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  1. Foxes Tails Braixen OR Delphox Krystal Xiaomu Rick (Fox N' Forests)
  2. How about...Dragons? Spyro Dragonite Ryu (Breath of Fire) Kain Highwind Ashnard
  3. Here's a fun one: Sixth Generation! Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Kya Amaterasu Tak Jade
  4. Villains! Ganon Dr. Eggman Garland Dr. Cortex Dr. Wily & Robot Masters Villains: Round 2! Metal Sonic Kefka Sigma Ripto Risky Boots
  5. Or, how about Hephaestus becomes Fire and Athena becomes Steel? A Dark-focused city and Poke deity based on Nyx could work. I'd mix in a little Hecate myself. Ghost could also work for that purpose. Actually, what if the Dark town and gym were aligned with the villainous Team of Xalar? Team Nyx, perhaps? Or Team Titan? But seeing as Galar had different gyms depending on which version you're playing, and is stated to have one Gym for each type, we could make that work for Xander as well. The analogies don't have to be 1:1 either; Theros of MtG mixed some tropes around to better fit its game design. Pokemon could do the same. So long as the source of inspiration is clear. Here's what I got so far: Fighting: Spara - A city dedicated to the fighting arts. Sparans train daily in rigorous exercises, including sparring with their own Pokemon. As a result, they're some of the fittest and most skilled Trainers around. Their Gym leader, Aren, is the strongest of all Sparans, who demands that anyone seeking to face him in battle must clear his Gym's physically exerting challenges. He himself was once the Xander region's Champion, and he's going to make darn sure anyone who succeeds him will be as physically fit and disciplined as he is. He has been known to spend the odd weekend in Luxuria to unwind from his rigorous weekly regimens and to visit the Gym leader of that city, whom he knows quite well on a personal level. Poison: Amphora - A dilapidated town where thrillseekers gather to party hard into the night. Amphora has a seedy reputation due to its indulgent, decadent lifestyle, which has severely inhibited their chances of joining the Major League. Amphora's Gym Leader, Diony, loves grape juice, the town's specialty, and has the remarkable ability to conduct battles even while feeling a little tipsy; indeed, he seems to be at his best after drinking a little juice and letting his enthusiasm take over. When battling or partying (oftentimes both at the same time), Diony's energetic, theatrical, and charismatic, commanding attention and admiration from all around him. An entire cult of personality has formed around Diony, making him a celebrity among the low-end thrillseekers of Xander. However, he often experiences post-party crashes and suffers from depression and self-esteem issues when he thinks no-one's around. Diony feels he's leading his fans on a path to self-destruction, and blames himself for Amphora's inability to join the Major League as he helped cultivate their easygoing, party-hard attitude in the first place during his younger days. But he also feels he owes his fans a good time to make up for costing them their future as something greater and more respectable, keeping him trapped in a cycle of indulgence and self-deprecation. Team Nyx has been poking around Amphora, offering to help Diony improve their situation if he's willing to cooperate with them... Flying: Anemopolis - A city dedicated to the study and worship of wind. Anemopolans are highly industrious, making use of wind-operated machinery and flying machines. Naturally, they're specialists in Flying-type Pokemon. Their Gym Leader is an inventor seeking to create wings humans can use to fly. Fire: Pyropolis - The city of flamecraft, where passionate artists forge metalwork, blow glass, sculpt pottery, and build fireworks for celebrations, all with the help of Fire-type Pokemon. Historically, Pyropolis was a major source of weapons and armor for Xander, but much of that warcrafting has faded away in the relatively peaceful modern age. Fairy: Luxuria - A city dedicated to beauty, luxury, and romance. Lovers often gather here to make their fantasies come true. Luxuria is viewed as the high-class, respectable alternative to Amphora.
  6. I think the bulk of the trailer should be CGI and gameplay, but yes, a live action skit featuring actors in suits with the Crash guy included would be hilarious. They could also adapt the Crash suit to a Mii Brawler costume, complete with hole in the teeth for the Mii's face. They gotta bring in Sonic to recreate that 90s console rivalry. Maybe Cloud, Sephiroth, and Snake as well?
  7. Ah, a fellow follower of the Caddy-Laddy, I see. Cyoar! Yeah, I'm hoping for Crash too. What would be hilarious is if, in his reveal trailer, he and a bunch of other fighters all do the Crash dance. Though, considering what a smash hit Crash would be, and looking at how Byleth left a lot of people feeling "meh" at the end of FP1, it's possible they're saving Crash for the very last pack of the pass. I'd love if Shantae was announced at E3, as then she could be added on or close to the day her series debuted, on June 2. Crash then could be added sometime around fall, like say on September 9th, the day his series debuted. It's almost too perfect.
