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  1. He could still feel the pull from his weapon, always knowing where it was even if apart for long periods of time. Still, as Ren lightly twirled his drink, the group hadn't ventured far yet. They were probably at the edge of the town, counting their supplies before they continued on their way. A sigh left his lips, downing the drink quick before ordering another. Head hanging low, he wondered when and how he'll retrieve Tonbokiri before meeting with- Eh? He startled, a sudden yelp leaving his lips, followed by a curse out of instinct. "Son of a bi-" he snapped in his mother tongue, before stopping midway at who had approached him. Blinking rapidly, the newly turned oni had to make sure that...she shouldn't...how could she know... "Do...how do you know of her?" he asked back cooly, affirming that he knew who Ayane was, but being vague enough about the subject. His eyes narrowed, free hand itching as his Yari stood harmlessly beside him...for now. While he did have the fear of Ayane finding him (and finding out about him gambling away Tonbokiri), he had more fear of what has happened to his cousin and why this person knew of her. He wouldn't live with himself if something had happened to her while in this foreign land.
  2. Well, both of their responses weren't surprising in the least. If anything Vvi expected such reactions. "Well, being alright physically is one thing....mentally and emotionally-" Eh? Was she alright? "Don't worry about me dear. Already took care of that before I contacted you two," she simply said with a wave of her hand before going back to Aliza and Alriana. "We'll talk more when we land, when we're face to face," she adds, before cutting off communication and simply sitting in her machine as she closed her eyes and sighed. One step at a time.
  3. And just like that, the survivors were gone. She didn't feel relief, nor a sense of victory. Being able to think clearly now, she took hold of those stray emotions from earlier and bottled them up. Quite the easy task when your powers revolve around manipulating emotions. "Aliza, Alriana, are you two alright?" Rather than worry about herself, she reached out for the next best thing out there. She just got into amiable terms with them both, it would be a shame if they just up and died on her.
  4. Glory? At the feline's last words Vvi simply scoffed. "There's no glory in war. Foolish to think that before your final moments, but I guess whatever appeases the soul as they pass..." She didn't...understand. Couldn't understand how someone could just fight for the sake of fighting, for the sake of conquering others. "Tell me Soor'Kan, what were you trying to accomplish from all of this?" she asked, actually curious about his train of thought. "I doubt it was just to retrieve Alriana, or to assist these humans with their plans." She aims at one of the cats, blinking softly as she prepared her attack. "Tell me, how does it feel to be picked off one by one by a species you deem inferior to you?" Rhongomyniad Cat 5
  5. Anyone else hearing this would've been offended, absolutely livid at being called inferior, but for Vvi? All she did was roll her eyes and scoff at Gaal'Bathy's elitist comments. "Okay dear, whatever helps you sleep at night. In the meantime I will blow up your comrade alright?" she called out with a lilt in her tone, almost melodic sounding as she aimed her beam at one of the overgrown felines. "Truly a shame we have to be pitted against each other...." and there was a pause, violet eyes narrowing as she opened her mouth to say something else, but refrained at the last minute as she fired at her target. Vvi Sense, attack Sacarian 6 with Genocider
  6. She was, in all sense of the word, surrounded. This of course wouldn't deter her from the objective, placing a hand against her chin as she started to count. "One, two, three, four... So there's four of you and one of me. What's a girl like me going to do in this situation," she says, not helping the fake wobble in her voice before grinning sadistically at her targets. The first cat attacks, but Vvi effortlessly dodges before countering with a Lance Rush. "Oh you poor thing, thinking it'd be so easy to deal with me. HOW FOOLISH YOU ARE," she exclaims, easily evading the next cat as she moved about in the air. That's two, can she go three for three? Yes, apparently she can, countering the third one and attacking with a Turbo Smasher PUNCH. The fourth one though was a bit trickier, earning a sudden grunt from the alien but not letting this attack phase her as she does one more Turbo Smasher PUNCH THIS CAT IN THE FACE. "And that, my friends, is how you keep these manges in check," she calls out to the open frequency before directing her next words towards Soor'Kan. "You have to do much better than that dear, if you want to bring me down," she says in a very sweet voice, before taking note of what was happening in her surroundings. Over at Kim she noticed the Luna go down, a sudden whoop leaving her as she grinned in excitement. "You go Kim! Good Goddess, we should definitely celebrate once all this kerfuffle is over hun, my treat!" she exclaims, but as one is captured the other disappears, the Luqari huffing with a pout as the Ceres warps out of their range and out of existence in the battlefield. "Well that won't do. I really wanted to play some more with A-ver-y~," she sighed and whined, only thinking of what she would do once they had her in their grasps once more. Oh the terrible things she could do~... That thought alone made Vvi stop and rethink her intentions, brows furrowing as she tried to steer her thoughts to something else. Right, surrounded. She was still surrounded, by three cats this time, but that wasn't a problem for her. Her face turned serious, taking her situation seriously now as she started to move, one less cat being enough wiggle space to maneuver and aim for another. "One by one you will all go down, if not by my hands then by the hands of my comrades." Vvi focus, move to 9,17 and Guan Genocider Cat 6
  7. "Bow and arrows? Hmmm, I don't think we have any on us at the moment unfortunately," he tells the other with a soft sigh and a shake of his head. "However, you needn't worry about protecting yourself at the moment. You're surrounded in good company miss, but rest assured we'll get you good weapons once we can find some," he explains, before watching Astrid go on to look for the other two.
