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  1. Hello, Been a while, but I need some help. For some reason only 1 of my characters can trade with someone. I've hacked up to chapter 3- Bandits of Borgo. Im thought it was a tutorial lock, but im making sure everyone plays on hard mode. Any and all advice is helpful as I started hacking with the new FEBuilder tool maybe a week ago, so im really bad. Thanks Alot -Ashton
  2. Yo, here to ask another silly question. How does Eirika's refinement work? I don't understand the copying thing. Could I get a better explanation than pheonixmaster's video? Edit- Could I also please get a build that doesn't include Distant Counter?
  3. Hey there i'm new here. But i'd like to ask a question. Zephiel is coming back in a few days and i've just pulled a -atk Fallen Robin. Should i give Vengeful fighter to Zephiel? I'm going full investment I and am willing to do pretty much anything. But some people say i just need to try for Bold Fighter. Can anyone help me by telling me if giving him vengeful is worth? Or should i just hope for a bold fighter and save vengeful for someone else?
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