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  1. I'm asking how to delete, because I couldn;t find it in the settings. You're really smug, huh?
  2. Hey how do you delete your account anyways? Yep, that's me, toxic for quoting Spongebob. Throw rocks if you want
  3. Congrats on driving someone off, I'm sure I won't be the first or last. You're a mod of a small FE forum, not an almighty arbiter LOL
  4. "Haha, it's a bit like the Pokemon fandom in a way. Either way I hope we get information soon" It's obviously meant to not be too serious. And the last bit is a Spongebob reference: https://www.quotes.net/show-quote/73362 Ew. If this place has super anal mods, I'm outta here.
  5. Toxic?? Potshots??? I'm having a joke, and I'm part of the fanbase. :/
  6. Good or bad, I'm just glad we have a title, characters and gameplay. Do you know how worried I was that they'd just go "oh yeah and FE is coming 2019 we'll show it later"? We actually have things to analyse :D I have hope for this game's world building, from what I've seen from the Three Houses, the map, the crests and the three different main characterzs. I don't think any game since POR has done that too well.
  7. This fanbase: I hope they do something new with the next FE and it's not exactly like Fateswakening FE: *does that* This fanbase: Wow we only saw a minute of it but looks absolutely terrible the series is over dimitri poisoned my water supply Haha, it's a bit like the Pokemon fandom in a way. I just hope we get new info soon and we don't have to wait for like a September direct or anything. I'd be more than happy with a returning avatar if the main three still get the spotlight. Maybe like an improved Kris?
  8. So the castle being seemingly a hub and the wording of "you can move your character freely at certain points" makes me think this is an improved and expanded My Castle we've seen. Nice! And the training... maybe you can use either base/bonus EXP or raise someone's weapon level slightly between each battle.
  9. Nope. They've showed off Overcooked 2, Pokemon Let's Go and Fortnite. At E3 they display games.
  10. Sounds like Treehouse is ending for today in 15 minutes, so no Three Houses. I'm really hoping we get something tomorrow, but the 2019 date is making me doubt a little.
  11. Pretty much my thoughts, I wonder if it's going more Advance Wars? In any care it's a much better look than just like 15 randos on a field LOL. Want some new info ASAP. Hopefully before whenever the next Direct is
  12. A bit over a minute of a game not even coming out this year and it's a dumpster fire? Are you trolling?
  13. I'm really hoping the 2019 release date doesn't mean we're not getting any Treehouse footage :((
  14. I'm really happy with everything so far EXCEPT the 2019 release. At least it's early-ish ;A; Main two lords (if they are) look good, like that each unit comes with generic soldiers, what looks like a good hub world... and the aesthetic reminds me of SOV mixed with POR. I'm pretty happy. But I need MORE.
  15. Pretty damn upset about the delay, but I'm digging the vibe so far. Main two characters we saw looked good!
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