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  1. Wow, I see it was worth checking this thread today.
  2. Yaaas....you can kill Tatsu, quit, restart, kill Tatsu, and repeat so I can finally live my dream as a daelek-esque mim that wants to redeem itself for saving Tatsu from the prone and committing the highest crime upon the noponic race. Otherwise the mode is meaty as are the missions, I can’t just sleepwalk through them. You also need to kill some super bosses to unlock a few others. If you want to hurry along getting Shulk and Fiora, you need to do the Dino Drama mission - it’s lvl 99 even on easy. I’m still trying to figure the two out, Shulk is an odd dps with the foresight cancel ability and Fiora is a healer with a lot of dps buffs. They remind me of the Torna blades.
  3. Yellow dust storms. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_Dust The closest I’ve seen were sandstorms in the Mideast but dust bowls are probably a closer approximation. A lot of fine dust and sand get’s picked up over Mongolia and the prevailing winds bring it over China’s most industrialized regions where it collects all the pollutants and other particulate garbage it can and dumps it all over China’s east coast, Korea, and sometimes Japan. If you go outside while this is going on without a dust mask, you’ll probably end up in a hospital. They even cancel school so children don’t get exposed to it.
  4. Bubba Jones


    I hate sliding slightly off topic, but I liked watching that video - it surmises a lot of the problems with bodybuilding, the supplement industry and how hard it’s so hard to find factual information about anything that you have to pop open EBSCO, JSTOR, or PUBMED and do the research yourself and any information you do find ends up buried in a sea of anecdotes with no FDA regulation.
  5. For my short list... Mario+Rabbids - I wasn’t expecting something to be this faithful to snapshot with an emphasis on fun and simplicity. Undertale - I never thought a rpgmaker game would turn out to be what it became. Nier (the first one) - the game randomly appeared on store shelves with no marketing. It got weird and messed up through playthrough 2 and I enjoyed it. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 - I played it 7 years after it came out and the CoD is bad and for casuals memes were everywhere, I was surprised when it turned out to be a good game. Gravity Rush - never thought this Japanese take on Belgian superhero comics would turn out to be my most favorite superhero sandbox game ip. Suikoden - I was just waiting on FF VII, I never expected to find a memorable franchise. Beyond Good and Evil - a 20 USD bargain buy during the holiday season nobody knew anything about when it was released. I probably don’t have to say any more. Legend of Gaia - One of my most beloved games is about a kid who hits things with a flute and can alter reality.
  6. Trump came out and said they may stilll hold a meeting, Un came out and said the same thing, USFK thinks it can still happen, and Moon has no idea what’s going on. It’s like they both discovered how much international attention and publicity they can milk from this and they’ll both drag it out for as long as possible. It’s like turning international diplomacy into a k-drama/reality show (if I dug around I could probably even find Trump/Un ships with a jealous Putin and Xaoping) with more explosive risks.
  7. I can also add that the expansion pass doesn’t add that much right now, there are a lot of early to late game benefits it gives you but they aren’t really necessary to finishing the game. There are some more side quests but they lack story substance but they do give you a substantial reward. The only thing nice about it right now is the extra blade and quest with it. Don’t feel you have to have it to fully enjoy the game. When you start a new game the blade gacha system will put you on one of four rng tables to make each playthrough unique as far as what blades you get. Explore - a lot. Take your time while playing. The game puts a lot of emphasis on exploration and discovery so wandering around finding chests and new locations is something you will be spending a lot of time doing. You should also expect to find overleveled adversaries best avoided, there’s a over 80 optional boss in a early game area. You can also find areas you shouldn’t be capable of exploring when you first find them because the enemies are levels tougher than you. This is something of a tradition in Xenoblade games. The pacing is also very slow, it will be several chapters before everything unlocks. The story is also slow moving until around mid game. This is very much a ymmv game you may not like it, you may enjoy it a lot, you may just like it enough for a playthrough and shelf it.
  8. Here you go, the BBC and the Royal Army actually built da vinci’s tank and explained it’s wartime applications in the era it was created. You might find it useful for your idea.
  9. China is the largest partner the DPRK has and one of the few places where they can do business and one of their few sources of international support. They are capable of exerting a substantial amount of influence on the DPRK. Before the Soviet bloc collapsed, while the DPRK developed with a mind for self-sufficiency, they have a lot of mineral resources (coal, iron, steel, uranium) and a lot of industrial infrastructure Japan left behind. They played back and forth with the Soviet Union and China and were able to have their industry modernized, import heavy machinery and the technology for fertilizer factories for agriculture, and the oil to run most of it. While the Soviet Union was around, they were more or less able to keep pace with the RoK economically. After the collapse, infrastructure development halted and regressed, there was no oil to run their agricultural machinery and heavy use of fertilizers left most of their agricultural land fallow or under productive. Buyers for the DPRK’s mineral wealth also dried up. China was left as the only reliable partner they have. Furthermore it is noctoriously easy to skirt China’s regulations along the China-Korea border even during sanctions. China generally need’s Korean coal and will look the other way when it is smuggled. China is also most powerful country willing to consistently defend them in the international community for historical reasons dating back to the Second World War, being very comfortable with the DPRK’s position between China and the RoK, the existing trading relationships which are valuable to China’s development, the perception of suzerainty they gain from the relationship, and on and on. By withdrawing, limiting, or expanding their support of the DPRK they can attempt to influence their actions. However, the DPRK has a history of going their own way and just dealing with hardship while ignoring the consequences. While it has not done well for the DPRK’s economy or perception worldwide, it has kept them independent from most forms of foreign influence and kept the Kim dynasty in power.
  10. You can just go to the front page, it’s all over KBS, SBS, and the local papers if your hunting for specifics and what the Ministry of Reunification is up to. http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/sublist_103.html
  11. I find Korean sources give better information on Korean events since 1993 than sources outside the pen. http://m.koreatimes.co.kr/phone/news/view.jsp?req_newsidx=249079
  12. Start in publications. Get familiar with your market and start submitting if you’re doing short stories. Things like https://thegrinder.diabolicalplots.com/ should help you find it. Make sure to start reading what you plan to write for to get a better feel for the market. If you want to try to get a short story collection published, it’s a pipe dream unless you are editing and funding it yourself. Finally, don’t expect to make money, 40USD for a short story is considered an obscenely high payday.
  13. I got my ng+ save data finished, found the last nopon coin and see only one legendary crystal in my inventory...and ended up getting Zenobia and now I have to gear her up and maybe unlock her next trust level before ng+...sooo close.
  14. The goal is to sell yourself as a qualified candidate. You’re problem isn’t so much with work experience quality but mostly with your ability to write the resume and sell yourself to some faceless HR rep. The resume is designed to hold interest and build enough confidence in someone who will look at it for no more than 10 seconds and decide if you should be interviewed. You need to tailor your resume to the specific job you are looking for and make sure the skills you list are word for word part of the entry. The entry should briefly describe the past job, years or months it was worked, a brief description of it and your duties emphasizing keywords and specific skills from the job posting you’re applying to. That’s just for the work entries, you need a top block with contact info and a brief record of educational background. All this should fit on one page in a pleasant to read and look at format. That’s the rub, I can say this is what you need and I know I’m missing some other very necessary things. A lot of the experts on job searching and hiring in your community have a lot of experience with this and their fingers on the pulse of the job search environment and can more readily dispense advise, why things are done the way they are, and you can bounce ideas off of them and they can help.
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