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  1. Alternate Celica then Alm in Act 3, Act 4 Alm to Nuibaba’s, Celica to Sage’s, Alm to Nest, Celica to tower, Finish with Alm
  2. The game would be very post Awakening, give it a few hundred years. It would have references to all the other games in a coherent timeline. I.E. the Jugdral games info is very unknown while the Tellius and Awakening are better known. 3 generations over 300 years. World Map with battles having army come out of lord. No animations b/c all info except cutscenes and dialouge is birds eye, like you. 9 base classes for the 9 main weapon types. The triangle will be like so: Physical(Sword-Lance-Axe)-Magic(Anima(Fire-Thunder-Wind)-Dark-Light)-Etc.(Daggers-Stones(Beast and Dragon)-Bows). Politics to solidify 9 paths, one end path locked until all others beaten. Have to beat all paths once to replay all.(I know, jerk move, makes good replay value). 9 lords to control, no gods. Will have link to full project later
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