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  1. I don't even give a flip about Tellius and I want a Tellius banner. I think that says something about IS' last year or so of banners. Marcia and Jill in particular are looooooooooooooooooong overdue for a banner.
  2. The world's most kawaii date ensues. They talk about their different cultures and their families, but things take a turn for the worse when it comes time to talk about Corrin. The date ends on a sour note, with both of them agreeing to bring Corrin with them so their sibling themself can settle things once and for all. Sully bumps into Kent at a meeting of the Crimson Cavalier Convention (lol, alliteration).
  3. Opinions exist. That's the entire point of this thread! I'm not going to go around asking people if they enjoy walking for 7 and a half hours because they like Genealogy while I do not. I too think Three Houses' gameplay is lackluster, but you don't have to destroy people's opinions like that.
  4. If there IS one flaw to FE3 other than it being an older, clunkier game, it's exposition. Jagen is always giving details on the situation at the start or end of battles. But hey, less main character worship than the remake (where everyone loves both Marth and Kris, the remake's avatar unit).
  5. Yep. It actually ties into a twist related to Marth's heritage.
  6. Wait, no, we've been thinking about this all wrong. I say, keep Mark, make them more customizable, I like having a personal character. Heck, give them Bioware-style dialogue options. But don't make them PLAYABLE. Between chapters, you'll be at various "base camps" that control sorta like the Monastery. However, Mark never takes the field themself. You could even build support like this. While most characters build support with each other the traditional way, Mark would build support with them based on how "well" they're used. They'd have much slower support gains than the rest, but instead, depending on who was fielded and how many of the rating benchmarks they hit, they'd build more support. For example, say you got 5* Tactics, 5* Combat, and 5* Experience on a given chapter, you'd get the maximum support gain for that map. It would scale by chapter, so a map like "Birds of a Feather" wouldn't be a lot. However, it would scale based on chapter, and maps like "Cog of Destiny" and "Victory or Death" would have massive support yields for those maps if getting three 5* ratings. You could also build support at the Base Camps, by appealing to each unit's interests: setting Sain up with Fiora, calling the third magic type "Elder" magic in front of Canas, and complimenting Guy's bladework would all build support in some way.
  7. There was no date, partially because Bernadetta was too scared to show up, and partially because Marianne was adamant that someone else go in her stead. But hey, that someone else was Claude, who got the table to himself. Huh, so I guess it's my turn now... Hm. I don't really have a huge list of ideas. Um. I just thought of a crack pairing. Some idiot (me) sets Serra up on a blind date with Gonzales.
  8. welp may as well send you two the discord link not like anyone else plans on showing up
  9. HERESY of the highest degree! Denying Classic Mode is denying Fire Emblem! Although... if you really don't like it, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I can't stop you.
  10. Personally? I say that just playing FE3 on its own is good enough. It's arguably my favorite of the Archanea games. Furthermore, if you decide to play Book 2, there are actually a bunch of plot elements that got axed from FE12. It's really an interesting play.
  11. well it means we might actually have a bench but what the frack, why not
  12. That... does raise a valid point. They try to make the fact that people could easily die as much of a plot point as the rest of the story. Either make it a fair deal in the narrative (like, POR-levels) or only bring it up in the tutorial.
  13. Permadeath is what makes Fire Emblem... well, Fire Emblem. I always hated how, instead of being fair, Three Houses built its entire game around abusing Divine Pulse. I guess Casual Mode is a good entry point, but it's not the full experience. Again, I have to hearken back to Chaz's video on the topic: Permadeath lost all meaning when everyone has to be built from the ground up- which, really, started around Awakening. The cast is so frontloaded that if someone dies you can't replace them easily (unless there's a paralogue somewhere you haven't played yet). I still love Awakening... but... geez, it started the unhappy trend of everyone being growth units.
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