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  1. I have recently finished FE SoV and with that I have finally beat all of the Fe games released in the US (on Hard) and in the wake of this I have made an excel based list that has ranked the top units for me based on the % of the kills the unit got during their game. I then converted the the percentage into a "lethal rating" by using the formula "=Sum((% of kills*2.779)*100)+50." For example I got 92 kills with Wil in Fire Emblem from the GBA, and I had a total of 813 kills in that game. That means he got 11.3% of all the kills in the game and using the formula, that would give him an 81.4 Lethal Rating. I got bored and came up with this to kill some time, but if you have kept a list of your kill counts like I did, feel free to try it out and have some fun. I omitted Avatar characters from my list.
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    Hello everybody. I am a huge FE fan. I have beaten every FE released in the US, including FE Warriors and Tokyo Mirage sessions #FE. My first FE game was Path of Radiance and it is my still my favorite one and Ike is my boy. I've kept a list of all the kill counts throughout the FE games that I've played and made a corresponding list in excel about it that I plan on posting in the future. Other games series I enjoy include The Shin megami tensei games and Persona games. A old school classic that is among favorite game series of all time is Monster Rancher, with MR2 being my favorite from the series
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