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  1. I feel like good ‘ol Takumi would just raise me to hate Nohrians. Lucky.
  2. Yeah, you can join! You just pick pick whatever character you want! my apologies for not being active. I have been babysitting my niece for awhile and haven’t been able to get on very ,much.
  3. 420 i would celebrate 4/20 as holiday, but something awful happened that day.
  4. Start a Pineapple cult WWYDI Takumi made it into Smash?
  5. 18. Fredrick needs to stop picking up meaningless pebbles 19. Morgan, We all know that Robin is your parent, you don’t have to (practically) copy his catch phrases.
  6. I enjoyed Birthright the most. Never have I felt more emotional pain for an enemy unit than in Birthright. The whole Xander/Elise stuff brings out my feels every time. Conquest just didn’t feel the same, mainly because I thought of them as Nohrian scum instead of siblings. While it didn’t give me quite as many feels, because A) Ryoma killed himself, Which Would have hurt more if Corrin killed him.B) Takumi was already dead by the time you fought him the final time. I don’t feel either way about Revelations.
  7. I would enjoy PvP. Along with a larger cast of characters from different games. and less clones.
  8. So basically you just list your Fire Emblem dream team of 15 and we discuss how good a team it would be. My Team: 1.Takumi, “You abandoned your family and Hoshido, Now pay for your betrayal!” 2. Alm, I just wish he would have ... (spoilers) 3.Roy, he’s our boy 4.Hector, I got to of him in one summon, I had to put him here 5.Ephraim, I believe he is secretly Alm 6. Subaki, My Fates husbando 7. Cordelia, My Awakening waifu 8.Lon’qu, give him killin edge and he’ll get the job done 9.Cherche, My other Awakening Waifu 10.Chrom, he’s just to great to leave out. 11 Leo, basically just magic Takumi 12.Xander, My third favorite Fates sibling 13Marth, I main him in Smash Bros... 14.Oboro, My Fates Waifu 15. And Olivia.
  9. Okay then, Sequel to Gaiden/ Shadow of Valencia where Celica kills Alm() then attempts to destroy the peace Alm/ Celica made. 25 chapters of Celica killing everyone's favorite characters, until the final chapter, where Alm comes back to life and acts a last line of defense. Spoiler Alert: It has a happy ending, Alm kills Celica.
  10. So, I just summoned Fell Reincarnation Robin, and I’m wondering how I should use him. Perferbly with Zelgius, Male Corrin, Ephraim(Non Legendary), or Empty Vessel Takumi.
  11. So, I just summoned Fell Reincarnation Robin, and I’m wondering how I should use him. Perferbly with Zelgius, Male Corrin, Ephraim(Non Legendary), or Empty Vessel Takumi.
  12. I don’t really have preference on my favorite. I like Roy, Alm, Chrom, Marth, Eliwood, and Ike. But I do have least favorite. By far, it’s Celica. She honestly made me not like Gaiden\Shadow of Valencia. I was just sick of her trying to end the war peacefully. I wish Alm would have just hecking killed her instead of that whole bringing her back to life thing.
  13. Sorry for not specifying all this stuff guys... i only recently decided to add stats to the RP...
  14. Alright, everyone, Growth stats will be determined by rolling a six sided die for each stat. Each character will need to determine a boon and bane. For the noon stat, if the dice rolls a 3,4,or 5 it increase by atleast one, If it rolls a 6, it increases 2. For the Bane stats, if you roll a 1 or a 2 it increases 1 for all other stats 1,2, or 3 it increases 1.
  15. @Dragoncat, LoZ based characters will have the same stats, They will relatively have an effect. Basically everyone of my posts will have an update of the battle’s map, and have damage calculations and all that Jazz.
  16. BOTW Link’s stats and class Class: Hero of the Wild, uses Swords, Lances, Axes, and Bows Level 5 Stats: HP: 30 Strength: 15 Magic: 4 Skill: 18 Speed:14 Defense: 12 Resistance: 10 Luck: 12 Movement: 5 Weapons: Master Sword, MT 12, Crit 10, Effective against dark units. Shoots beams at full health. Beams: MT 7 Crit 7. Also @Dragoncat, if you could make stats for your characters, that’d be Dandy.
  17. Yes, @DuckMannnn,actually. I’m working on stats for the Legend of Zelda Characters right now. I’m working on turning Breath of the Wild locations into maps as well.
  18. 64: Jigglypuff Melee: Roy, Link, and Jigglypuff Brawl: Toon Link Smash 4:I’m pretty versatile in this one. I main Corrin, but my secondaries are Greninja, Roy, Shulk, Lucina, Toon Link, Link, Cloud, and Ryu.
  19. I as far as Roster goes, I’d like to see more variety in the Fire Emblems characters, like having an archer, lancer, Fighter, that type of stuff. Also hav Chrom as an Alternate skin for Ike. All as an Alternate skin for like Roy I defiantly want to see Shovel Knight and the Inklings make a smash debut in smash five. Another pokemon/trainer. I think a good pick for another Pokemon is Scizor. Stages: I’d like to see a new stage for the following games, Breath of the Wild, Splatoon, Shovel Knight, Fire Emblem Switch, Xenoblade 2, I also want another Story mode, but vocal interactions between some characters, I mean, obviously not all characters.
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