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  1. Yes that is true just like how people prefer Laylea over Lene
  2. Yes they are all underrated especially Miranda, I could probably make a video alone on just Underrated Thracia characters
  3. Ah yes I agree with those. They are very underrated. Btw I fixed the link
  4. Ahh love those especially Can’t touch this
  5. Hello everyone nice to meet you! you can call me Astra! 🙂 Xenoastra

  6. I made a video on radiant dawn check it out! Radiant Dawn part 1 prologue
  7. funny things i named my weapons what are somethings I should name my weapons? or what are something you name your weapons
  8. Hello you can call me Astra, I am a fan of all the Fire Emblem games. My favourite game would be radiant dawn. I have been playing Fire Emblem for a very long time now. I am Looking forward to meeting new people here 🙂 If you would like to check me out heres a link to my youtube. Youtube
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