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  1. Hello Reinfleche, hope today is treating you well. 1. If someone was to visit Miami for a second time, what sites would you recommend them to visit? (Explain why for each of them) 2. Between Len and I, who is the more risky one? 3. Top 3 happiest moments for you are? 4. First and current impression of me?
  2. Another question, if clash were to restart and you can only team with people from online communities, who would you pick?
  3. 1. First and current impression of me? 2. Why do you like green cards in MtG? 3. Which do you prefer Cats or Dogs? 4. Favorite meme?
  4. ##Vote Fleet That's where my gut is at
  5. So you know I find the fact that everyone is trying to get me to make the choice right now. That is making me think scum want the hammer. I'm on break in class right now.
  6. I have a good question to ask @Athena_57 @dyachei why have neither of you placed your vote? Why do you have to wait for me? If you feel so strongly about x person.
  7. I was magikarp up until rattata died
  8. Also you think I would go for fleet this way as a partner?
  9. Snike remember the ditto and the game here. How do those compare to this game. I was magikarp
  10. Tbf the best way to read dya is by her cases
  11. There was an attempt at a Snike wagon D3 that didn't succeed. Also whoever tried to push shinori should be looked into.
  12. Finally my phone allows me to respond. Why did the Snike wagon disappear then?
  13. Don't you think double scum on a wagon would put them after so many flipped town happen?
  14. Then how do you explain Fleet's back and forward with both of us. Also the VC's from previous days Athena. What do you make of that?
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