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  1. Figure out what constitutes a weapon-lock and how to make new ones
  2. Onmi

    FE7 Expansion Project

    Since you felt the need to edit your original response, I edited my own. In summation, this isn't a hug box and if you don't want to be criticized for your work then make your work not-shit. If you didn't want to be criticized at all, that's fine. You don't need to post your project, just work on it for yourself. Enjoy your own stuff. But you put it out in a public forum, so sucks to be you. And I am sick and tired of the quality of the work on this place, I'm sick of bad writing, of horrible stories, of horrendous ideas. So if I have to play quality police until someone bans me or I finish my project (In which case I'm just gone from this place and I can hope, just a little, that people grew up) I'll do that.
  3. Onmi

    FE7 Expansion Project

    Sure I'm helping, here are the flaws in your project, either take steps to fix them or don't. But if you don't then it will be a flawed, horrible mess of a project. I'm not giving suggestions for additions because my own idea of what redoing FE7 is would require a complete rework, and I do not trust you or your team to be able to handle that, and on top of that it's simply my personal feeling of what to do if you reworked FE7, how I would address the flaws. I'm not sorry I'm ruining the premise or hurting your feelings, this isn't a Hugbox, this is hacking. I am a critic and am sick and tired of people not getting the subtle hints that they are doing something wrong so I'm being blunt. And if it hurts then good, the truth does hurt. Your headcanon doesn't interest me, what your opinion is doesn't interest me. You can "not like Nergal being Ninians dad", but thinking it's canonical is in fact you just being wrong. Tough break, it's canon. Get over it. And I don't care that I insulted you, get better and I wont have anything to complain about, then you wont be getting insulted. I understand why you're getting upset, because I had the gall to be blunt and to the point. And that's not going to change. You think I'm self-righteous and high-and-mighty? I'm a terrible hacker, just as bad a writer, I can't sprite, my maps are hilariously large and I had the insanity to smash my head against the grind stone for going on 4 years now. You know what I have? people telling me where my problems are, and me fixing them. They are not always nice, sometimes they can be very blunt. And in turn, when other people who work with me help out, and I am blunt back at them, they are okay with that. Because dressing up the truth in a pretty pink ribbon and hugging it out doesn't help anyone.
  4. Onmi

