia would be alright out on the battlefield. Yes, she would get updates from couriers and even letters from her, but... It wasn't the same when they were together, before- "Hm? What is-" she called, suddenly noticing something...someone? The group... Ah! Before Dorothy could stop her she took off, flying much faster than running as she sped up and practically launched herself at Lavinia. She had ignored everyone else, but they would only notice a sudden blur before reaching Lavinia and wrapping her arms around the older vampire. With Lestat forgotten on the ground, the Pureblood rubbed her cheek against the other's as she squeaked in delight. "BIG SISSSSSSSSSSS~! Oh how I missed you so, umu!" she calls out excitedly, expression bright and heart fluffy at the thought of being with her sister once more.
  18. He quickly focused on her change in mood, especially after he mentioned his father. Ukogi continued to preen and chirp in delight at the little hero's attention, even nibbling the tips of her fingers playfully here and there. "I'm sorry if I brought up any memories of home or anything that upset you negatively. Honestly, I can relate to your loss, because even though it's a different kind of loss we still are far from our homes." The smile he wore now was small, sad and the corners (if you looked cloooosely) were trembling slightly. "Five months? That's so little time, and yet..they've made you do so much for such a young lady-" He cleared his throat, not wanting to finish that train of thought. Best not to ruin the moment they had right now. Instead, he perked up when she asked about his home, relaxing his tense shoulders he had just noticed were hunched up a bit. "Izuna i- was quite the site. Beautiful mountain ranges and bountiful forests as our boundaries, we were the envy of our neighbors, heh. The festivals we held were full of life, and the dances that were performed to honor our Gods and, and the games we used to play while waiting for the food to be called...and..." It wasn't until now, that the homesick oni had noticed the tears that had left his eyes silently. With a graceful wave of his hand and sleeve, he wiped and dried his eyes, taking out his fan to cover the bottom half of his face. "Marina, you must stay strong. Every one of us in this group have lost something dear to them, and what unites us at the moment is one common goal. Hopefully that changes later on...but right now, we must persevere against the evils of the world that threaten this fragile balance we're trying to bring back to them." Hopefully you understand...eventually...that you're not alone, not anymore.
  19. Seeing Marina express something other than the uncertainty she had been showing was such a breath of fresh air. Ren couldn't help but smile warmly at the girl as she gently brushed her fingers against Ukogi's feathers. The bird's response was positive, lightly cooing at the attention as he fluffed his feathers and leaned against her touch. It seemed that all was forgiven now, which let the oni breath a sigh of relief. "Usually Ukogi is quite difficult to forgive someone, but seeing as you meant no harm with your actions he has accepted your heartfelt apology," he asnwers, before his smile softened into a smaller upturn of his lips as she apologized. "From what I have learned, not only from the others here but from my father's travels, that you aren't...from here?" he asked, not wanting to tread into dangerous territory but at the same time wanting to understand Marina better. "I wouldn't be surprised that the reason you act this way is because of what you've been told so far, so the blame doesn't only lie on solely you."
  20. "Yes yes, you have my word as a warrior Ayane," he says with a casual wave of his hand, smile spreading wide as he shuffled and made his way towards the front where Marina was. His cousin wouldn't be wrong in him wanting to apologize, since he was at fault for such brash words...but there was something else he wanted to tell the young hero as well. Once next to Marina, he cleared his throat lightly before letting his smile soften. "May I join you?" he asked, Ukogi peeking from behind the other's fingers as he was offered up towards the girl. "I bring you a bird, as a peace offering and apology."
  21. With the meeting over and done with, and everyone was well fed, the group continued on their way towards the aforementioned location of the sightings. Ren of course sat next to Ayane, his eyes closed in concentration as the wagon started to move. He idly stroked Ukogi's wings and back, the softness of his feathers a welcomed distraction as he mulled over his thoughts. He wasn't surprised by the reactions and answers he had gotten during the meeting, accepting it for what it is. He was actually impressed and glad at the reactions; that showed to him the importance Marina held, and that there were people who would protect her if things went south. As he opened one of his eyes, Ren noticed that their little hero had chosen to sit at the front of the wagon, occupied with her notebook of sorts. Maybe this was the best opportunity he had to speak with her. "Dear cousin, would it be alright if I went and kept the little hero company?" he asked, leaning in so Ayane was the only one to hear. If anything, only those with ultra sensitive hearing would be able to listen in as well.
