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  1. Exactly what it says in the title. Not counting Team Spotpass [Gangrel, Aversa, etc. and the Einherjar], Robin or Chrom, who overall out of Generation 1 is your favorite? And not for baby making- I want pure, statistical and personality-wise reasons to use each character. Personally I can't possibly see any future where I don't use Kellam. I don't care if he's a high- or low- tier unit, he's quite a tank and makes a pretty strong General, too. Oh, and you're not allowed to pick Flavia and Basilio only for "joining late with high stats." That's cheating.
  2. Hey, uh... Wasn't this thread about what an FE7 remake should have, and not whether Nino is good or not?
  3. The two have a great time talking about the history of the place while eating hamburgers and ramen. So, let's say Azama meets with Clarine at a fancy festival? [mwahaha]
  4. Err... who? I don't know these people (never played P4 or Mirage Sessions), so I can't help you. And since no one else has replied, I guess we should save it for the next person? And hey, maybe I can put another suggestion out? So, let's say I pick my worst match? I say this because... well, it's Jakob and Sully, in some random town in either Nohr or Ylisse. Guess it doesn't matter that much, so long as it's a casual place?
  5. Neither of them attacks one another, as a true battle for them is one of patience, not of violence. Gray and Lyn bump into each other at a modern mall...
  6. I'm going to pick some of my favorites out of here- This idea is actually REALLY neat. Plus, this opens up a world of possibilities, including supports from Mark's homeland (i;e a Bernian Mark could support with Heath, Dorcas, etc) and extra plot moments in those countries, if you go there. Meaning the Sacae chapters (0-4) could be a little more involved, or the Bern chapters could have a part where Mark swears to protect the prince. Perhaps at the end, he goes back to his homeland; and in the Bern example, helps protect the prince from the abuse of King Desmond (although it wouldn't fix Zeph's hatred of humanity or anything).. That never caught on with me; still, it's a novel concept. Fates and Awakening in general were pretty busted with this, but seeing it in FE7... Oh, Knight Hector, Hero Renault... Cleric Florina, perhaps? No? All right then... So, an FE4 approach, then? I see where this is going. It makes pairing Eliwood, Hector, Canas, etc., more strategic. Obviously, supports would have to be cleaned up (that comes up a lot here, actually), but it could work. A game this size would have to cost loads to make, and- dare I say it- might not even work on the Switch due to size. But enough talk. This concept is WONDERFUL, and it's been thrown around a lot. I actually prefer the idea to regular FE7/FE6. If I knew Nightmare, I would change bases and growths to adjust for inheritance anyway. Extra points for Lyn's pairing? Well, this is actually something I see a lot. The tutorial is the sole reason I've avoided getting a physical FE7 cart; I'm worried that it'll be blank-progress. I want one without it. (But please don't try to sell me stuff on the forums. I'll look for one myself.) Indeed! Truer words were never spoken. Perhaps the buffs could be adjusted, but who cares, so long as Armads isn't the only useful Legendary Weapon.
  7. They inevitably discuss why this happened in the first place, then Bowsette goes back to doing the thing she loves most: tormenting the red-capped hero. In other news... I request Serra and Erk. At the beach, eating fancily-prepared three-course meals.
  8. So, I just got back from another run of Birthright, and it amazes me how toxic the community is over Fates. I will acknowledge that the game CERTAINLY isn't perfect. And while I will say that Birthright is the best path in my opinion, due to balance and plot reasons, people are just destined to argue over the game for all eternity. But is it really that horrible? Well, Conquest and Revelations are pretty bad balance-wise, and Conquest is even worse in the plot department. But I digress, because Birthright is one of the best games I have played, personally. So, let me explain this to you guys. First, I didn't try too hard to compare it to the rest of the series. And that seems to be what's earning this game, as well as Awakening, negativity in the community. Don't think of it as much as a Fire Emblem game, and especially don't try to compare it to Blazing Blade or Radiant Dawn; you'll almost certainly be disappointed. But think of it as a standalone experience. Here's my analysis: I thought the game was BRILLIANT. The setup was amazing; the whole "pick a family" dynamic was just so cruel, it was good. As you know, this IS a Birthright analysis, so I would choose Hoshido. And this, dear readers, is where the fun begins. For convenience, I've sorted my review into four main categories; characters, gameplay, story, and map design. For the purpose of this review, I'm playing Classic Normal, and I've also decided to use female Corrin, because personally, I generally prefer her to male Corrin. Section 1: Characters Section 2: Gameplay Section 3: Story Section 4: Map Design So with all of that in mind (and keep in mind, this IS my opinion), I give the game a 3/5 on my part. I'm planning on picking up Awakening next, and if it's anything like what I've heard (similar to Birthright, but better), I'll probably enjoy it. But what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!
  9. Sain to either Awakening or Fates; there are so many women to support with! Okay, I'll show myself out.
  10. So, I made it to Chapter 13, and within that time Gerik, Neimi, and Moulder have promoted to a Hero, Ranger, and Bishop respectively. Saleh is as good as I've heard, as is Tethys, and Tana is performing quite well. And I also got Ewan and made him a Shaman. Cormag gets recruited here, so I need to excercize caution. Also, I haven't been using L'arachel, but I want to recruit Rennac next chapter, preferrably without emptying my wallet. Any ideas?
  11. ... I can only say Chapter 10 went... interestingly. I got four new units, but it was at a net loss of one. And that one wasn't even someone I could do without- it was KYLE. As in, the PALADIN. Crud. Let's just hope Gerik is as good as you all seem to think he is.
  12. Not many Lords could reasonably pull it off. Although in Awakening and Fates, most units can use Heart Seals to gain staves anyway; not to mention your Oifey unit in Fates gets them by default. Obviously this challenge requires reclassing Kaden and basically ignoring the Beaststone, so it's not for me as Kaden (as a Nine-Tails, btw) is my favorite unit in the game (tied with Sain for the series as a whole).
  13. I like that! How about "Fire Emblem, but you you can't buy extra tomes, lances or axes"? Or "Fire Emblem, but every unit you use has to use swords at some point"?
  14. Obviously, the Tellius games are not the games to perform that challenge. In response to the first quote, I forgot about that one.
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