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  1. It's EVA foam. It's a very soft, lightweight building material, but still very sturdy!
  2. Over the past month, I've been on and off planning and cutting out this binding blade prop, and I'm really happy with how it's come out so far! Now to add on the scabbard details and paint!!
  3. Is there any efficient way to play this on original hardware? