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    Embrace the dank you call a home ~

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    Hobbies: 3D Modelling, videogames
    Media: Doctor Who, Videogames, Anime, dAnK mEmEs
    Specific games: Minecraft, most first party Nintendo franchises, Persona, Sonic, and Terraria.
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    Shadows of Valentia

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About Me

Who am I?

At basis, I'm just a guy who mostly keeps to himself but will hold a conversation if you're interested. I do enjoy a conversation even if I seem reserved.

I share opinions, ideas, and fun projects I do if I have them. And I try to be helpful to anyone who seems lost if I can answer a question or offer guidance.

Others have described me as organized, helpful, clever, great with ideas, and level headed, but it's really up to you to form your own opinion of me.


Anything in my interests, I generally love talking about if you're looking to conversate with me.


I sometimes do parody photoshops. Here's my thread: link

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