  8. But why not Eggman, though? He's iconic, has plenty of moveset potential thanks to his numerous boss battles, he's actually been playable in one of the core games (SA2), he gets some rockin' music...what's wrong with adding Eggman to Smash as a playable fighter?
  9. Having recently started playing Shovel Knight, I am now totally down with him getting in as a playable fighter.
  10. I know it's your opinion and all, but I can't help other than to ask: Why not Crash? Why don't Waluigi and Eggman quite fit as fighters? As opposed to, say, the fitness trainer, nonviolent villager, dog & duck duo, or potted plant?
  11. Thinking back, Crash or Shantae would be my top choices. Between the two, Crash has more significance and momentum, but I'd be happy if Shantae was our last fighter for SSBU before SSB6 begins development.
  12. Now that my 31st birthday has come and gone (03/27), I have three new games to add: Super Mario 3D All-Stars: Toad Shovel Knight Treasure Trove: Shovel Knight Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time: Crash Bandicoot Got some others from a while before my birthday, too: Mega Man Legacy Collection: Proto Man Mega Man Legacy Collection 2: Bass Mega Man X Legacy Collection: Mega Man X Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2: Zero Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection: Leviathan
  13. Oh, the fighters have flaws, I can tell you that much. Just try playing Little Mac in any stage with a lot of vertical space, like Palutena's Temple. Of course, Mac is a funny case; he's a beast on the ground thanks to his speed and power, but bring him into the air and he goes down like Glass Joe. Most fighters in Smash are consistently good or bad compared to other fighters, but Mac's dominance is determined by the environment in which he battles. Fact is, perfect balance is impossible to achieve as long as you have a roster as diverse as that of SSBU, so for me the priorities are to make sure no-one is outright broken and to make sure everyone is fun to play. Of course we have to bear in mind that not every character is going to appeal to everyone; I personally don't care for fighters like Duck Hunt or Mr. Game & Watch, while I love playing Link and Donkey Kong. Mega Man and Banjo & Kazooie are a mixed case for me; I like the characters and the series they come from, but their Smash movesets just don't gel with my playstyle. I like to move fast and hit hard, and they just don't offer enough "punch" for my liking. There's also the fact that Mega Man's moveset ultimately doesn't satisfy me as much as I hoped it would; using the Special Weapons as Mega's attacks was a stroke of genius, but he could have used a gimmick involving Special Weapons with limited energy and the ability to switch between them, as well as the ability to charge shots by holding the attack button down. If Mega Man were added as DLC today, his play style would probably be quite different. But, this isn't a topic for critiquing movesets, it's about discussing the merits and potential of a new gameplay mechanic intended to give moveset designers a little more wiggle room with a button that can do basically whatever a particular moveset needs to feel complete, whether that's granting some kind of mobility boost, extra attacks, the ability to change weapons, or even the ability to transform or tag team between different fighters. In some cases, the Action button could take over a function currently served by a Special or the Shield + Special action (what I like to call Shield Specials), freeing up those slots in turn. I would also explore the potential of Shield Actions (Shield + Action), as a counterpart to Grabbing (Shield + Attack) and Shield Specials. See, the simple A + B nature of Smash's controls makes it both highly appealing and easy to learn, while also offering a lot of diversity and depth. Giving all four face buttons a unique function just makes the gameplay feel more "complete", to me.
  14. That was more a balancing issue than a bad idea in and of itself. That's why you make sure to handle the idea right, so that no character has an overwhelming advantage over everyone else. Shoot, it doesn't even take a gimmick for that to happen (see: Brawl Meta Knight).