  22. When Gabriela returned his wave with a wave of her own and her cute smile, his chest fluttered briefly before disappearing as soon as he garnered other attention. He took the comments and reactions from the hero's close companions in stride, neither flinching nor reacting back in a negative manner. All he did was wait, face calmed with a small smile on his lips. That the other two would stand up for Marina had Ren feeling...nostalgic. Just as what they had done for her, he would've done the same for Ayane, and she- Well, there was no point in explaining, his cousin doing the thing he had expected her to do. Closing his eyes, he took a moment for the words to sink in (and also took a moment to reminisce in some old memories), before opening them to face Lavinia and Agni. "Thank you cousin, I appreciate the help and explanation. All I do and say, even if it may be crass and unprecedented, is because I care deeply." He places a hand over his chest, where his heart should be. "We may not know each other for long, but I take my job very seriously. I want us to succeed, and I worry just as equally as everyone. I know it's...brash, but I can't help it. I wear my heart on my sleeve, because I care." Maybe a little too much- "I do sincerely apologize if I have offended you both, that was not my intention." A bow, this time instead of just his head he bent his body as well for a more respectable response.
  23. A small Blunder: ... Ren's father always told him that he was good at speaking, but he wasn't tactful enough. When he had finished his observations, he immediately bit his tongue as he remembered that one of their members wouldn't take to the familiar saying of his country. "A-Ah, Xalrei was it?" he asked, a bit flustered at having to do this in front of so many people. "The, uhm, the saying "The Dragon in the Room," it usually pertains to the problem we have to discuss or just the awkward subject we need to face...n-not that you are a problem! Oh dear..." He should just, keep his mouth shut next time instead of making it worse...
  24. Unlike the others, Ren stood behind Ayane's chair. Composed and hands hidden in his sleeves, he surveyed the group with a small smile on his lips. He needed to have his cousins back, even in a room filled with potential allies. He did, however, feel his cheeks flush at the sight of Gabriela, offering a small wave of his hand before going back to the conversation happening at the moment. "Ah...that is a nice look for you Erephis," he offers in compliment, eyes now drifting at the new image for the lamia. In that moment, his mind drifted to a sudden thought that popped up and before the conversation could continue- No, not yet. He needed to restrain himself at the moment. As he turned to the hero, he gave her a nod. Her sudden relapse yesterday wasn't lost on him, and while he was under the watchful eye of her caretaker and guard Ren waited by her side until she woke up. Lest to say, he had much on his mind that Marina needed to hear , but only so much was said before she retired for the evening. Now, in this meeting, as they discussed the next course of action, he wanted to bring the topic up now since no one has touched on it yet. "Before we can all vote or decide on what we must do, I would like to point out the dragon in the room: the fact that your little hero has quite a martyr complex," he speaks up, now looking over at Lavinia and Agni both. "I can tell you right now that this will become quite the problem in the near future, if not the next battle we fight. You need to make her understand that one mistake can cost her life, or the life of her comrades." His voice was calm and collected, but there was certainly an edge to it. A blade ready to strike. "The only reason I'm bringing this up is because I have experience with taking care of rather...rambunctious ladies. Hardheaded even." He looked down to where Ayane was sitting, but before she could protest he continued. "Please believe me when I say I have nothing but the utmost concern for this group, because whether we succeed or not will eventually decide whether we capture Ouka or not in the long run." He let out a sigh, taking comfort in the fact that he had his feathery friend resting in his fur collar, his warmth a familiar sensation. "I agree that we should find out what this spirit is, or wants, or if we have to get rid of it. What I ask and suggest that we do first, or as we travel, is to educate this hero in not only to care for the safety of others, but also her own..." "Because if she can't take care of herself, then what business does she have in taking care or saving others?"
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