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  1. I have a few. FE3 Book 1: Macellan. This bald thiccboi joined the party in Chapter 12 of Shadow Dragon (AKA chapter 10 of Mystery), and I've gotta tell you, of the three knights, he's typically considered to be the worst. Draug has availability on his side, and Dolph has slightly better growths. In my Mystery of the Emblem: Book 1 playthrough, though, I decided to Ironman until I lost Marth the first time. Which, incidentally, resulted in Macellan being the last knight standing. Cue him becoming a literal DEATH GOD that effectively walled out all of the reinforcements on Camus' map almost soloed Michalis' map (although I had to sacrifice Linde to take out the Macedon King himself). To this day, despite having basically no personality, he's my favorite armored unit in the Archanea games. FE7: Serra. Staff users aren't usually considered bad, but Serra has almost no time to shine thanks to the objectively better Priscilla joining just three and a half maps later. Granted, Serra gets LM bonuses, but most players will honestly never consider bringing her over Priscilla. I prefer Serra, though, and for a couple of reasons. One, she has a personality, even if it is pretty annoying. And two, I kinda like using suboptimal units. While units like Marcus, Sain and Florina always end up on my team, there are several variables as to who the rest are- and one of them ALWAYS ends up being someone who doesn't really chip in as much as the rest- units like Dorcas, or Wil, or, in this case, Serra. Once I got her able to use Aureola just for the sake of it. That's dedication. Also in FE7, Eliwood! Being a swordlocked infantry, with shaky growths, that HAS TO BE DEPLOYED on multiple maps even when he ISN'T the main character is pretty much every sign of a bad unit. What Eliwood normally lacks, though, he took by the reins sometime last year. Granted, my last two Eliwoods weren't too great. But I used them anyway, solely because of my profound memories of Eligod and his stat spread. FE8: I don't care what people say, I don't care what taboos are on the Tower of Valni, I don't care how mad people get that I do it, but screw it, I'm using Amelia and you can't stop me. FE14: I wouldn't say most of the units in this game are objectively bad, but Setsuna... Holy frick, did the devs screw her over. Even harder in Revalation. Yet during my run of that game, she somehow became the second most potent archer I've ever used (the strongest, of course, being Takumi). It's kinda weird, but at the same time it's refreshing. FE15: Est. Oh, god, Est. Easily the worst of the Whitewings in all of the games she appears in, she easily creates a "use me now or use me never" situation. In Echoes it's less of an issue since you bring your whole party to almost every map (unless you bought the DLC) but in the Archanea games, she pulled her weight rather poorly for me. You can guess she'd be terrible for me to train in Echoes. Nope! Somehow turned out not just amazing, but the best of my Falcon Knights. I was Triangle Attacking, WITH HER INITIATING AT LEAST ONCE, on a multiple per turn basis. Heck, Palla got killed on the LAST MAP of Duma's Tower, meaning I couldn't exactly do that anymore, Est seemed to not just take up her sister's work, but absolutely avenged her by critting the last two enemies on the map IN A ROW. Granted, Est is probably one of the worst characters on this list, but freaking still. Side note: I can bring up Macellan and Eliwood's endgame stats, if you guys want.
  2. I should add, though, that MotE had some terrifyingly OP stat boosters. Since I was Ironmanning, I'm being forced to use some of those forgettable third-rate units. I decided to slap a Dracoshield onto Macellan because, well, he's a knight and should be tanky as all heck. 12 DEF, at this stage, wasn't quite enough for me. Then I gave him a Secret Book to boost his hitrate. Now he's a bald death god. To cap it all off, I slapped Boots onto that thicc boi. And gave him the Starsphere so he could use infinite Gradivus. Sadly that has to stop at the end of C17, since me missing Tiki means the only way I can effectively harm Medeus is with the Falchion. Still, I never would have guessed that MACELLAN of all units became a rolling ball of armored death.
  3. Ahhhh... dang. Since I was Ironmanning until around Ch13, I managed to lose Minerva because she suicided onto an all-too-crithappy Hardin... and thus, I was locked out of recruiting the other Whitewings anyway.
