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  1. If a unit like Jill is in danger of doubling Swordmasters can't you just make her speed cap lower so that she never does? And unless I'm mistaken couldn't a higher emphasis on the speed stat be a good thing for promotion if the growth rates are gonna be so low (seeing as unlike growths promo bonuses aren't random) so for example couldn't you make it so that Aran's base speed + promo bonuses won't ever get doubled by Part 3 Tigers even if his base speed - promo bonuses would?
  2. So we're clear the normal mode included is regular normal mode and not pseudo hard mode normal mode? Are you still planning on doing a pseudo hard mode normal mode or was that more of an "eventually it might happen" kinda deal? No rush either way, just curious.
  3. So wait are there differences between A and B or are they 2 parts to the same patch? Also does this do away with hard mode exclusive silliness or is that gonna be a separate patch? Thanks again for this, looking forward to trying it out :p
  4. I'm not sure that comparison is really fair, it's a no brainier that stat boosting items generally get their best mileage out of a Laguz who gets double value out of it but unless you know what weapons are coming up and when they're coming (which you shouldn't on your first playthrough, and you'll probably only vaguely know on subsequent playthroughs unless you play the game very regularly) then you'll likely think discipline is best used on someone like Meg cause you don't know that she only needs to reach C rank in the foreseeable future and that Illyana would really like to reach A, also unless I'm biased(Tormod...) I usually don't know who I'm gonna use in any given playthrough, I like to play it by ear, and unless she gets a couple perfect level ups in 1-3 I don't think 1 chapter is enough to convince me to use a unit long term (although the point of putting discipline on her in 1-6 is still valid) but now I'm starting to get kinda subjective as I know many people do like to plan out who they're gonna use in advance (but even then you never really plan on your first playthrough, even if all the characters are "borrowed" from vanilla RD their essence as a unit is different and you really need to play with their new versions to see who you'd like to use.)
  5. I try to be careful with my usage of siege tomes and generally save them for really hard chapters such as 1-E, but beyond that I almost never give discipline to someone who has only 1 weapon type, and when I do it's cause they're sitting at E rank like Meg in 1-4, I'd wager most FE players who aren't going for low man strats do the same, so even if I were to take your advise and try putting discipline on Illyana in the earlier maps in future playthroughs I'm still pretty sure that the general Redux player-base would wind up in my situation, not having access to archthunder till part way through 1-E and that's if they're using her on every map, and maybe that's fine, but I'm just pointing it out in case it's something you hadn't considered for balance purposes.
  6. In regards to Illyana I've gotta chime in here, in both my playthroughs I haven't gotten Ilyanna anywhere close to being able to wield Archthunder in time for 1-7, from my experience that doesn't happen till part-way through 1-E, and I've been using her a decent amount, no favoritism and no arm-scrolls but I certainly haven't been ignoring her, I'm not saying that she or her weapon rank needs a buff but that's been my experience, make of it what you will.
  7. You're right, I did forget about the 22 speed ravens, even still I never found the ravens in 1-8 to really be that difficult, their kinda squishy, and Vika being able to deal with half of them no problem is still pretty good (In the process she's likely to get another level or two and probably proc another point of SPD anyways). Vika is a unit you have to spend some resources training but then she grows really fast and generally surpasses Naesala in Part 4(from what Dunal has said), the price for that is obviously stealing EXP from the Dawn Brigade and I think that's OK (it's kinda like how it was in vanilla except in vanilla she would only wind up about as good as Naesala already was and without Formshift, and it would take WAY more babying and favoritism in Part 1 to pull it off, I would know since I've done it, by comparison training Vika here is a walk in the park and has better payoff, of course whether or not that payoff is worth it is debatable, but as for what she brings to the table? Meh. She's a flyer, flyers are good, your only other flyer at this point is Jill and she has different weakness, plus she gets to have canto and shove at the same time, so that's neat.)
  8. As someone who's done two playthroughs of Redux I can say that Vika performed really well in both of them (ridiculously so in my first one) it's true she doesn't have much time to grow but she gains experience like crazy and has really good growth rates, and she only needs to proc speed once in 1-7 (which is pretty likely) to double the other Ravens in 1-8. As I haven't played 4-4 I have no idea as to the viability of Tormod's group when they come back but I'm positive at least my first playthrough's Vika should be able to hold her own. As for Tormod's group stealing EXP from the rest of the Dawn Brigade... guess I can't really argue with that but I'm really biased when it comes to Tormod(and to a lesser extent Muarim and Vika) as he's easily my favourite Tellious mage so I don't mind siphoning EXP away from the DB for his sake, they'll manage :p
  9. So that was a thing I just did, noticed an interesting quirk of the long-bowman on the staircase of 1-E, he'll move if you've hit him at least once, otherwise he stays put, not sure if that's intentional. Also Vika triggered two 15ish% crits in a row, so that's fun. Also also I now have a newfound hatred for that jerk with the sleep-staff, he makes killing the thieves and then quickly retreating a huge pain, granted as I don't believe cheesing the map the way I am is at all intended I can respect it for being a somewhat effective anti-cheese maneuver, only somewhat though since I did pull it off in the end, it required a couple low% hits but it probably isn't that bad with proper planning and maybe a Leonardo to help out. (R.I.P. all of my bows). I definitely plan to stream more of this hack whenever the new patch hits but until then I think that's it from me :p
  10. Gonna be streaming and messing around with 1-E a bit today to see if I can take my Tormod solo strategy and sprinkle in a little extra something to kill those thieves so that I can still get those chests.
  11. I actually agree somewhat with the point Rengor brings up at the start of the vid about Sacrifice appearing above Galdr for Rafiel being a bit annoying, I don't believe I've ever accidentally used sacrifice when I meant not to but that is the sort of thing that can end a run if you're not careful, of course the solution may just be to be more careful but I get where he's coming from.
  12. I've never once played on hard mode because I can't be arsed to remember how enemy ranges are affected by all the different tile types and I think removing the weapon triangle is dumb, so while I can't say I'd likely play it any time soon (since Redux exists and I'm more interested in that at the moment) It's something I'll probably want to get to at some point in my days of Fire Embleming. Personally not too interested in a re-balance of normal mode cause I'm perfectly content using worse characters like Meg as a form of self imposed challenge, though if I ever get any new friends into Fire Emblem I'd likely point them towards the re-balance of normal mode as a good starting point for Radiant Dawn if you do release it.
  13. You missed Sanaki, also I noticed you used Ludveck as an example of a boss that needs buffing, to me the BK will always be a way more obvious example, but maybe the nerf to Ike is enough, dunno.
  14. OH, see I've never used it due to thinking it cut EXP in half so I was making a lot of assumptions about how it worked, I though "halving transformation gains" meant halving the rate at which the gauge filled up, my bad. I was thinking this whole time that the stats they retained while untransformed were percentage based, little worried about some of them becoming to squishy towards the end with fixed retention but I guess I'll have to wait and see how it plays out for myself.
  15. Question: when you say Volug's str is 7(+4) and his spd is 12(+8) does that mean that no matter how high those stats get he'll have (+4) and (+8) to str and spd respectfully when untransformed? Or is is percentage based and the amount added changes as the base stat increases? Also if I remember right you said that you removed the cut to transformation gains when Wildheart's equipped correct? In my vanilla playthroughs I would immediately sell it due to its halving of experience points, which isn't actually a thing but I didn't know that the game was lying to me at the time, still though halving transformation gains is also pretty bad since you're already paying for it with capacity cost and the money you would get from it if you sold it :p
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