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  1. Her and Jill are roflstomping everyone lmao, but I mean tbh after my time in Begnion and ch. 17, everyone promoted and now the enemy army is a laughing stock. Although, I am playing on normal mode. I'm just glad I didn't choose easy mode.
  2. I would like to have 2 healers on my team and I know that mists mounted healing is extremely useful, so I wondering if I should sacrifice all 800 of my Bexp in order to be able to give her a master seal and get her functioning, or should I beef up other units who need it like Jill and Marcia? I really don’t plan on using master seals on anyone but mist and Rhys as I just don’t find it wise for stats, but I have several units who could really use the Bexp but at the same time I have just the right amount to make my mist fully functioning as a mounted healing unit
  3. I don’t know why but the only units who are reliably killing things right now are Boyd and Titania. Units like Oscar who are apparently really good, can’t even double anyone and even my Ike is hardly slaughtering thanks to all these damn lance users and can’t even kill an archer in one turn. Marcia is way to frail to even think about touching these enemies so I’m having to spoon feed her. It takes both Mia and Oscar teaming up on an enemy to get kills. Ilyana feels ridiculously pudgy and can’t really consistently kill anyone on her own, but I love her design and I really want to use her. Soren does pretty well against anyone I throw him at. I’m playing the game on normal mode. My main question is, am I somehow playing this wrong or screwed myself over somehow? Or is it just that I’m used to newer 3ds/switch title(s) in which all the killing happens during the player phase? I have heard a lot of people say that the majority of killing happens on the enemy phase in this game, but it’s just extremely frustrating that none of my units seem to be even denting these enemies consistently. I also don’t know what to do with all the units the game keeps handing me... Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I'm sorry but this is the FUNNIEST thing I have read all week
  5. Ok update the nomad with the fancy bow is absolutely destroying me... I don’t know why I’m so awful at these older games 😂 either that or these final chapter enemy’s are no joke. The last chapter before it was extremely difficult as well, only Becuase I didn’t have canas to kill limstella. So... at least I can say I made it to the final chapter 😞
  6. ok so... the morphs are literally on par with my units or maybe even better. I have no idea how to survive this level as even the lords can't hold their on. At the start of the level I am guaranteed to lose one unit because the one morph with reinfleche bow. I finally got here and now I can't win lol. Help please
  7. I'm curious to see what house everyone is planning on picking first 😙
  8. Me too 0.0 It's just I'm new to the workforce lol so being at work is taking some getting used to >.<
  9. I'm not even an adult yet lol I'm just at that age where my parents are like, "We aren't buying that crap anymore go get a job" 😂
  10. 1. I absolutely agree with this, but they aren't into games like that, they just don't like waifu culture at all. 2. Yes I think a lot of this issue is that the majority of the spotlight imo falls on the weird side of the fans who are ridiculously hooked on the waifu anime aspects of the series. Which is just very very unfortunate because it robs many of what could be a great experience 😞
  11. ANYTIME I TALK ABOUT FIRE EMBLEM TO ANYONE, THEY CALL IT WAIFU ANIME TRASH!!! 😧 No matter how I try to explain gameplay people just shove fanart of Nowi and Tiki in my face
  12. Thank god, I hated that they made conquest insanely more difficult than birthright. It never made sense to me!
  13. So my question is, I was thinking about joining the Red Eagles house and I was wondering if this decision will affect the overall difficulty of the game?
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