  8. Mikaela noticed the elf's expression towards Almira, not helping the laughter leaving him as he placed his hands against his hips. "You'd be surprised at how adamant we can be about adventure little lady," he says, directing his attention at Juneau as he smiled brightly at her. "But yes, I do agree with these two in that we should explore downstairs. If anything we can protect ourselves from any danger that appears before us, and about Misea and Mina...they can probably guess as to where we've gone, unless someone would like to go and inform them?"
  9. Vvi let out a small "tch", her annoyance at the other's words very much noticeable as she assessed her options. She could continue to "converse" with the cats, keeping them distracted with their own monologues. Then again that would only do so much before they targeted the Riese. As she continued to think, a transmission was heard coming from Thorvald. He was the squad leader right? Either way he basically told them to break formation and go help with the Ceres which...was worrisome. On the one hand it was obvious that they needed to take it down, but on the other it only cemented Soor'Kan's words. Were the Ceres and Luna only distractions for the feline's true goal? She wanted to grit her teeth, but instead her facial expression smoothed over to a more composed form before taking in a breath and then letting it out. "Reasoning with these manges is useless hun, your words are better saved for something else," she finally spoke towards Aliza, before following her towards the Ceres. She'll deal with them some other time then. "Heard you loud and clear sir! Although, I will refrain from using your call name; something about it makes me shudder, and not in a positive manner," she couldn't help but add as a smile crept on her face once more. "Watch out for these two sir. They could be going for the Riese while all of us are occupied. Calling the Luna a distraction, it's possible they're aiming to destroy our ship," she piped up. Back to the mission at hand, she watched as Aliza fired a beam at the Ceres before she joined the fray. Delivering a well deserved TURBO PUNCH to the machine and the pilot within, Vvi couldn't help the grin that spread along her lips and revealed her fangs. "Hm, not as satisfying as making you suffer emotionally, but it should do the trick!" Vvi focus, move to 9,14 and TURBO SMASHER PUNCH Marianne
  10. She kept herself collected. In control. The other's words meant nothing to her as she continued to help her friends while smiling brightly. Facing against these manges, she had to stay at her utmost best. "Equal? Yes, because killing off the majority of my people and making the remainder slaves is considered 'equal'," she says in a silvery tone, eyes now narrowed into slits as she started to push the other away. "You...you could've left us alone... We could've...we-" Vvi didn't get to finish, eyes widening as Soor'Kan warped and intercepted Aliza. She couldn't help the soft hiss of anger leaving her, ears flattened to each side of her head as she debated on whether to leave Gaal'Bathy to help Aliza or keep the other feline at bay. Decisions, decisions... Seung Min's showdown with Vera provided a momentary distraction, Vvi focusing on that for a moment before calming down once more. More and more allies went on to pummel the human, and she couldn't help the smirk as she directed her attention towards the cats once more. "The only worthless ones here are you two. Why, your little human cant even handle us right now. The fact that you need the help of such an "inferior race" is rather pitiful you know?"
