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Hiya~! I’m Takumeme, but you can call me Takumi, Ashei, or whatever the frick you want! I’m assuming you want to know more about me, because why else would you be stalking about my profile?

I’m from the Rocky Mountain states. I live in small town called Lyman. Small as in population of 2,000 small. I like video games, basketball, track, other sports, movies, comics,music, and TV shows.

My favorite game is Mario Odyssey, but some other game/franchises I like are, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, The 2K basketball games, The Elder Scrolls(Mainly Skyrim), Injustice, The Arkham games, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros., and many more!

I’m quite fond of movies, like Hot Rod, Lego Batman, Star Wars, DCEU, Marvel, DCAU, Space Jam and others I don’t want to name right now. I think my favorite movie is Batman: Under the Red Hood. Some of my favorite tv shows are The Flash, Arrow, Big Bang Theory, Young Justice, Teen Titans, King of Queens.

I guess if I can stomach reading a book for more than five seconds it would be reading Ready Player One.

Some of my favorite artists are Peter Hollens, Imagine Dragons, Fallout Boy, Queen, Journey, Rush and many more. My favorite song is I See Fire by Ed Sheeran.

I like superheroes,a lot. My favorite Superheroes are, Red Hood, The Flash, Kid Flash, Batman, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Quicksilver, Starlord, Starfire, and Nightwing.

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