    FE7 Expansion Project

    So in short, you're not addressing any of FE7's actual flaws, such as the pacing, the structure of the arcs, the general amount of faffing about, and are instead going to add superfluous things, such as a playable Ninian Manakete despite her being dead, and the big crux of the game being her revival, expanding the backstories of the characters who already have extensively explored backstories, a new playable character that nobody could care for and... TBA And your aiming for early 2014? Let's analyze that shall we, if you want to bring the rest of the Divine Weapons in (Why? The S rank weapons are already as powerful if not more so in this game) you're going to need to get Apocalypse into the game. Apocalypse is a horrendously insane monster of ASM and magic that would be extremely difficulty to move over. and the other divine weapons are literally just weapon icons. You wont make early 2014, if this even gets off the ground. And on top of all that "Make more links to FE6"? Are you fucking nuts? FE6 and FE7 shouldn't have anything to do with each other, they are about two separate conflicts, any ties you could make between the games would be superfluous and only exist to stick out like a sore thumb (much like the games current references) as "LOOK! LOOK! THIS IS TOTALLY A PREQUEL CAUSE THESE GUYS SHOWED UP!" It's not going to work, it wont naturally flow without stripping FE7 down to its core and completely rewriting it, and if you're doing that I would rather not trust a writer who actively substitutes what is canon for what is in their head. I would love to see someone go over FE7 with a fine comb and fix its problems, they exist, they should be fixed. This is not that project, and this does nothing but fill me with dread. Or it would if I had any faith of this getting off the ground, which I don't. Thank god. The last thing the world needs is another terrible FE7 hack.
  5. I just... I can't... I know that I was the one who said that the point was going to be missed but I'm still a little shocked. I can only be thankful that I don't actually drink, otherwise I would be dead with rage and alcohol together killing me.
  6. Well if you're still awake in about... 6 hours I'll try to run a stream and you can see for yourselves. EDIT: Late but up http://www.twitch.tv/orpheusnilus
  7. Oh I removed weight. I took a long time to come to that conclusion and since the enemies are plenty challenging I just did it.
  8. The current balance is that pre-promotes have higher growths than unpromoted units, but average out as essentially a 20/10 character. They will never be the best . But there is no penalization for using them essentially. Think Camus or Titania when it comes to growths.
  9. Hmm, I don't know. Theoretically it could all be reverse engineered but not all of it would be applicable. And of course notes would be included along with explanations. A lot of it is FE6 specific though, after all the ASM to make it so paired endings work isn't needed by FE7 or 8. The ASM to make it so full endings play for everyone isn't needed but will be apply-able to anyone wishing to hack FE6 of course. Then there's stuff like the Magic Expansion Project. Yes there's going to be ASM involved there but that's a project across all 3 games that's just also being showcased in my hack. There is one thing that I can think is applicable across FE7 and 8 that's under Important not Vanity (the distinction is that Vanity is not necessarily in the scope of the project, but I would love to have it if time/patience permits him) and you'll see it if/when it's done.
  10. So how about an update. Always fun. I went through and fixed all the broken supports. At the same time I wrote new supports for Thany/Juno, a new A support for Niime/Jodel, A new C for Noah/Karel (combining the old C and B into a new B) and did some overall editing on all three Chad/Ellen supports. Also went through with some name changes, the Juno/Jodel/Jahn trio, Oujay to Ogier, making sure Lott is consistently called that (as it was the script flip-flopped) Ward to Wade (though I feel like reversing it, since Ward is more flavorful if less correct.) Dragon Knight/Lord to Dracoknight/master and Wyverns to Drakes. Dark Dragon to Demon Dragon, Dragon-Human War to Divine Crusades. If any of you have a problem with that, as I've said multiple times the hack is open source once released, go nuts and change it back. I don't care at that point. I've separated the Drynwyn and the Rapier, the former is Roy's Tier-1 Prf, the latter is the old Rapier with no lord-lock. Drynwyn is one of the Thirteen treasures of the Island of Brittain White-Hilt, the Sword of Rhydderch Hael (Dyrnwyn, gleddyf Rhydderch Hael): "if a well-born man drew it himself, it burst into flame from its hilt to its tip. And everyone who used to ask for it would receive; but because of this peculiarity everyone used to reject it. And therefore he was called Rhydderch the Generous." The in-game plot of the blade is that it was Cecilia's graduation gift to Roy. I had originally wanted to call the blade Hauteclere due to the reference to the Song of Roland, but IntSys already turned that into an axe. Probably because there are no legendary axes... The Al Sword has become Joyeuse, Roy's 2nd-Tier prf weapon, the blade of Etrurian Prince takes when they come of age. Elphin for whatever reason has it and gives it to Roy. And the Gant Lance has fully become the Heavy Spear now down to the name (though not weapon icon). Now Leygance is truly an utter joke to the Triangle Attack. Should see about renaming the Triangle Attack the Jetstream Attack for the armors. Finally, I've sent the wizard responsible for the ASM wonders being bestowed upon my hack the list of important and vanity needs. He's busy, as he is what with all that he makes, hacks, creates, destroys, and rends common sense to shreds. But that should be wonderful. By the end of this we should have a lot of stuff not just for my hack, but for the community too. Other than that, I've been plaything through the game on Development Streams, going over balance and character placement and enemies and items. So