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  1. I'm gonna add my own here. Hardin is a Sikh in book one but loses faith before book two because Gharnef.
  2. I haven't played the Tellius games so that's my bad...
  3. "I never did like you, Wallace. I DO THIS FOR LOVE!" -Sain to Wallace in the great war, c. 1914.
  4. BUT I STILL FORGOT LUCINA! no problem btw.
  5. Rowan bashing is a lifestyle, welcome to it!
  6. Itsuki is like such a non-character you could just say he's your least favorite (I like the other TMS characters but he's like nonexistent) Rowan reminds me of CDI link now that I think about it... wonder if they'll add him to the Hyrule Warriors remake?
  7. I call Wrys something weird like Daddy Master Supreme sometimes with a friend...
  8. Wallace loses his knight crest and must travel across Elibe to get it back from the clutched of every other armored unit in series history. It'll be a epoch for the ages!
  9. I kinda think all Corrinsexuals are underrated and I wish they had more supports, Shura included.
  10. I chose Celica; I think she was the best written in my opinion. (I do like all of them though)
  11. I can't say the Corrin bashing isn't justified... I'm currently playing FE4 so I can see Sigurd as a good lord; mainly because he is flawed, but is trying his best.
  12. Alright, thank you. I'll make sure to review it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. Thank you, and you too!
  14. I see, I always assumed it was... My bad
  15. Isn't Jaffar X Nino also canon? I mean Jaffar's feelings for her did pretty much cause FE 6...
  16. I'm new here so I'm not the most well versed here. I'm also an idiot... Technically Itsuki is a lord, or at least a main character. Yeah sorry about that. I get the flaws thing, but it did tie into the major themes of the story. I do understand though, he isn't the most interesting.
  17. Itsuki's family name, Aoi, means blue. So there's that...
  18. Howdy ho, neighborino!
  19. It's probably the mouth and voice... I'm guessing those would be the main reasons
  20. I was debating putting characters like Caeda, Lilina and Sothe in here, but I appreciate the feedback!
  21. I just realized I forgot Lucina so there's that...
  22. I'm curious to see people's favorite and least favorite lords. So I made these polls. Let me know if I forgot any and feel free to say why you like/dislike these lords if you want
  23. Fair enough as a way. Sounds similar to a lot of people's introductions to the series
  24. BoiJones


    Anyways welcome again
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