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  1. the game can't find the forged weapon models, that's why. Check out DATA\files\xwp\forge. If there's not a proper .cmp file for the weapon in that folder, the game won't like that.
  2. In DATA\files\Scripts\C0407e.cmb, there is a pointer to IID_RAGNELL. Somewhere in that script, the game checks to see if the attacker is using Ragnell, and if so, Ashera dies for reals. I didn't look much into how the script works, because script files are a pretty complicated mess. Instead, I changed IID_RAGNELL to PID_IKE , then zeroed out the functions "UnitSearchItem" and "UnitGetEquipWepI", which are found directly after IID_RAGNELL. I couldn't really tell you why it worked, I just know that it did. IID_RAGNELL is found at 0x0b4c
  3. It may be important to note that the forge crashes because there are no weapon model files for the colored versions of any other weapons (except slim lance, slim sword, and worm because maybe they were originally supposed to be in the forge, but were removed?) If someone can figure out how the game loads in files, this is most likely done in the main.dol file, and then figure out how the weapon model files are structured, you should theoretically be able to add more forge items to the game. The weapon models are in \xwp, and the forge models are in \xwp\forge I have spent a little time trying to add weapons to the forge with no success, but I haven't dedicated enough time to claim that it's impossible.
  4. Hey Brassy, I think I can help you here. There are two versions of Radiant Dawn, and this guy must have the one you don't have. At least for the first three values, his numbers seem to be off by 0x40. Try these instead: 18d848 04ea18 0639dc Try adding 0x40 to the rest and see if they work, too.
  5. I thought the people in this thread may be interested. Thanks to the knowledge posted over the years here, I have finished my quarantine project: a complete randomizer for FE10. I posted it on reddit here. I learned quite a bit of various things regarding hacking FE10, so I may also be of some assistance regarding questions in this thread. Also, @HeartlessSeph, the stuff you posted recently is amazing and I really wish I had it when I was doing this project!
  6. I can taste the salt from the smash community from here
  7. southeastern united states here
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