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  1. So a little while ago the DLC came out with stat boosting items like the Sacred Galewind shoes. I was wondering if you get those items every time you start a NG+? I read somewhere that the items refresh every new savefile, so does NG+ count as a new file? Has anyone gotten the items once and gotten them again after starting NG+?
  2. Good point, that makes a lot of sense. I guess it will probably just take a little bit longer to record all the lines compared to FEH. Exactly yeah, I try to consider them as different things. Probably a lot harder with live action actors and others though.
  3. I really hope Zach Aguilar gets patched in to Three Houses after all this. He does a really great job in FEH. Its just sad that some of my favourite characters, Therion, Reigan and Dezel- are voiced by Chris. I still like their voices. I guess I'll just try to think of them as characters with a voice separate from the VA.
  4. You too @side bee! @Captain Karnage Ah I've heard about Valbar being really good! Clair as a pegasus knight would be nice as well, and I like Mathilda! I'm going to take note of these because there are only a few forks to use. Repeat playthrough ideas! @whase Yeah physic is really good, an extra warp is always good though I guess! Good to hear thats she is good as a pegasus, Clair too!
  5. That is a good point, I have been using warp a good bit and its saved me before. I’ve decided to fork her and run her through villager and then up through cleric again to get good stats. I want her to be really good so I can use her a lot. Also warp with super high attack will be amazing haha. I got the Star Jacinth so that should help too. Thanks for the help!
  6. Silque is becoming one of my favourite characters in the game, and I was thinking about reclassing her with a fork so I could use her more in direct combat. What classes would you guys recommend? I have the DLC classes if that helps with things. I am mostly debating between Mage and Pegasus Knight, myself.
  7. @Anacybele That makes sense, I totally understand that! I like to do that as well 🙂
  8. Phew! I was nervous it was going to be absent, it adds a lot for me.
  9. Ah I see, I can totally understand that viewpoint! I like the game myself but the limited time does sort of stress me sometimes. More dungeons and less time pressure sound good to me! I think the thing that I liked the most in MM is the meaningful side quests and the dark story- so those would be cool in the next game!
  10. @Anacybele Ooh you are totally right! That thought gets me excited! Oh man another MM-like game would be great!
  11. @Xenomata Yeah I would like it to be a different area, at least somewhat. The darker vibe of the new Zelda does excite me!
  12. I wonder if they will use the exact same overworld in BOTW 2?
  13. That's true @Dorothea Joestar Arnold! It was in the same leak too wasn't it? If so it has fairly good chance to be true.
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