  4. Exactly what it says in the title, all the guides tell me she's in the village in chapter 16 due to her original join map being cut in FE3, but the only village on this map hands out a Hammerne staff. I've already passed the map, so she (and the Mercurius) is now lost forever... so could somebody PLEASE tell me what was going on in that chapter?
  5. Maybe I could. Hey, I'm thinking of running FE8 under this set of circumstances. Last time I did that, Colm wound up NOT generating an affinity, and it absolutely broke his support with Tana (Neimi replacement).
  6. Well, I said I'd update this again, today. One small problem: I can't actually BEAT C14. It's not that I'm softlocked or anything, just... I can't actually play Axe Emblem when 90% of the enemies have a sword and a strength and speed stat. Meanwhile I'm struggling to deal DAMAGE, let alone double. About the only things I can double are Brigands, and I can barely hit any of them anyways. I don't want to discontinue the run, but... I dunno, I guess I'm feeling pretty burnt out.
  7. Gonna update this again on Monday, but I have to ask: What, particularly, are the benefits to using outside-source image hosting over SF's attatchment hosting?
  8. I decided, for no reason in particular, to count the amount of recolored portraits there are in FE7. Here are the results. For reference, there wasn't a single duplicated player sprite, so all of these will either be bosses or NPC's. I'm also not counting the morphs in the final chapter or Leila's dead body, that's cheating. Also, unless otherwise stated, I'm using Hector's Tale in terms of chapter numbers. Batta the Beast (PROLOGUE) and a random bandit from a chapter intro The peerless Glass (CH2) and Linus' servant Igor (CH24B) Marquess Araphen (CH6) and Aion (CH19x) Heintz (CH7) and Zoldam (C18) Beyard (CH7x) and Eubans (CH22) The stewards of Caelin (CH10) and Santaruz (CH13) Wire (CH11H) and Damien (CH17x) Sealen (CH15) and Oleg (CH21) Bauker (CH16) and Pascal (CH25) Black Fang paladins Cameron (CH20) and Maxime (CH28) Georg (CH28E) and Kaim (CH30H), the Legendary Weapon Guardians In addition, there are Soldier sprites in four colors (Blue, Red, Green, White) If I missed anyone important, let me know.
  9. I've been playing Fates so much recently that parts of it seep into my normal FE gameplay Using Killer weapons all willy-nilly and trying to fight archers with swordsmen and mages and nothing else because of the weapon triangle
  10. Sorry I haven't made an update about the journey in a while, I lost track of time
  11. This idea came right out of nowhere. But I think it sounds AWESOME. The idea of having multiple playable factions in particular intrigues me. I mean, we've done that twice before in this series, but I'd rather a game where those factions are chosen at the start and are ALL mutually exclusive. As for using individual soldiers throughout the game, that almost sounds more Wars than FE, but... Hm.
  12. I know. In my opinion, that made Awakening's "Basilio Vs. Walhart" duel all the more suspenseful. However, then Basilio came back. That alone made it lose infinite amounts of impact in my opinion. And like Jaffar Vs. Lela, Valter Vs. Glen and Zephiel vs Cecilia were both wonderfully done. What is it with the GBA and having the best scripted battle cutscenes? On a related note... The Yied Massacre. Cutscene battles kinda suck. In-engine battles are more awesome. Now imagine you have to PLAY the hopelessly doomed battle. Geez, that's a whole new level of good.
  13. PS: Those extra attatched shots? They're bad pics. One was Hawkeye striking at air, the other is Florina before I gave her the F!Cavalier sprite.
  14. All right, I'ma reply to your comments for this issue. And now for the main event: Chapter 3 New Blood (NOTE: I actually was midway through writing Chapter 3 when I accidentally deleted the post by killing the spoiler tag and SF never invested in an undo button (and also my "z" key is missing, the only way I can type "z" is actually through "CTRL-V"). This needs to be adressed. In the meantime, if this chapter seems a little burnt out, that's why.) By the way, I'm not doing the Merlinus paralogue. I know having a convoy earlier could come in handy, but fliers could spawn in and things could get ugly. Anyway, let's take a look at the next map in advance. ... Screw you, Axe Emblem.
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