  11. "It does seem strange...and rather convenient," Mikaela can't help but mutter as he listens to the information that was given so far. "If you could explain what this place is yes, and maybe the reason as to why you were placed in such a state?" he asks, still placid and calm as he looks over at the elf. For someone who's never seen an elf, Mikaela was easily keeping calm. Then again she was a girl, there wasn't much that interested him to be honest...
  12. Well...taking down the Ceres would be easier said than done. Vvi, even with all intents and purposes, had to stop in her tracks when the enemy cavalry arrived. There was the Luna, then...her grip tightened as she noticed the Sacarians, all four eyes narrowed at Praxis and Praxis Alpha. Then more signatures warped into existence, and she couldn't help the shuddering laugh that escaped her lips. The Artemis and the Luna were having a showdown, then the cats were graciously offering them a chance to surrender... Ha! As if that was going to be easy. Taking a deep breath, she steadied her nerves before directing words at the enemy. "You kittens don't know when to quit, hmm~?" she calls out, her tone playful and condescending towards their enemy. Maneuvering her robot she changed target to Gaal'Bathy, joining Aliza in keeping Alriana away from the pesky manges. "Aliza, ready to assist you in any way possible," she calls out in a calm yet serious tone. Immediately she tried to comfort Alriana and Aliza with her own powers, trying to keep all of them level headed as they faced the alien threat. "It would be best if you left. Alriana isn't going anywhere with you two," she said with a smile in her tone, so sure and confident of herself. "We have a movie to catch after this!"
  13. As the Ceres left the hangar Vvi simply let out a small "Tch," before placing her hands against her hips. "Next time I won't be so kind," she simply said to no one in particular, before listening to the orders coming from the XO. Knowing that her robot was intact by the mole's slimy hands was a relief to her, sighing before saluting to the voice with a smile. "Affirmative!" she exclaimed, before going over to get herself into a suit. Once done Vvi wasted no time in making her way towards her machine, giddy and excited that she'd be using it again. Humming a cute tune to herself she took the lift up to the cockpit of her robot, easily slipping in once up there. "Fury Arachnid launching ~❤," she called out, actually leaving the hangar in pursue of the enemy. There was no time to lose, her lance aimed straight at the Ceres as she opened communication towards the others. "Isn't 4 against 1 a bit too much guys? Then again, they are pieces of traitorous trash," she couldn't help but say in a peppy tone, going after the Ceres with a newfound gleam in her eyes.
  14. She didn't hear Aliza's sudden try to stop her, she didn't have time. If they wanted to stop these traitors she had to act fast. Although, someone already had that in mind, the alien suddenly stopping and watching out as another mech dived straight forward to the one that supposedly had the moles operating it. "W-Whoa," she wobbled, steadying herself as the hangar rocked from the sudden impact. Now was not the time to lose focus. "Alright darlings, let's see what we got here," she said with a smirk, rubbing her hands before letting them float in front of her. She concentrated on the now enemy mech, noticing only one presence there. Too easy. She focused on that point, stripping them bare of any confidence they had. She then made them feel vulnerable, insignificant, fearful of the outcome. Of what would happen when they didn't escape. Of what would happen if she were to get her hands on them. It was so satisfying, making someone feel like nothing, to the point of immobilizing the target. Of course side effects include: nausea, dizziness, hyperventilation, and panic attacks ::3 .
  15. [All hands] [prepare for immediate combat, and if you see Avery Wright, immediately apprehend her and anyone with her!] Hm, so the mole has been found then? This put Vvi's mind at ease to be honest, finding the traitor (or traitors) sooner rather than later. It would've been a hindrance if she had gotten attached to them in some way, shape or form. At least it wasn't Aliza, thank the goddess... Leaving the confines of her room, Vvi couldn't help the small "tch" as she felt all the scrambling emotions from the frantic crew. Blocking those away as best she could, Vvi quickly made her way towards the hanger. As she made her way to the assigned destination, the alien was able to pick out a familiar face out of the bustling crew. Speak of the devil... "Ah, Aliza!" she called out, all smiles as she made her way towards the other girl. "Funny how things turned out, hm? Although, I do feel sorry for you lot, really I do," she said in earnest. "I know this must be hard, for most of you, but...we can't let them escape you know?" she says in a more serious tone. At least not alive... "I'll make sure they think twice before betraying us like this, okay?" she then perks up, giving Aliza a smile and a wink before heading off.
