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  1. not an expert at programming and such but i will take a look at it
  2. yes, if anybody knows about any tools that can make that happen, post it here. it might even help others who are interested in it. i personally could not find any threads online that provided me with such information.
  3. not even with hex editing or any other type of save editor?
  4. recently i changed my online alias due personal reasons, most of the games i played before i changed it used my previous alias which was a huge mistake to do. for other games i had, i was able to change my nicknames in them using hex editor but i am unsure how to do that with fire emblem fates. whenever i changed my nickname in all 3 path save slots it always reverts back to my old one. does anybody know if there is any successful way to change your avatar's nickname? i really really do not wish to restart a game in which i invested 200 hours in just so i can rename my character.
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