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  1. Now THIS... This is a topic I really wish was more explored. That said, it would be hard to pull off. What if people don't care for the lill-off character? What if they just support to kill off a fodder? What I LOVE is the concept of the dialogue changing based on who dieWhile it was explored with Tellius, and Echoes had mourning dialogue, I honestly feel like death is something the other characters should have more of a reaction to- ESPECIALLY if the dying character is a good chapter 1 unit who fought valiantly with the hero till the end. I never liked how other games were like, "Oh, Kent died? Whatever, continue the mission." I get that it's a war game, but in this case, Lyn, Eliwood and even Sain are treating the fallen soldier like he was just a faceless mook tather than an actual person, ignoring his death entirely.
  2. MALAKOV? No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. ... Sorry, been watching a bit too much BlazingKnight. But still. NO.
  3. So, in other words, the bottom line, as I said earlier- the Camus archetype is stupid. Selena's, like, the best written one, and even THAT is a stretch. Characters like Eldigan and BR!Xander have no reason to trust the people they do, other than the writers realizing that they want to make the player question their choices.
  4. Alternatively, you can SAVE whenever you capture a castle for the first time. I'm not sure if that's too long of a wait though... To be honest I never played past chapter one and thus haven't seen any further maps. I know the maps get HUGE, though.
  5. Eh. I guess you could do that too. To be honest, this is the first draft I'm actually hosting. If we do it THAT way, then the turn limit on the Gaiden vs. penalty time really doesn't matter.
  6. Here's my honest opinion. If you do FE8, just don't use Seth until about midway through- or maybe two thirds. TRUST ME, you'll feel like you accomplished something.
  7. GlitchWarrior: Just like a regular Warrior, but possesses Skills that warp reality itself. Surrounded by a corrupted aura.
  8. Slight warning before you start any of them- Although mounted units can finish their move after rescuing, trading, or another utility option, they CANNOT if they attack or heal (in the case of Troubadours).
  9. Here's my thought- if the inevitable FE4 remake (you know one is going to happen sooner or later) doesn't have a Divine Pulse mechanic- which, honestly, there's no reason to include it there anyway- the fans who have grown to need it are going to lose EVERYONE.
  10. I guess what we're trying to tell you is this- Classic mode is there because it's the way it's always been. Now, I feel like Casual Mode should never have been added, but then again I don't think FE would have half of its fans if it weren't. Plus, I prefer the stress that comes when a unit is put in danger to "so I'll lose them, they'll just come back". The Turnwheel DEFINITELY should never have been a thing though. Now that Divine Pulse (i;e basically the Turnwheel) is in 3H, the game is barely challenging. I'll probably play my first run of Echoes (because I don't have it yet) ignoring the Turnwheel altogether, because IT NEVER SHOULD HAVE EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Actually, I don't think that's an unpopular opinion. Turnwheel ruins the challenge, we already knew that.
  11. Arguments can be made for Spear FIghter HInoka. I mean Pegasi are fragile. Soldiers are decidedly not as fragile. And besides, I just want this woman to exist.
  12. I still believe that Classic mode is a staple feature. It's not going anywhere.
  13. But that's the thing. Permadeath has been a STAPLE of FE. I think I only ever beat 1 game on Casual mode, being Birthright-- and that was my first ever FE game cleared. I wanted to go back and do Awakening Casual so I could recruit everyone, but I eventually gave up, as I could now be more reckless with army placement. Classic mode stays. Another unpopular opinion? The Camus archetype is stupid. It started somewhat nobly, with Camus himself and Eldigan, got conditional with Lloyd and Selena, then later in Awakening (with Mustafa) and Fates (with Xander, BR version) it just feels forced. I get that we're supposed to feel sympathy for these characters. I just didn't in Xander's case. And since Birthright is the game that got me hooked on the series... That's a bad way to introduce one of the series' most famous archetypes.
  14. WELLLLLLLL... Here's how I have it marked. However many extra turns you must take, you take them either until you reach the turn limit for the Gaiden OR take them at the end OF said Gaiden. Since no units join during Gaiden Chapters and the only force-deployed unit is Roy, you shouldn't have any problem spending the turns at the end of that map. I guess the rules are from the Integrity post. You can find the redux either at the top of this mini-forum or here. It's the most basic draft ruleset anyway.
  15. I have honestly always loved Swordmasters, and I usually make sure to run at least 1. In every game they are available in. But with Astra and Swordfaire, they go from niche crit machines to absolute masters of destructive swordsmanship.
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