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  1. What's this status thing even for this is a forum not facebook

  2. oh shit you right. and yeah i'm pretty sure that sandwich thing is true, my old history teacher said that, and he was pretty reliable.
  3. Genealogy CH5's music MAKES the tone, but i'd have to say that its In the name of bern, From FE6, because, well, for one, it really sets the tone for a good boss battle, and also, Listen to this from 5 minutes in, and Fe6 just becomes way fucking cooler because of it
  4. Huh. uh... I like the name Princip for some reason, even while i am aware of the guy who effectively started the second world war who had it as his last name. (Gavrilo Princip) Caroline sounds nice too, and can be shortened to Carol for christmas jokes and such.
  5. As in, team B style fates, what with rampant fanservice and atrocious story, with endless and (personally) obnoxious waifu pandering. They might well stick with pair up, they don't seem to have infinite durability weapons fortunately, hell, they might even split the package up, and what we've seen is only the "prologue". I don't mean to be a pessimist, just a personal reality check, since fates sold, and with heroes borrowing many fates-isms, with VERY waifu-y characters, gimmicky dialogue, and "mixed" map design, from what I've played of it, and both games receiving massive reception from many crowds, especially a more casual market, there is a very valid reason for IS to stick to a sort of fates-y design in three houses, and there isn't really a whole lot of reason to not, either, if they were to improve upon the game play. Those are my thoughts, and i don't hate fates or anything, on the contrary, I'm hugely enjoying my current lunatic conquest run, I'd just rather three houses were something different from it. Anything else... no, thats basically all I have to say.
  6. i'd like to if i got the chance, but unfortunately, i've never been cold-called. :(
  7. at the moment, you should probably be focusing on the gameplay, not ludo-narrative dissonance. the brigands are boring to fight, they should be made more interesting. this chapter, i think the steel axe brigand by the south bridge should have a droppable hand axe. this would make him a bit harder to take down, and would provide a nice reward. some other enemies should have hand axes too, but don't go overboard. maybe 2 or 3 overall for this map. gonna play a bit more later
  8. got it i'll find my clean of that then Edit; first impressions of chapter 1 IMMEDIATELY the custom portraits make the game so much better, so props for that, even if storch-mc-not-a-lord looks a pretty janky, but solid work on the portraits overall, they look fairly good, if clearly spliced for some. The writing seems decent, though the lifestyles given of the people in the opening exposition dump seems a little arbitrary, and arckady seems like some kind of neo-anarchist, (lol) "when the rich collect taxes, they're made lords, but when the poor do it, we're thieves!" also, holy shit the rich girl village dialogue, thats great. now, onto the map of chapter 1 overall, i'd like to say its decent, with the one wide corridors being widened, but my main issue is that all the villages are too spread out, and its seems unrealistic to get them all within the time frame alotted (as in before the halberdier escape incentive) which is kinda annoying. i would prefer if there were fewer villages, and they were more on the beaten path, that and the enemy reinforcements aren't really telegraphed, are my main issues with the map, but otherwise its not a bad start, like i would have said the original version of this map was. i'd give this chapter a pass, but still needs some fine tuning on the design front CHAPTER 2 okay, so the map concept is interesting, what with racing to take out the brigands before they reach the caravans, but it becomes very easy with the torch, but kind of unfair without it, as this fog of war map doesn't really allow you to take time to figure out your surroundings, because the enemy is already on you and you have no space to be creative or tactical, you just send the commie down southwest with the archer, dude, have the thief, not-a-lord, and baby mage rush the bridge, and use the flier, who now has a really cool and unique personal skill, so props for that, and send her wherever she's needed, because this map just doesn't have ANY checks for her, so its a bit easy. also, the enemies are really frail so most skills feel pointless at this point since you can just kill them before they threaten you, but still, its fine so far. nothing grievous yet oh, and the convo at the end of ch2 is broken portraitwise for some reason so check that out if you can. this chapter is a little too easy, and maybe even a bit boring, but its not ruinous, maybe reduce the number of enemies, make 'em a little tougher? i dunno, thats what seems like it would be fun to me. oh and @Lowen have a look i did some reviews
  9. dropbox doesn't like me very much, it just says "the folder 'vision quest...' does not exist" have you uploaded it properly or am i just screwed? @Lowen
  10. I guess its worth my time to check this out again isn't it? gonna give it a go at some point and will trickle feedback edit; @Lowen shit the downloads busted what do
  11. Steel katana- Steel pole Silver shuriken- Faster than Chakram- he looked Dual katana- Dual wielding Dual shuriken- is a pitfall someone make this a thing please that would be godlike
  12. holy shit your gonna get bored of this, but props anyway! I really like snivys design, he's just so smug I love it.
  13. I'd appreciate maybe a "retro mode" where the animations are done between HD sprites as opposed to models, as GBA animations just look gorgeous, though thats certainly a pipe dream
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