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  1. All signs point to yes. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
  2. Yes (if they own a giant drill car and can access said center of earth otherwise it is classified as unusable land and technically the property of whoever has the means to access and make use of it. If no one can it reverts to public land under section 3 of municipal code 208, which covers stupid answers to stupid questions). BUT WHY IS THE RUM GONE?
  3. Because your subconscious is trying to get you to play harvest moon, or it may signify that you are putting effort into and care about your goals. But most likely the harvest moon thing. If I were to fall into a well, what are the odds that there would be treasure down there?
  4. Glad to see this is still around, this must be how a parent feels when their kid starts living on their own. Or like when a musician hears their own song on the radio. Also hi! I have questions. 1.) What kind of shoe do you like to wear? 2.) What is the moon? 3.) What is your berry preference? if you have one.
  5. Step 1.) obtain hold of the apple Step 2.) contract the muscles in your arm to lift the apple to your mouth (which should be open) Step 3.) gently close your mouth around the apple, increasing pressure once contact is made. You'll know you've gone far enough when your teeth have a firm hold of the apple. Step 4.) gently pull your hand and head back in opposite slightly angled directions with the vertex being close to your chin, and the angle opening up until the chunk of apple you have separated breaks free from the whole apple. Step 5.) repeat steps 2-four as needed. The proper way to open a box is...
  6. Honey, it doesn't go bad and sells for more. WYR only wear sandals for the rest of your life, or only wear socks for the rest of your life?
  7. Yo, What sort of shoe do you like too wear? also, what is the moon?
  8. Yo. What kind of shoe do you like to wear? Also what's the moon?
  9. Quite to the contrary, she had to go pick them up from school. Why is "irreverent" so fun to say?
  10. A very chic looking eevee from that episode of pokemon where there's a J-pop band comprised of all the eeveelutions.
  11. Yo. 1.) What kind of shoe do you like to wear? 2.) What is the moon?
  12. To mutter under your breath. The proper way to install a new light bulb is...
  13. It's after Professor Impossible. A character from the Venture Bros that's a parody of Mr Fantastic. It's one of my favorite shows.
  14. Yo. 1.) what is your preferred style of shoe? 2.) What was the first anime you watched, or like how did you get into anime? 3.) What are your top 3 favorite colors? 4.) What is the moon?
  15. As long as they have cool hands. Could James McAvoy be any more charming?
  16. Yeah me too ( except switch out 3 for 1&2). Why thank you.
  17. Agree to disagree I guess :D You make good points. However choppy the story is I guess I just like the basic elements of part three better than one and two though. To me it seems brighter and more exciting, what with all the different stands and locations . I definitely enjoy the monster of the week format more than most though.
  18. Part three is no masterpiece (it's evident that Araki's just making some stuff up as he goes along), but it's just an introduction to the greater part of JoJo's (and the masterpiece that part 7 is). If you just watch the first 3 parts than it seems like the oddball, but in the scheme of things it's parts 1 and 2 that are the outliers. They're just prequels/side arcs. That's the whole story of part one too. And part two is also the same you just replace Dio with the Pillarmen. The only difference is it's paced in twelve episodes instead of forty. It keeps things moving I guess, but those parts feel really rushed and haphazard to me. There's no time to build any tension. Anyways, I'll the same thing I did in the last thread, which is even if part 3 wasn't particularly your jam, you should give 4 (and 5) a shot. Part Four is where Jojo's really starts to become JoJo's, and part five has one the best stories of any part. But also, if it's not your thing it's not your thing, and that's fine.
  19. I don't know, but it seems like a cheesy name to me. What, exactly, is a street fighter?
  20. They wish they were dead. If you give a balloon a hat...
  21. Hi. No, it is not. Does your store carry the Avengers?
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