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  1. ah yea alot of people have had this problem with XCX and BOTW since it isn't spoken about alot alongside with the wii U screenshot share site
  2. yes I love Xenoblade X as you can tell by my pfp lol, XC1 was a close second tho
  3. So I made this little meme vid where GBA Fire emblem had Xenoblade style chain attacks and I would love if you could check it out! 🙂 If Fire Emblem had Xenoblade style chain attacks Does anyone here play Xenoblade? If yes which one is your favorite? I'd love to know 🙂
  4. Haha I’m late but that one is epic XD
  5. Yes they are all underrated especially Miranda, I could probably make a video alone on just Underrated Thracia characters
  6. Ah yes I agree with those. They are very underrated. Btw I fixed the link
  7. Ahh love those especially Can’t touch this
  8. Hello everyone nice to meet you! you can call me Astra! 🙂 Xenoastra

  9. I made a video on radiant dawn check it out! Radiant Dawn part 1 prologue
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