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  1. I definitely think that Linhardt is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch after listening to the PlayerEssence video. Like it really does sound like him.
  2. If we're going by the current 3 games then here's what I'd like to see for each: Fates: Kaze/Jakob, Keaton (Because this game is really lacking in beasts, plus I want to stomp around as a giant wolf) and then Silas as a lance cavalier because we're missing one of those SD: Camus, Merric and Cain/Abel Awakening: Gaius, Severa and Inigo What I really want though are characters from SoV and Blazing Blade For SoV it'd be: Alm, Berkut and Delthea And then for Blazing Blade it'd be: Hector, Eliwood and Ninian
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