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Gotta love those polite and unbiased discussions.
And, as Nino once said "I'll do my best".

My history with Fire Emblem began when my friend introduced me to it through The Blazing Sword, and I instantly fell in love with the characters and strategy element that I hadn't experienced many times before. I'm really bad at action based games, but most of the games I knew and enjoyed were like this. My strong point always was taking my time to analyze situations, and Fire emblem allowed me to do exactly that.

After the Blazing sword I started playing the rest of the games in the franchise. After that, I got interested in discussing characters and strategies and I still find It very entertaining.

So far, I've played Fe4, Fe6, Fe7, Fe8, Fe13 and Fe14.

However, I'm still of the mindset of using whoever you want whatever the reason may be, regardless of their overall usefullnes.

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