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  1. Project Exile has been updated! Grab it from the link in the OP! This new update features a massive QoL improvement, courtesy of Co-Lead Programmer HidoranBlaze. As seen in the screenshot below, the inventory screen now shows a unit's Attack Speed, Dodge, and Follow-up Critical Multiplier (also known as PCC). Hido has a ko-fi now, so I'd urge you to support him for doing amazing work for Project Exile. And uh, if you're in a giving mood, I also have a ko-fi, but please give to Hido first; people have already been very generous with me. Have fun!
  2. One of the programmers for PE, EnDavio, has released a separate mod for Thracia that changes some of the character sprites to look more like their official art. It's compatible with PE, so check it out!
  3. Project Exile has been updated to version 1.03! The most exciting addition in this update is that there is a now a 0% growths version of Project Exile. Full instructions on how to install and use it are in the readme, and a Top Wait version of both the regular patch and the 0% growths patch are available. The update also includes some minor script fixes. Also, just a friendly reminder that I have a Ko-Fi, if you'd like to support the continued development of Project Exile.
  4. I appreciate you saying that, and you're welcome to join the PE discord if you want to discuss the script (we're literally discussing it all month).
  5. Hey there Aethin, I'm Ciro, the lead for Project Exile. Just wanted to say I've enjoyed your TRS translation, and I really appreciate everything you're doing for Berwick as well. Right now, PE is in a state where I have some free time, so if you ever need a hand with this, just let me know. Otherwise, good luck and godspeed. And by the way, don't feel bad for taking your time. A good translation takes time. To paraphrase Bruce Campbell, "a translation that's easy to make is hard to read."
  6. The patch has been updated to version 1.02. Download it from the link in the OP. Your savefile will carry over between versions - you just have to patch a fresh ROM. DO NOT patch an already-patched ROM; use an unaltered ROM. Rename your savefile (the .srm) to have the same filename as the new ROM and it will load just fine. A full changelog is below, but of note is the inclusion of Robert of Normandy's Unit Ordering Patch as an optional add-on. This allows you reorder the deploy menu, circumventing problems with positioning in later chapters. To use this add-on, see the included Readme. Also, I have a ko-fi page now, if you're feeling generous: https://ko-fi.com/cirosan? Changelog: - Fixed typos that have been reported. - Fixed an error that overwrote the first word of Schroff's epilogue slide. - Fixed an error that prevented the "Lv" graphic from appearing on the Status screen. - Partially fixed lingering text on the shop screen. - Added missing information on Fjalar's Scroll. - Reworded many item description names to be more accurate and informative. - Amended incorrect terrain names. - Amended title screen graphics. - When full animations are turned on, ATC is now rendered as ATK, for consistency. - When full animations are turned on, in-battle level-ups now show consistent stat abbreviations (HP, MAG, LCK and CON). - Brown headers in trading screen changed from "Possession Item" to "Inventory". - Fixed a graphical error that occured when Connaught is highlighted on the world map.
  7. Ah, but Mareeta doesn't call Leif "Little Leif" - she only ever calls him "Little Lord". Eyvel is the only one that uses "Little Leif". Mareeta also sometimes calls Leif by name - just "Leif", no title - to help convey their closeness. You don't have to be physically bigger/older than someone to use "little" in a nickname, especially with "Little Lord", since it conveys that Leif is exactly that: a young prince, elevated to a position of power early in life. As for the rest, I'd highly encourage you to join the Discord server and post your feedback in the script-discussion channel. I'd welcome your insights, and as Miacis mentioned, we'll be doing a review of the whole script very soon.
  8. After the considerable criticism surrounding it, lead editor Miacis has revised the intro to 24x in accordance with the views expressed by the thread. View footage of the new chapter intro below.
