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  1. You should try not to forget to use your units with Charisma and Leadership stars. Also, you should try to pair up every female character with someone, as it has already been said, because the party you'll be playing with from chapter 6 onwards is entirely dependent on this! For the same reason, you should also try to train them all you can, as their stats will affect the stats of this future party.
  2. I really like Fe4's ost and remember some tracks fondly, like Lionheart Eldigan. The maps are just so huge you end up listening to the tracks for hours rip. But you know which one I like even more? Fe5's ost. For example, In search of the victory, the version you hear in chapter one? Amazing.
  3. I guess people are not as bothered by protagonist having heroism as like their only defining trait because you don't usually raise an eyebrow when you see someone going around helping others because it's what people are supposed to do, you know? At least be decent human beings and not ignore someone in need and stuff. But when you see someone just spreading chaos you have to wonder why, as it's the literal opposite of what people are expected to do. When we're not given a reason it just looks much cheaper in comparison, you get me? And as a lil side note I think characters like Roy do get criticized quite a bit.
  4. This is all pretty helpful advice, I appreciate it a lot! Also thanks for being so patient with me, I was quite nervous to ask.
  5. Oh jesus if I'd known that this topic existed I'd probably been much less nervous when I just joined, but hey it's not been a much time since then and ya girl is still nervous so why not give it a shot?
  6. I've been thinking about starting my own fan project for a while, but even though I've taking notes on things like stats, growths and classes, I'm not really sure what I'd need to officially start. This is mainly an issue due to the fact that I'm considering asking for the help of people online because of my own lack of expirience in all of this, but I don't want to ask for them to put their efforts in a project that lacks almost everything (I don't even know if it'd be appropiate to do it when knowing these things so you know). I don't even know if asking this is appropiate, for that matter. There's a lot of things I don't know apparently.
  7. Oh that's because I thought being able to fly would give Jagens way too much power. Maybe it's just my impression and could be a nice way to keep all that's good about Paladins and change the Jagen class for once, though So yeah.
  8. She could have a support with Gwendolyn were they talk about their older brothers.
  9. I guess it depends on the unit. For example Shanna in Fe6 really benefits from promoting her as soon as you can so you can patch up everything she has trouble doing. But if you have a unit that is doing quite well and you have no immediate need for something they can only do when promoted, like staves on a sage, you could way a little longer to promote them. So yeah.
  10. That's actually a really interesting way to try and make the avatar characters less intrusive! Aside from that though, I always thought Paladins were the best option for a Jagen for the weapon triangle control and the horse...mainly the horse. It allows you to do so many useful things early on like rescuing the lord or any unit that's in danger and making great use of canto, or just allowing you to use the high movement to be wherever you need them to. I also thought of a flier for a Jagen but that may be a bit too much... But Fe4 female paladins sound like very interesting picks for a Jagen, with the staves and all.
  11. Honestly the fact that Florina has the highest strenght growth out of all the early game pegasus knights in the gba games has always confused me so much.
  12. The most terrible support I ever read is probably Peri and Felicia. Peri legitimally tried to kill her. Just Why It was so stupid and pointless. It doesn't show anything about the character except reinforcing that Felicia is clumsy and Peri is crazy, it isn't even a funny support.
  13. I've always adored Erk. The reason is pretty superficial; he just happens to be this serious, smart and grumpy guy who is actually kind of awkward type of character, which have always appealed to me for some reason. But as I love him so much, I've actually spent a lot of time analyzing Erk's character, and I've found him to be much more interesting than he originally seems. This doesn't automatically make him a super interesting character but not even I expected him to be one, to be honest I expected much worse. His admiration towards Pent is pretty adorable, and bases much of his motivation. He seeks to be a student worthy of someone like Pent, and this has led him to work really hard on his studies, to the point of passing out one time. Yet, despite how hard he works, he doesn't think he is good enough to be Pent's student. That is to say, he doesn't think very highly of himself; he has a low self-esteem. Erk is also a theory-based mage, so much that he tends to neglect other aspects of anima magic. However, his real weakness comes in trying to connect with others. For a quick example, in his C support with Nino, she finds him reading a book and asks him to go back to a page which had a picture, but Erk tells her if she could leave him alone to read, and Nino leaves embarassed. Turns out Erk ends up cursing his lack of ability to talk to women after doing that, as he had no reason to tell Nino to leave. Louise also comments on how he always pushes away those who want to help them the most. Erk just answers he doesn't know how to answer to other people showing him affection or showing affection himself. I also find him to be very underrated as a unit, but I already ranted enough about him. So yeah, uh, Erk. L'Arachel and Legault are also awesome, I'd specially love to just rant about Legault, too.
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