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  1. Im really late to replying to this, but if you want to know, Marth was my introduction to the fire emblem series. In the second grade, I always went over to a friend's house and we would all play Super smash melee, and thats when I discovered Marth and the world of Fire Emblem. I also just love his personality in the games, he's struggled so much with many difficult circumstances, yet he still manages to hold his head high and be the kind, loyal and brave prince that he is. Idk i really admire him, he was my first lord in fe, and if only guys in real life could be as perfect as him lol
  2. lol but Gaius might eat em all before I get them to you D:
  3. Yay! Thank you so much! I will let you know if I ever need help with Rune Factory!
  4. Thank you! I don't mind at all, as long as she doesn't either. Finally someone I can relate with :D
  5. Ayyy thanks! I will definitely come to you if I ever need help. Thanks for the offer!
  6. Glad you like my name! I've never played Rune Factory before but I'm currently saving up to buy Rune Factory 4! And like you, the first time I heard of Marth was cuz of brawl when I was tiny and he was my main lolol. He also introduced me to Fire Emblem and so those just a few reasons why I love him so much and why he's so special to me.
  7. Just a quick question, how should I build a +spd -def legendary ephraim? I've been thinking about it for a while now.
  8. No I don't...but I have heard of it and I'm been meaning to play it one day. Is it any good? Thanks for the warm welcome! And sorry, I don't have any cakes to spare, I think Gaius ate them all. :(
  9. Even if he's not your favourite, nevertheless I applaud you for appreciating Marth as a character. :) Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I will for sure check these out. And thanks for the tip about using an emulator with a translation patch!
  11. Thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely check those out when I get the chance to! Have a nice day.
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