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  1. You should try Sacred Stones sometime. It only pulls that on you a couple times and only once is it unwarranted (the transition between Ch11 and Ch12 doesn't give any grind/shop time besides the pre-battle armory and prep screen sadly)
  2. It's exactly what it says on the tin: it's just Binding Blade, but instead of Roy you have Ike. Have fun with a main character who doesn't suck. I've playtested up to Chapter 16 and he is *still viable.* Maybe mine just got blessed, I dunno. 9 con on a sword lord is one hell of a drug. (Includes Link Mode palettes and Greil as Eliwood.) (Disclaimer: No dialogue was changed outside of names, and the only unit with statistical changes is Ike. Sadly this means if you unlock TrialMap!Eliwood Greil will still be a Paladin and not a hero. I also haven't "added" Earth affinity or the Regal Sword, so Ike is stuck with Roy's Fire affinity and rapier instead. Finally, I couldn't find a good T2 map sprite for Ike that wasn't a Vanguard, so he uses a Marth sprite instead. All assets are from the F2U repo.) Screenshots: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sgdze0qhhn5y4k2/FE6_Ike_Mode.ups/file CREDITS Ike portrait by Nickt Greil Portrait by Quotedotlass and Electric Serge Ike battle sprite by Khrene Kleaver (Recolored by me for Link Mode or if you hack in the "No Personal Palettes" option) Ike T1 map sprite by Teraspark Ike T2 map sprite by Dominus_Vobiscum Stat and text edits all by me, using FEBuilderGBA
  3. I think you're completely missing the point, Mir. Kaze isn't supposed to kill things, that's the whole point. Yes, he can, but he's more meant to set up kills for others. That's the entire gimmick of Ninjas to be honest. Felicia has even less strength than Kaze does. Not sure what you think you're getting at here, unless Flame Shuriken strats are involved.
  4. Hey, someone I know from Discord! Glad to see you on here. Huge forest, small world, I guess.
  5. I disagree, I believe that this instead is the mark of a true Emblemier coming of age. (also, am I supposed to take advice from someone who can't even spell "despicable" correctly? You fool. You absolute coward. I will take your bones.)
  6. They tried this with Mark (just a random tactician who fell asleep on the plains) and Kris (whose only background is being the grandchild of an altean knight). The former isn't even a character though, and Kris is... Kris.
  7. (Important note: I HC Corrin and Byleth as female, hence the "she" referral in this post.) See, there's a key difference though. It's true that 3H has a lot of focus characters instead of much more undeveloped characters. Really, it's a Byleth issue. I'm also in the camp of Byleth being the second-worst avatar, since for some reason IS both wanted to make her a character and a blank slate, but they just need to stop writing avatars already because all six of them (Mark, Kris, Robin, Corrin, Kiran, Byleth) so far have been varying degrees of Gary Stu/Mary Sue (it is for this reason I am worried about Shez). By writing the plot almost exclusively around the avatar their relationships are harder to properly implement because not everyone is going to get along with everyone. I'm not going to advocate the return of the GBAFE support system, but I would like IS to show some restraint (and if they MUST make the MC support with everyone at least give them unique, non-generic dynamics. There are actually a few Corrin supports that show off new sides to Corrin rather than her support partner, but Byleth doesn't get any of that). Local Danganronpa fan agrees that she's unmemorable if you haven't spent like half a year exclusively delving into DR. But that's not even the same argument, for DR you can group characters in groups of 16 by game and that makes it easier. Remembering who serves what role in one game and all that. I don't look at it as 48 DR characters, I see 16 DR1 characters, which is much easier to remember. Sayaka is the childhood friend who became an idol, Leon is the baseball pro who hates baseball, et cetera. I don't look at them in relation to the series, I look at them in relation to the rest of their cast. Now, applying this same logic to Fire Emblem is more difficult, as you still have games like 3H that have like 40 total, fleshed-out characters. But even then that's only a fraction of the 700-ish playable characters in all of Fire Emblem. Even then, this group is branched into OTHER groups- like the 24 students being split into three main houses of eight apiece (that's half of your average Danganronpa cast actually), where you can remember them as part of their house. The smaller the group you look at, the easier it is to remember units in that group. But that's where I agree with you- I don't think this game has too many characters, but in terms of support with Byleth, it forgets about the way those characters are grouped and treats all 39 support partners as individuals (save the house