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  1. You didn't have my permission to release this! This is uncalled for, I'm still working on the final version right now, and I even gave a deadline of the 15th of next month! You have no right to release a project using my script without my permission or knowledge!
  2. Hey there Aethin, I'm Ciro, the lead for Project Exile. Just wanted to say I've enjoyed your TRS translation, and I really appreciate everything you're doing for Berwick as well. Right now, PE is in a state where I have some free time, so if you ever need a hand with this, just let me know. Otherwise, good luck and godspeed. And by the way, don't feel bad for taking your time. A good translation takes time. To paraphrase Bruce Campbell, "a translation that's easy to make is hard to read."
  3. Hi guys, I'm the co-retranslator and script editor for the patch update, and I thought I'd let you know that I put it on hold so I could work on a proper translation for Thracia 776. I could release what we had done before I made the swap, which was the whole prologue and 2 BSFE chapters, with numerous menu/name fixes, but I'd have to get the files from Hero, who has been incommunicado for a while. This is completely untrue, though. I don't know where you got that idea. It's true that we update things for newly-localized Heroes content, but you seem to think that's a Sisyphean endeavor when all it really means is going back and editing a few things.
  4. Could my FE11 Full Content Patch and SoV Disable World Map Reinforcements be added to the directory, please?
  5. Project Name: Project Exile Platform: FE5 Showing: Mekkah has already generously volunteered to LP the patch for FEE3. He can pick any of the translated chapters (we're done through 8x). I'm also up for an interview, I suppose, if that's something people are interested in.
  6. A major update is now available on the download page which, among other things, addresses the problem with red friendly ballisticians. Shamelessly copying from the changelog: - Fixed a major bug with battle animations in the FE11FCPWithGraphics variant - Friendly ballisticians will no longer appear red in the FE11FCPWithGraphics and FE11FCPWithSyncPatch variants - All patches will no longer trim ROMs and leave them at the original 64mb size to be compatible with certain emulators Barring further issues, this should be the last update for this patch. Famous last words, I know. Oh, and pinging for convenience - @MegaTheGamer, this update fixes the animation glitch you found. I'm glad you were able to laugh it off in the Twitch clip; I've seen much angrier reactions to glitches.
  7. Please specify which version of the patch you're using, and provide a save file for me to test with. Also try other variants of the patch and see if they work - your save file is compatible between patches; just restart the current chapter (load the save made after the last chapter ended and before the next chapter began).
  8. I'll be posting another translation comparison using BSFE chapter 1, "Fall of the Palace," after my work with the Shadow Dragon Full Content Patch has calmed down. I'm kind of double-dipping with SD hacking and FE12 translation, sorry about that - but the SD work is winding down, so I'll be back to focusing on the translation shortly.
  9. I've updated the patch so that no enemies in Prologue 1 scale up, and only two of the enemies in Prologue 2 scale up - 3 and 4 have everyone scaled, but by then you'll have an army of five, a cache of vulneraries, and be in an outside map with lots of terrain to play with. This update also includes a fix to glitched Pegasus Knight animations in the FE11FCPWithGraphics.xdelta variant. I've uploaded a fixed version to RH.net, but they take a while to process updates, so you can find the fixed version here until then: EDIT: Update live on RH.net page APPLY THIS TO A CLEAN ROM; DON'T APPLY IT TO YOUR ALREADY-PATCHED ROM. Also, existing saves are compatible, but I would restart the current chapter you're on - load the save made after you clear one chapter and before the next starts.
  10. I'm unable to replicate this glitch, and judging by the error message, you're using the wrong ROM. Make sure the ROM - BEFORE you patch it, just completely unaltered - matches these values and use the linked website to check: Original CRC32: 4CE55236 Original MD5: 5B7A037DFF5A904078404922642A01E8 Original SHA-1: 5174FBAB0C159CE247CCF133A8103B79FAE1435F http://onlinemd5.com/
  11. I'm unable to reproduce that glitch, at least in Desmume.
  12. A finalized version of the mod which greatly mitigates the chapter 1 glitch is available here: I'd like to thank all of you for your help with playtesting this. You've all been credited under the appropriate section in the thread.
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