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  1. Personally I would love to have a base building mode in FE switch because i love games where you can build and design your own base to be at. Do you think a My Castle or a new base building mode should be in the game? Do you have any ideas for it?
  2. I'd love to see an axe and bow user since legendary axes usually are the coolest looking imo. also hector is like the only axe lord. Lances can wait tbh.
  3. Reclassing is one of the best reasons to replay a fire emblem game or to use a unit again. i love making weird reclasses like knight to a dark mage. I really hope they put it in fe switch
  4. OH HELL YES!!! I'd love to see like a manly axe wielding character that strums away on a lute or something! maybe even have a personal weapon thats like a lute with sharp edges on it.
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