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  1. I think it's a great hack so far!
  2. How do I change the badge underneath my profile pic to something other than the generic soldier?
  3. I can't believe I got baited by this banner - reducing my already paltry 20 orbs to nothing. I need to manage my orbs more effectively but also want to finish this sweet Florina build soon...
  4. If I were you, I'd select Klein for it, though Catria and Camilla are both solid Chill Spd users the way you described it. Since some sword users that you really want to double can be quite fast, +Spd > +Atk Catria as Firesweep gives her enough attack by itself.
  5. I hope we get another magic wielding lord. TBH I could care less for avatar-style lords.
  6. I signed up with Discord but it appears I'm unable to enter (See the screenshots). I'm not sure how to authenticate. EDIT: Probably I'm not active enough here. Uh, sorry.
  7. Banned for being an exclusionist who bans people who like different FE game*s*
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