  15. But sometimes, designing Smash movesets with the current setup feels like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. The Action button offers enough wiggle room to make a lot of potential characters' movesets more "comfortable" to design, if that makes sense. To use X as an example, the dash he uses in his series currently has two viable executions: simply being his dash animation, or being his side special. While I could live with either of those choices, the problem with the first is that X wouldn't get a standard running animation like in his own games (which is the kind of detail this series has become quite keen on) and the dash would have to be continuous, and the problem with the latter is he doesn't get to use a special weapon for his side special. With the Action button, the problem is quite handily solved, as X can use that to dash like he does in his own series. Although, to be fair, I guess they could give X a unique dash ability where he starts with the burst of speed, then segues to a slightly slower but conventional run, allowing you to double-tap repeatedly to make X go faster. But man, is that going to be murder on the joystick. A dedicated Dash button for X would just feel better, you know? Same deal for Vile: while you could incorporate his three weapon slots within the current moveset structure, it would be way cooler and more satisfying if he played more akin to his MHX self, with three different attack buttons, one each for shoulder, arm, and leg. The attack button uses Vile's arm weapons, the special button uses his shoulder weapons, and the action button uses his leg weapons. It's kinda like how Min Min was designed to simulate the left hand-right hand playstyle of ARMS. And really, X and Vile represent what I'd consider the plausible extremes for the Action Button's complexity. X gets a simple but useful speed boost while Vile gets a third set of attacks.
  16. Vivi isn't my favorite iteration of the Black Mage, but I'll take him over Quina Quen, Eiko, or Amarant. Speaking of Black Mage, I could handle them adapting the other five jobs from FF1 like they did the Warrior of Light, but I still think a quartet of true OCs from their own world would do well as the lead protagonists. Though since FF loves it some lead couples, I guess they could trim it down to a pair of OCs, like a guy and a girl, maybe with a chocobo and moogle as companions.
  17. Maybe it started with one, but after all the DLC, HW had 31 fighters total, which is about on par for your average DW game if I'm not mistaken. I know about the whole Capcom situation; it's a crying shame, the Oracles and their villains would have made fun playable characters. I'm aware that FF Warriors would probably end up being basically Dissidia Warriors, but the prospect of only getting the lead hero and villain of each game bores me as those characters already have plenty of exposure, I want to see more secondary characters join the roster. Like, I get wanting to fight hordes of monsters and soldiers as Cloud and Sephiroth, but what about Barret and Tifa, or even the Turks? How about playing Locke, Celes, and Shadow as well as Terra and Kefka? Or Garnet, Steiner, and Vivi as well as Zidane and Kuja? Heck, some of those characters are already part of the Dissidia roster, so if FFW turns out to be Dissidia Warriors, they at the very least can use the roster from, say, Dissidia NT, which has a total of 38 playable fighters, after DLC is taken into account, and just so happens to have been developed by Team Ninja. Regardless of the character selection, a Final Fantasy Warriors just feels so freaking obvious. And the series has so much material that would work perfectly for a Musou title. How has it not happened yet?
  18. Hyrule Warriors had 5 OCs total: Lana, Cia, Volga, Wizzro, and Linkle. The four I've suggested basically stand in for the heroes of FF1, who would essentially be OCs anyway since they don't have a developed personality of their own (see Dissidia's Warrior of Light). Thus I'd suggest that FF1 be repped by established characters such as Princess Sarah and Garland.
  19. Wait, are you referring to DI making the gameplay more imbalanced? If so, I apologize for misunderstanding. EDIT: Wait, again: Smash uses DI itself, it just uses simple directional inputs like Up + A or Side + B, not junk like Forward-Back-Forward-Punch. So, I guess we should say complex DI combos make the game more imbalanced.
  20. Making the game harder to play makes it more balanced? I don't follow. And, keep in mind the Action button wouldn't always equal more attack options. For some characters, it could represent additional defense options, or mobility. It's basically a button that can do whatever it needs to for a particular fighter's gimmick or build, much like Shield + Special does now but with more control flexibility (you wouldn't want to use shield + special to dash, for instance, while the Action button would be perfect for that). Basically, the Action Button gives moveset designers a little wiggle room. Need a few more attacks? Want your character to transform? Just need a cool dash move? The Action Button's got you covered!
  21. As long as it's optional, like is the case with Ryu, Ken, and Terry, I'm fine. You still have the simpler control style in Smash. I just don't care for fighting games where pressing the stick in multiple directions before pressing a button is the only way to use special moves.
  22. I agree with Sakurai: special inputs - especially directional input combos - are horrid. I vastly prefer the simplistic style of Smash, which ironically also has far more depth than something like Street Fighter or MvC thanks to each fighter having a diverse moveset. Easy to learn, hard to master, as it goes. There's a reason Smash is the most popular fighting game series in the world, and it's not just the all-star cast. I'm not sure how giving a function to a spare button equates to special inputs, though? If anything, the Action button would push more in the simple direction by letting the player do things that would currently require a combination of buttons, or would take up a special slot. For some fighters, the Action can be as simple as a brief speed boost, like dashing for X and Zero. For others, it could be a third attack/special button, like extra items for Link, leg weapons for Vile, or kicking for Talim. Maybe you'd like Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard to have unique D Specials? Then their shared Action can be changing Pokemon. That's the beauty of the concept - it's flexible and can be tailored on a fighter-by-fighter basis. It's as simple or complex as you want it to be.