  9. No, no, that also describes Fallout fans. Angry FE fans have just shown up in greater numbers than I was anticipating. Thank you. To be honest, that's easy to forget - a lot of people act personally offended, like I killed their dog or something. I'm aware that the people who want literal translations are a vocal minority - maybe 20% of the fans, give or take - but they're very vocal, and at times i feel like public enemy number one. I will now break down for you all the "hints" that were added, in total: - Augustus saying that mounted units need to dismount indoors is now bracketed so the player understands it's an in-game command - The infamous "if I escape, everyone does" has been properly translated, and the escape command is bracketed in dialogue for the same reasons - 16B, a chapter with inexplicable warp tiles, and which already had a warning about said warp tiles in it, has had its warning elaborated to give the player some expectation of what to do - Linoan's promotion, which is never hinted at anywhere in the game in any fashion, is now hinted at in dialogue before the relevant chapter - The infamous warp tiles in 24x have been given a warning, as discussed above - Endgame, which already warns the player to seize the seals all at once, has had its warning clarified due to poor wording in the original text Six. Six things. Six things in a game filled with secrets and tricks and all sorts of things for you to discover. We only added warnings for the most egregious things, things which players often complained was detracting from their enjoyment of the game, and did so in a way that conforms to the original text's style and narrative. If these six things are so much of a deal-breaker for you that you'd prefer to wait for a patch which has not yet even officially started, nor has a finalized script, I don't know what to tell you. You're unbelievable. It's six hints. See above. Listen, listen, listen. Let me stop you right there. I'm going to give you a secret hint about language, OK? Listen carefully. The thing with words is... they can have multiple meanings. I know, shocking. When I click on an article to read about 8-4 talking about the art of translation, and they start talking about localization instead and not literal, raw translation, I throw my monitor out the window and choke myself with its cord. How dare people use translation and localization interchangeably in a thread title where brevity is key! Y'know, I wanted to fit in "Project Exile - Thracia 776 Menu and Script Japanese-to-English Industry-Quality Localization" but all my focus testers fell asleep halfway through reading it. Yeah, we really shouldn't have added hints like how to get Dean's Dragonpike... oh wait, we didn't. Or how to recruit Ilios... oh wait, we didn't. You seem to forget that those games also gave hints for certain things, while omitting hints about other things - just like we did. Finally - three replies in 10 minutes, dude? It's quite clear that nothing anyone says will satisfy you, and you seem to be out for blood in a medium where you'll get none. Look, let's just agree to disagree and bring this to a halt, OK?
  10. sigh I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for the script - I really do, especially in light of all the hostility recently - but if you'd just look at the scripts you'd find I made very large, lengthy notes explaining my reasoning in both of these cases.
  11. We're in the midst of pushing out a major update, so I'm waiting until then to publish it to RH.net, as they're notoriously slow to upload new versions. If you're in the emulator scene, I don't suppose you could contact the RH.net admins and have them prioritize our updates, or just let us update the patch in real-time, could you?
  12. Oh, wow. This thread blew up. OK, I'm going to try to address what was brought up here... For character names, I provide lengthy notes in the chapter in which they first appear/are mentioned which explains my thought process. Look at those first. As for CYL, I explain the problem with this in the OP of this very thread. For the Pugi, see this thread by Aggro, a fine translator in his own right. Furthermore, your tone is needlessly aggressive. If you want to discuss this further, I would read the things I've mentioned above, then take a deep breath before responding again. My goal wasn't to provide a "simple fan translation", though. You used that term, not me. I wanted to provide an industry-quality localization, and to do that, some liberties will need to be taken. The game is 20 years old - our sensibilities of what we expect and what we consider fair in games has changed a whole lot since then. Ertrick36 already touched on this in their reply, and said everything I pretty much want to. Your own phrasing betrays that a change was needed: "Just because they were originally implemented in the most awful way possible´╗┐..." It was a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation - the warp tiles are just an awful idea, full stop, and I understand being frustrated with Augustus taking up quite a bit of dialogue about it, but at the same time, as Miacis point out, all he says amounts to "we should not linger for too long near doors, on staircases, or in narrow corridors" - which doesn't reveal exactly where the traps are. And another user commented right after Miacis that it's still "trial and error" - which shows that we didn't go far enough. There was no ideal solution here. The best we could do is tell the player to be prepared for it and give them some vague hints. If it happens, at least they won't be caught by surprise and will still know what to do and how to react. And as Miacis points out, this actually increases the tension, not decreases it: the chapter goes from "hey what the fuck my unit just got teleported" to "oh fuck oh fuck I hope I don't step on one of the tiles Augustus warned me about" - we go from a cheap dick move to a genuine sense of dread and suspense. It's not perfect, but it's an improvement, in my eyes.
  13. One of our goals in localization was to make the game less impenetrable, and this change in particular (showing the scrolls' effect) has been extremely well received. It's not out of the question for localizations to change things slightly to make things more accessible, and even veteran players like Mekkah were relieved that they didn't have to keep a tab open with the SF page for the scroll stats. Please note that no gameplay changes were made - all we did was add more info in the UI and some more hints in the game's dialogue. You'll still get to experience all the game's craziness, you'll just have a more informative UI while you're experiencing it.
  14. Make sure the XML is in the same folder as your ROM. Other than that, try the Discord server for help. Personally, I'd just use snes9x - less headaches that way.
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