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  1. Been keeping notes of things I notice good or bad but you know how that works out. Just going to copy and paste them over here I think this a pretty solid hack and pretty impressive that it's actually COMPLETE Playing Hard mode Prolouge -Hands pallet is overly bright while the rest of the cast is overly dark -Both girls have something wonkie going on with their eyes. Fordra’s blink animation is being clipped by her shaded face? or something and Keena’s eyes are transparent i think -Map is good and shows a few mechanics and isn’t overly hard and no one feels too strong or too weak to contribute -Mend is probably too much of a staff initially. Felt like i couldn’t spam it for exp on her immediately. Could be a good or bad thing. Depends what your were going for. -Map should probably just be a rout map since you aren’t going to be able to skip any mobs since it’s so “linear” to just rush a seize. Chapter 1 -Breyett’s outline is too dark -REALLY like how you made Derruk start pushing with the Cavaliers very early. I really wasn’t ready to try and cheese him since i thought i just needed to talk to him with the lord and it completely forced me to make some pretty rushed decisions, since i wasn’t done clearing the enemies on the east side of the wall. Had to sprint over and grab Breyett and have him talk to Derruk. I was convinced i was going to have to restart there. -Derruk’s portrait looks good here - Music doesn’t loop well and is too quiet in the beginning or has too slow of a startup. Thought the music bugged for a second -This chapter also feels weird to be a seize chapter as well. I'll have more later for sure Pretty solid story so far. Nothing has hit me as overly out there Script-wise but I've only completed the first few chapters
  2. Should toss in your TL;DR which game to patch. had to scan the post 3 times to find a mention of it
  3. As for the stats going beyond 50, i have no idea butttt The best skill and speed mother for Midori is Azura. Gives her +4 Skill and +7 Speed. No other mother can match either of those numbers in Conquest except for Beruka's +5 Skill (but +2 Speed) or a Deft or Quick boon / Fragile, Unlucky or Sickly bane Avatar Mother which can get her to +7 Skill +4 Speed (Deft) or +5 Skill +8 Speed (Quick)
  4. Recently started playing Fire Emblem Fates again since I have yet to beat any of the 3 games due to sheer laziness. Unfortunately I have a huge problem where I need to make calculators to Min Max every little detail about anything so this got thrown together. Just save a copy of your own or use this link (can't guarantee someone can just change it immediately after you make your selections) and just start mix and matching looking for the best spread you can get. Currently working on more with available skills, professions etc etc. Also thinking about doing the same for Fire Emblem Awakening. Questions, Comments, Ideas. Let me know. I'm open to feedback
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