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  1. I've started my second run of Genealogy and wanted to try some different pairings. I've already got everyone figured out except Brigid. I'm debating between Dew and Alec, since they are both some of my favorite Gen1 characters and offer something decent in the form of Bargain/Sol or Pursuit/Nihil. What do you guys think? (I know there are way better pairings out there for her, but I'd like to keep the choices down to either Dew or Alec here plz)
  2. I finished Genealogy earlier today and wanted to get started on Thracia 776. However, it seems the translation here is pretty wonky. I've boxed off what I want to know about the screens, but to clarify: - What are each of the attributes under Personal Data? - What are the numbers next to the portrait of the character for? - What is the text under the weapon weight supposed to tell me in general? (i.e. Effective against) - Pretty much everything in the "Data" screen. Also, if there is anything else I should know about Thracia's game mechanics, I would be glad to take suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  3. Cats devised catgirls so humans can leave them alone. Why Christmas Knights, but not New Years Knights?
  4. I'm a huge fan of games that allow the player to have a self representing avatar, so yes to Avatars. However, we've already had S-Rank + Avatar in Awakening and Fates, so I'll pass on that. I like the way FE12 handled the Avatar, where he/she was a citizen intent on becoming a knight. It's simple, but it works. (For me at least)
  5. Thanks for replying. I'll finish FE4 all the way before FE5, but I think I'll try my idea on a second playthrough out of interest.
  6. I read on the the FAQ section of Genealogy that the events of Thracia 776 happens during Genealogy's Chapter 6-8. I'm currently on my first playthrough of Genealogy (Currently starting Chapter 4) and was wondering when the chapters of the two games align. For example, I would assume that Chapter 1 of Thracia would occur somewhere during Chapter 6 of Genealogy and that Thracia's Endgame would occur around Genealogy's Chapter 8. I suppose the big question is what Chapter would Thracia be on during Genealogy's Chapter 7. I was thinking, maybe I could split my playthrough between the two games when said events occur, like one big Jugdral Chronicle. Please try to keep the answers Spoiler free please, and thanks!
  7. Where does armor breaking show up? I've seen it in the game's options, but I don't exactly know what it is.
  8. I went with Zeke equipped with the Gradivus, although I ended up training him over Mathilda because I'm a sucker for Archanea. Regardless, Gradivus's 1-2 range paired well with Zeke, especially against some enemies in the later floors.
  9. I have only played the Birthright route, but I can say that Shiro's map was the worst for me. I learned of Offspring Seals before completing any of the Child Maps, so this is completely avoidable, but attempting when all the enemies are promoted is just painful, let alone right before Endgame! It basically comes down to some wonky Rescue chain to save Shiro from suicide-ing on a CLEARLY stronger unit. Other than that, Tears of a Dragon (the final battle with Hans) was among my least favorites mainly due to a lack of terrain effects to use. All you got was one useful magic orb and some Dragon Veins that delay Wyvern reinforcements.
  10. Draug performs decently well...despite having 10% Defense Growth...
  11. Honestly, I pair Lissa with Stahl simply because I paired Chrom with Sully. Christmas Knights deserve royalty.
  12. The story of Sacred Stones was very compelling, especially with the split in narrative a ways through. The new promotions (at least to the GBA titles) such as Great Knight and Ranger were really cool to see when playing the game after Awakening. Ephraim was also a breath of fresh air from the plethora of Sword-using Lords, being the only lord I know of to primarily use Lances.
  13. I didn't even know Fire Emblem had any sort of Manga. Learn something new everyday.
  14. Noax

    Forum FAQ

    How do I start my own topic? I know this sounds like nonsense, considering I've started two topics about half a month ago, but I honestly cannot remember the way I started the other two, and I've searched the forum up and down (at least I believe I have) but to no avail.
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