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  1. Welp, I'm in the middle of a playthrough of Path of Radiance, and I just finished Chapter 24. My army and I were on our merry way, and things were going great. A couple of my units were finally getting up to A Rank in their weapons, Ike had just defeated Rikard (The boss of the chapter), everything was awesome. And then WHAM, the one last ballista I hadn't gotten scored a crit on Lucia and knocked her out instantly. After getting over the initial shock, I had Rhys put the asshat to sleep so that wouldn't happen again, and subsequently had Kieran avenge Crimea's loss and kill the unit arming the ballista.' Mind you, this SAME EXACT SITUATION happened on my first playthrough where Soren got hit by a critical from the same guy! I reset that time, because I couldn't go on without Soren. I didn't reset for Lucia because she didn't have any items I needed, and I already promoted both Mia and Zihark, but I still feel bad about it (Even though she'll just resurrect herself for Radiant Dawn. XD). I also lost Brom earlier in chapter 11, although that was more my fault, because I completely forgot about the wyverns. But yeah, I hate ballistas. Mostly because they feel so cheap. Seriously, you literally just have to sit there and take it until you can finally get over to them. Plus, if you have a flying unit, they're pretty much useless until the ballistas are taken care of, because their range usually takes up a good portion of the map. They're not even that useful for your own units (Unless it's a defense mission), because by the time you get to one, it's either out of charges, or you've already killed most of the other enemy units getting over to the ballista in the first place! So yeah, ballistas have caused me dozens of resets, and Chapter 24 of Path of Radiance is one I'm not a big fan of for it's placement of them. What are you guys' thoughts on this reoccurring element in the franchise? Thanks for reading! :)
  2. I've been trying to find the collection of voice clips (all of them, not just for the voice gallery) for Camilla and Lyn in Warriors, but I can't seem to find anything. Sites like The Sounds Resource don't have collections for anything past Fates, so I'm not sure where to look. If anyone could post a download for Camilla and/or Lyn's voice clips or point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you very much for your time. :)
  3. Kjelle is a decent unit, and I like her voice actress. ... Yeah, that's about it.
  4. Fates was very divisive in terms of... Well, everything. But one of those things would be level design. Some people love it, some people hate it (I think Revelations was the worst overall when it came to maps), but I wanna hear everyone's opinion on what's the absolute bottom of the barrel. It could be because the level was too hard, too easy, didn't fit in with the story, had awkward design, whatever. Bottom line: What was the WORST level in Fire Emblem Fates as a whole? Mine would have to be Chapter 17 of Conquest, Den of Betrayal. I used to think Chapter 25 where you fight Ryoma was worse, but after playing through Conquest again with a better understanding of the game, it was still hard, but not too bad. Den of Betrayal is stupid no matter HOW good your team is. One of the reasons is because almost every enemy in the level is a ninja, who lower stats like it were a damn fetish to them. Even if you put a tanky as hell unit like Effie or Benny in front, they'll start taking a ton of potshots, and those add up after awhile, turning their defenses into swiss cheese. And with ninjas having ranged attacks, it's dangerous to even send someone in to heal any damaged units! Another reason is because it's so damn cramped. You're constantly having to squeeze through tight hallways with dangerous enemies on the other side, and those dumb Dragon Veins make it even worse, sometimes blocking off your other units from coming with you by accident! Oh, and if you haven't been raising Kaze or Niles, good luck with the caltrops, because they make your mission even more of a pain in the ass. Yeah, you have Saizo (the sexiest ninja who ever lived) to help you get rid of them, but even he can get in the way and kill the boss before you've gotten all the treasures or exp! Overall, this chapter is just a slog to play through, and I always have an unpleasant experience clearing it. But that's just my stupid opinion, what's your least favorite chapter in Fates? Leave a reply below if you'd like, and thanks for reading!
  5. Oh yeah, he does play a good villain. That’s why I picked him for Jarod, anybody you think would be good for him? I kinda thought of Christopher Corey Smith.
  6. Well, if they make a fully voiced remake, they’ll probably add voices to the battles as well. Plus, real supports might be added, giving characters like Meg (or pretty much anybody in the Dawn Brigade besides Micaiah or Sothe) a chance for development. It might not happen, but this is all just speculation anyways. If it was just a straight remastering where they didn’t change much in terms of gameplay or voices, it probably would be a waste to hire a voice actress for such little dialogue. Thank you for your input. :)
  7. Well, the first Echoes trailer was released just a little less than 4 months before releasing, so I'm not that worried. I'm sure they just wanna make sure everything is going right before dropping anything big for the game.
  8. Holy crap, you're right! I completely forgot! XD I'll fix that right away, thanks!
  9. He's done villains in other franchises, like Anarchy in Batman: Arkham Origins. Ludveck looks pretty young to me (mid to late 30s), and I just think Matt Mercer's deeper baritone would fit him. Any other actors you think would work?
  10. Elincia's voice is gonna take some getting used to for me. I just feel like the voice should be a bit higher pitched. I didn't change her because the acting itself is fine, unlike Mia where the deliveries are all over the place. But if I had to change it, I might go with Eden Riegel, since Sumia's personality and voice reminds me of Elincia in some ways.
  11. I thought about putting Cam Clarke in there (I was thinking Leonardo just to be funny. XD), cause I really like him. I just couldn't find a spot that I thought fit. I could see him as Bastian, though. :) Josh Grelle's never been in FE before, but he does a lot of anime. He was Sadou in The Devil is a Part-Timer, Issei in season 3 of High School DxD, and Armin in Attack on Titan. The guy has a pretty good range, that's why I picked him for both Muarim and Bastian.
  12. One of my favorites is Dozla's. Ha ha ha! I couldn't have asked for a better ending! Just so fits how crazy awesome he is.
  13. Ooh, I never though of that! Good picks! :) Rhys was one of the hardest characters to pick, honestly. Who do you think could play him?
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