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  1. Thank you! I hope it doesn't get burned down however...
  2. Thank you! Also that picture is amazing.
  3. Thanks a lot! While I did play Symphonia, I actually haven't beaten it yet, mainly because it's really hard for me to play a Tales game without the Auto Run feature lol. Vesperia is my first and favorite. Such a solid game. The Xillia games are great as well.
  4. Just like everybody else is saying, not necessarily a remake, but a re-release, or at the very least a remaster. As much as I love the Tellius games, I think we can all agree that Jugdral is more deserving of a remake than Tellius. They're both still perfectly fine games.
  5. Hey everyone! I'm Simon. I live and breathe in Venezuela (yes, THAT Venezuela), and I'm a pretty avid FE fan despite starting pretty late with Awakening. Aside from that one I've played every FE since Binding Blade up until half of Echoes (half because my 3ds died and I can't buy a new one because lol hyperinflation). I also play Heroes a lot, only as an F2P . But anyway, aside from FE I love me playing some Zelda, Tales games, Mass Effect and many other franchises. Despite me lurking in this forum for quite a while now I've never decided to join this place. Until today of course. So I'm really looking forward to engage even more with one of my favorite communities!
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