if you ever wanna see that happen, go to OrpheusNilus on Twitch and you should be in for... well... wonderful insanity. There is still a lot left to be done for a brief rundown 6 animations 7 map sprites Lots of item sprites magic animations in relation to the Expanded Magic Project Portraits (4 Player Characters, then incidental NPC/boss stuff which doesn't worry me too much) Text/map event correction (So we don't go from Ilia to Etruria and fight Roartz and Arcard twice). Ending editing, getting the new ones for the new PCs, Writing up the Supports for new units. Optionally, there is coding up the new chapters the game will have so that the pacing all flows how we want it too. Renaming/numbering the chapters. Which, I should pose a question. If I were to type the name into FE7 and then save the graphic there, would that be a fast way of transferring them to FE6? With that, everyone will be in their correct place for recruitment and the games length proper. and basically the only thing left to do will be to go through and change old maps/the script Also, a question, not a poll because ultimately I'll do what I want anyway but a curiosity. Would people prefer if saving Hector was HM only? The same saving method would apply (Get Ellen into his cell before the turn event that kills him) but it would only be accessible on Hard Mode. The reason I am against this is that the game will be looking for everyone to be alive and in the party when it runs its extra plot stuff. If Hector isn't savable then Erik can't join. meaning you don't get any extra plot bits after a certain point, simply cause you're on normal mode. Anyway. That's that for now. I'll leave you with a few images Thank you generic paladin for filling in for Erk while he gets his new clothes Some name and class changes. I figure female soldiers having the same map sprite as males was perfectly fine. A better description for the Rapier. I had a much longer one written up but it got cut off after the first line. So better making them to the point. Ahhh, now I know exactly how to do all the different victory conditions, I'm going to have a lot of fun. The latest version of Lyn is on the right. She... has not had a good time. Welp! See you all when I have a new update!
  11. no i wouldn't, it just shows the weapon rank for the type of weapon you use.
  12. Well I have no idea when that is. I'm shooting for some time next year for 1.0
  13. So my Wizard got everyone's full endings showing up in FE6's credits (or more specifically after the credits). Just thought I should let you all know. We have 6 animations to go and one current animation being refurbished. So I'll see you all with the next bit of update when I have it. Oh, and nothing to concern yourselves about but I finally went through and removed _0x40 from every event, since we appropriated that for escape chapters. It all works fine, but it's basically something I don't have to do at release time.
  14. 17 would mean that Eliwood was born the year this game took place, which yes, would put Isadora and Harken basically in the 10-12 range. 13 would put them at 30. Marcus would be... 23+, seems reasonable. Vaida would be... maximum 22? Depends on where you think she falls in the "30s" scale in FE7.
  15. Just for clarification this isn't actually 20 years before FE7 anymore, correct? because the logistical problems of that are numerous and mind boggling. Like how Isadora and Harken would have to be in the single digits, and Vaida would be in her teens. Also, of course I don't have a script to go through so simply from the video, minor thing. "By the Sky, Uther." This is odd to come from Elberts mouth, since he isn't Sacaean and the whole Earth/Sky thing is theirs. On top of that they have a church, it's monotheistic, so "By the Gods" wouldn't work either, singular deity. "By Elimine/For Elimine's sake" may work, since she is a saint. Although it would be the equivalent of going "By Peter" when you actually think about it. "By God" is the only way to go if you want to keep the line the same, if you have problems with references to a deity in speech for... whatever reason, not sure why considering that actual FEs don't mind talking about Gods and Goddesses with the noun "God/Goddess" Then I would suggest altering the line entirely. "For pities sake, Uther." for example. I'm going to go over this a couple more times, make a few notes about any problems I see, and then report back here. The story here is 99% well written from what I can see and I don't spy any major problems beyond the potential age thing making it a potential nightmare, the vulgarity can be annoying for some but personally I feel so long as the person saying it fits, there isn't an issue. An annoyance for me was that Lyn spoke so properly in FE7 despite having lived on her own in Sacae for most of her life. Yet she already spoke like a noble, a confusing bit of writing, since she should have developed to speak more nobly, and started blunt and... well "Savage". But yes, the swearing doesn't bug me, if I see something massively wrong I'll post about it. EDIT: The conversation between Eagler and Uther has Eagler's like "... I assume it must be a matter of grave significance." followed by Uther saying "I imagine so." I would recommend "I'd imagine so" as it sounds a lot more natural. "Leal" I had to look up this word to get its definition, while I understand flavoring the setting, you want something to be conveyed to the player without them having to go "Okay time to pull up the dictionary" This line "I would be your escort, my lord. With your permission, I will accompany you to Ostia." is perfectly fine, but it doesn't sit well with me. maybe consider rewording it. But if you don't it works. Okay now I know this can't be 20 years in the past. Eliwood wouldn't have been born then. I'm still unsure of the time frame, because Marcus is in his 40's and Harken and Isadora are in their 20s and they look close to the same age here. Actually Marcus looks a little older than he used to, though not quite in his 20's/30s and it would seem odd for Uther to call him a Kid.
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