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  1. Hey guys just an update, I talked a lot to him about it and his friends talked to him about it and he's doing a lot better. He stopped spending so much time on it, got a job, and has a girlfriend now and he's really happy, thanks for the advice / concern I really appreciate it. *ps* I forgot I made this thread and I just remembered about this situation but we're all good now don't worry
  2. Oh hek, I didn't know that and that's p useful, so I might try to do that or something among those lines. I don't want to delete something he's spent 200 dolars on though, I just want him to realize that he should like not, that's like breaking someones 3ds that they religiously play. I know he's going to recover, but it's just the sooner he realizes that what he's doing is really dumb then he'll get over it, but thank you thoughh. And I really like this Idea as well, but it isn't as effective as to how he doesn't really care because I've told him that he could have bought a switch already but he doesn't really care about anything else really and ultimately ends up spending it on orbs. He's spent 200 since release, and spent like 50 on it yesterday cuz he just got a new job, but it's a little worrisome that all of the money he earns that his parents don't make him put into savings goes into this game. Yea man, I thought it was a meme as well, but then he started to take it to heart. It gets in the way of his school work a little bit because like any addiction you'd kinda just not wanna stop, but I do really like the idea of selling his account, I didn't think about that. Ultimately, I think I'm gonna end up getting someone to help and get this sorted out, but thanks for all the ideas none the less, I really appreciate it.
  3. I think he can get over it, whether it be something else that distracts him that doesn't really require funds, or just something that will help him realize that it's dumb. But if all else fails I'll probably end up doing that.
  4. No but like, he's gotten essentially all of the units worth his time, he plays this religiously. I don't think anything that deals with the game will work, because chances are he's already done it.
  5. Well he and I are in different areas, so I can't really uninstall it for him, but it's like an addiction, and even if you uninstall it it's connected to your NNID so you can't really loose anything. He's been trying to quit for like 2 months I think. And he's had the game since launch, and he bought like 5 orbs as a joke, but now he does it all the time and it's p bad.
  6. Hey, so I have a friend who plays this game non stop, all the time, always on it, and he's spent at least 200 dollars on orbs at this point. He's even said he wants to stop but he just can't. Any ideas?
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