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  1. Cool, if you are making a 3 tier swordmaster, can we hope to see third tier units for other classes as well? also, looks really good till now!
  2. I really like Palutena and think why your try is okay, the "base" sprite could have been chosen better. Here is my version in comparison (the right picture). I guess that mine has too many colors for a GBA game, but that could probably be changed by just using one "type" of white.
  3. Nice animation. I like how it crotches down before the jump to build up more energy.
  4. Thank you for your reply and for your suggestion/tip. I just think I wouldn't be satisfied with spending a few hours on just editing the hair of a character...But I will take from that, that I should start with smaller edits to get familiar with the animations till I do "bigger" changes or my own animations.
  5. Hi, after creating a DeviantArt account (https://garretgreybird.deviantart.com/) and posting this on the German Fire Emblem Forum I decided to go ahead and post these here to. I am quite new to Spriting but decided to go ahead and try to make some own Sprites. I started with enhancing the resolution of Ephraim's normal attack: Afterwards, I went ahead and made my first own Animation in this higher resolution with a character where I only had to move the arms and not the body: But I recently only got time in the evenings so I decided to go with the "easier" normal FE style. The first one was inspired by John Constantine and used Lylods sprite as a basis for him. the two first pics are my ideas for his idle pose, while the third one is the first sketch for his first keyframe. This is my try to create Ryougi Shiki (Saber version) from The Fate/Grand Order in an FE style. Her Basis was some bishop sprite (Think it was Arthur). The first two pictures are her idle with and without a weapon, while the last one is my first try on the first keyframe (still not happy with it, needs a different angle). These two are Ryougi Shiki (Assasin version), which is just a rather minor edit to some female Rouge. the second sprite is my first try on Artoria (from Fate as well), with a mix of druid and mercenary as a basis. Now, this last one is the one I am currently trying to animate. It is Mordred (again, from Fate) and I got one version with and without helmet, as well as the first keyframe, which I am currently trying to connect with the idle pose. I would really appreciate some feedback to any of these sprites.
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