  23. I recall wanting Daroach in since Brawl. Until Return to Dreamland, he was arguably the fourth most relevant character in the whole series, being the face of what was then "Modern" Kirby. I'm really surprised they haven't added any Kirby characters in Smash 4 or U. I'm all for Sonic getting more fighters, villains included. Metal Sonic would be an even better choice for an echo than Shadow, but they both have developed some distinct abilities of their own so they don't have to be Sonic Echos per se. But I'd be cool with Metal Sonic being the Dark Samus to Sonic's Samus. For SSB6, I was thinking they could announce Metal Sonic and Amy Rose in the same video; first Metal kidnaps Amy like in Sonic CD, prompting Sonic to rush to her rescue, then while Sonic and his metallic double tussle, Amy gets free thanks to - I dunno, maybe Cream and Big? - and helps Sonic fight Metal by whacking the latter upside the head with her Piko Piko Hammer. Cream and Big could also be announced as part of Team Rose, together with Amy. In most cases, I'd want a particular FF villain's heroic counterpart to get in first, but yeah, Kefka could work well as this clownish mage who goes all "God mode" for his Final Smash. Would his D Special involve poisoning opponents in some way? Could even just be the Bio spell. One of his taunts would have to be his signature laugh. Ultros as a playable character could be...interesting, to say the least. I'd just as soon see him get in as a boss, myself. As a nod to his lecherous tendencies, he could appear as a boss for female characters like Terra and Tifa, not to mention Peach, Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, etc. But hey, if you got a moveset idea for Ultros, I'd be interested to see it in the moveset topic! Me personally, Garland is the FF villain I most want next. It doesn't feel right not to have content from the very first Final Fantasy on NES in Smash. And Garland has some awesome moveset potential thanks to the Dissidia series giving him a transforming sword and magic based on the Four Fiends. His Final Smash would involve transforming into Chaos, of course. His crouch would have to be a reference to his sprites. And need I even mention "I, Garland, will knock you all down!" as a taunt? Of course, left up to me, most of the Final Fantasy games would be repped by at least one hero and villain apiece. Final Fantasy is, like Mega Man and Sonic, one of those series that's expansive and significant enough that I think they deserve more presence in Smash. FF is the definitive classic JRPG series for most of the world, after all.
  24. Considering that you have buttons for jumping, attacking, specials, shielding, and even grabbing, I'd argue Smash is not a two-button fighter. And I'd argue fewer buttons actually makes gameplay more complicated, not less, at least if you want a fighter with depth. An extra button can actually help simplify gameplay by giving you more room to spread functions around, requiring fewer button combinations to memorize. And if that extra action varies in complexity by fighter, that just helps diversify fighters further.
  25. Ever since Melee, we've had three actions commonly mapped to the four face buttons: Attack, Special, and Jump. Jump often gets mapped to two of the four face buttons. But, what if the fourth face button could serve its own function? Recently, while designing movesets for X and Zero, I found myself struggling with how best to implement their Dash ability from MMX. Should it be their standard dash? Should it be a side special? In the MMX games, dashing is often mapped to a separate button. Since MMX4, the four face buttons just so happen to have filled four unique functions: Attack, Special, Jump...and Dash. Well, what do you know, MMX might just have had the ideal face button setup for Smash for a long time. But of course, not every fighter necessarily needs a "Dash" button like X and Zero. What if this fourth face button action varied depending on which fighter you're playing? Perhaps it could play a role like Shield + Special has in the past. Perhaps it could be used for transforming or tag-teaming in cases like Sheik & Zelda, Pokemon Trainer, Pyra & Mythra, etc. Some fighters might be able to access a third set of moves with it (like, say, Vile, who uses three different buttons to attack with his three weapon slots in Maverick Hunter X, thus the Attack, Special, and Action Buttons could each operate one of his three weapon slots in Smash, or Link who could use items like the Pegasus Boots and Power Glove in what would effectively be a second set of specials). Currently, many players rarely use that fourth face button in Smash, I imagine, since it shares a function with one of the other three. But what if all four face buttons had a distinct function? Maybe in Smash 6? Or a big update for SSBU? What are your thoughts?
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