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  1. Alrighty, well I guess we'll find out! I wrote down your suggestion.
  2. Alrighty, I took your second one because I saw someone else give Noish first. Sorry.
  3. Sorry. Not taking second gen purely because I just want to mess with the second generation. However, the ship you just gave me is objectively correct so will do.
  4. This is considered hard? I do this on every play through.
  5. Alright! I'll keep them both written down just incase I don't get anything better but I'll put a disclaimer that Fury and Holyn are changeable if needed
  6. Good, Good. As long as it isn't Ferry it's good. Arthur is a very good pairing for Lewyn because of Chapter 1 (technically 6) Forseti
  7. It's a genuinely good Fire emblem game, one of the best actually. And you shouldn't just be playing it to move on to other fire emblem games, if you don't want to play it then don't. Come back later to the game because you should make sure you enjoy it.
  8. Alright so just as the title suggests, Any pairing can be chosen. Have fun! Edit: Lex/Tailtiu has been chose, those two are out of the decision. Alec/Sylvia have been chosen Lachesis/Finn 😳 Fury (ew) / Noish Dew/Briggid Arden/Ayra Adean/ Azel All Gen1 pairings have been chosen, sadly Lewyn doesn't get to pass down his magnificent genes but this is the rules. Thank you all for commenting and giving your suggestions! If you wanted to You can add Gen2 pairings just for fun in the comments, thats up to you.
  9. For me personally, I would choose Ares to go to Leif's army. The reason for this is simply because he's a badass and I want him in Thracia with me. On top of that, he's a mercenary so he could very possibly have been in Thracia maybe(?) And for who I would put in Genealogy, I would choose Mareeta as my personal answer and Cyas as my objective answer. I really like Mareeta so I would have her join Seliph's army simply for my own selfish reasons because I like her. Cyas makes far more sense objectively because it could give so much backstory to Arvis and would be genuinely interesting.
  10. They're step siblings, why would you even want to pair them?
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