leaders, whose supports are obviously house-locked). Because of this, their supports all come off as an introduction to a newcomer (because that's pretty much what they are) rather than the evolution of an existing dynamic. This is actually something all avatars get wrong, but I find Byleth the worst offender because unlike Kris, Robin or Corrin, she doesn't have any actual dialogue to tell us who she is. Yet these people pour their hearts out to her and she never gets a chance to use her own identity to help them with their problems- you know, something support is supposed to be about. I barely remember any Byleth supports where Byleth helps anyone else get better because Byleth barely has an identity. (I like her support with Lysithea, but that's pretty much the only example I can think of.) Compare this to a support like Lorenz/Mercedes, where Mercedes helps Lorenz get over his feelings of superiority over the commoners he deems in need of protection, or Dorothea/Ferdinand, where Dorothea helps Ferdinand see past her being a pretty face to the warm heart underneath. Hell, this is present in other FE games- a support like Tharja/Gregor is a deep story about a man hurt by the death of his brother who seeks dark methods to speak with him again, and the reunion is so touching that Tharja doesn't even take his soul afterward. In my opinion? The problem isn't with the size of the cast one bit. It mostly stems from the writers refusing to make Byleth a character, so their support partners have to carry their supports with her on their own... and I don't know about you, but Bernadetta and Raphael can't carry entire support chains without someone to bounce off of.
  8. OK but most of you aren't mentioning that the Blue Lions are eating at some kind of base camp which makes sense as Garreg Mach was a den of thieves at the time in canon but also I hope this is implying that we'll get to freeroam in more places than the monastery god that place got old fast
  9. frankly I blame some of this on IS not having that sweet spot of difficulty either the enemies are overinflated to the point that there is no feasible way for your units to match up to their generics, let alone their bosses, or they're cannon fodder I personally play primarily on Normal Mode (but Hard Mode 1 in DSFE), and some of the more recent endgames still feel like BS.
  10. Unrelated note: I have recolored some sprites from the Universal FE Repo to fit my party. Left to right: Kris, Ryan, Marth, Arran, Palla, Julian, Wrys, Ogma, Rickard, Frey, Samuel, Phina, Roger, Etzel, Jake, Beck, Xane, Est, Abel, Lena
  11. Well, then, here's the teams, organized by joining chapter. Some things I noticed: - I'm recruiting at least one unit every two maps from Ch3 up until Ch15. - I drafted both of the former ballisticians. Similarly, both Jake and Roger are the two units who absolutely must be recruited with Caeda- would be nice to be Levin right now. - I am the only player to not have any BSFE characters present on my team. - I possess the most units from the original Fire Emblem in my draft, at 10 (counting Lena). - I possess no units from the Mage classline. - Knight, the HOST of the draft, is the only one who won't be recruiting one of Medeus' sacrifices. - He also got both of the Hunters, though only one of the horsemen. - Knight possesses no units of the Hunter, Myrmidon or Mercenary classline. He also lacks clerics entirely. - Levin has the most units in his team that were not present/recruitable in the original Mystery of the Emblem, having 8 of them. - He possesses THREE of the five Myrmidons (Radd, Malice and Athena). - He does not have a Mercenary or Hunter. - Eltosian got BOTH Heroes. Neither of them that good but still. - He is the only player to not have a Shadow-Dragon-original character in his draft. - He will possess the largest party at the start of Chapter 1, with 5 units instead of 4. - Eltosian possesses all three of the Fighters of Talys, giving him access to the Triangle Attack of Talys. - He also has the matched set of Sheema/Samson. - None of his units are clerics save Maria, who doesn't join until the Endgame. - Like Knight, he lacks myrmidons. I blame this on Levin's Myrmidon monopoly. - Gradivus boasts the largest cavalry force, with 6 total horse units. - He possesses no flying units, Archers, or Fighters (but he does have Darros who comes close enough). - Levin and I are the two in most need for Master Seals, needing 9 apiece if we want to promote every unit we have. - We all have at least one Knight, Cleric and Cavalier. - Wolf and Bantu went completely ignored.
  12. ....wait, never mind my previous post saying I'd be stuck with a Wolfguard. Roger/Beck. That wraps up my team. @NightKnight77 I have this sinking suspicion that Wolf and Bantu will be the last units in the pot.
  13. It just occurred to me that by our rules I'm almost certainly going to get stuck with at least one Wolfguard.
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