  16. "I think we should leave the questions for later," he quipped before looking over at the girl with a gentle smile on his face. "For now, if possible a name would be nice," he says, letting the countess help her up as he observes on the side.
  17. "Well, you were pretty good when you were fighting against us." A small voice called out as Vvi headed towards the girls, yawning against her hand before settling down next to Aliza. She crossed her legs on her seat, still holding the tablet as she merely acknowledged them both with a nod. "You were impressive if I do say so myself, as well as you too," she says, directing the last part towards Kim as she focused her lazy expression at the other. Blinking, she looked her up and down before tilting her head to the side. "Sorry to prod, but you're one of the...what they call, TKs?" Not meaning to, she had felt the other's emotions and yet...she couldn't manipulate them. It was odd, yet it still said alot about the other as she focused on Kim. While wary of those that could block her ability, Vvi was trying her best to be as calm as possible when confronted with a predicament like this.
  18. Mikaela followed Alex, weapon at the ready if something were to happen. Staying behind her as she went on, his eyes widened at the scene before him. "I...well, this is certainly something," he says with a nervous chuckle. "Hey guys, I think you'd want to see this!" he calls out to the others, or well to the people that can hear him as he now stands next to Alex. "Now the question is whether or not they're alive..." Mikaela to 5,15 SHOCKER
  19. Using the time granted to them to her advantage, Vvi explored what was going to be her home for the rest of her time here. She was a curious soul, asking questions to people she bumped into, not at all annoyed when they would do a double take or give her a shocked expression. She knew she was different, an alien to them, just as they were aliens to her. Still, it didn't deter her from learn everything and everyone in the Riese. Of course, this had been the first few days she'd been here. Now that she's more or less settled Vvi had decided to hole herself up in her room. If someone entered they'd find not her, but a makeshift nest of sheets and pillows. She'd be nestled on them, with one of those fancy tablets she "borrowed" from someone. Not only that but there'd be food, snacks specifically, with the little alien eating some every once in a while as she watched a show on the tablet. Least to say Vvi has been taking advantage of her newfound freedom.
  20. He follows right after Alex, doing the same as he brought out his own sword once they reach the makeshift entrance to the room. "Hm, if I were any more foolhearted I'd offer to go on before you, but you are the one holding the torch," he explains to Alex, now noticing the light at the end behind the door. "Who knows what traps await...if any..." Mikaela to 15,16
  21. Mikaela whistles at the sight of the ladies breaking down the walls, impressed at the power put behind the attacks. "Curiouser and curiouser....would you like to go see what these walls were hiding miss Alex?" he asks his companion, a bright smile on his face as he waited for her answer. Mikaela stays put.
  22. "Well there are some stairs that Sharena found....maybe there's answers there?" he offered Alex, looking around to see if he can find anything else. The place was vast, and yet there was a whole lot of nothing...she was right, there has to be some clues as to how this dungeon appeared. Mikaela to 24, 15
  23. "Right," he agrees with Alex, following after her as she took the lead with the torch. "Now I'm wondering if it was alright to leave the other two behind, since we're here now..." he mutters, furrowing his brows as he continued walking alongside Alex. Mikaela to (34,15)
  24. And as soon as Misea says they want to talk to Mina alone, Glen goes right on after them. Sighing, Mikaela shakes his head as he looks over at Alex. "No social cues, eh? Well, I'll be heading forward then. Would you like to tag along?" he asks the other, offering a hand and a smile.
  25. "Yes, because calling out into the darkness is going to get you an answer Misea. Honestly," Mikaela couldn't help but snort before looking at the little group they had going on. He of course is having fun just watching the interactions between the two human girls and the vampires, amusement clearly dancing across his facial expressions. Still, he couldn't help but wonder as to who on earth had placed this passage here. The fact that Misea didn't know of it was worrisome, but the merchant kept a cool head about it as he looked at the vampire. "It may seem so, but it still seems...odd, to find something like this all of a sudden," he says, brows furrowing slightly as he continues to wonder about what was ahead of them.
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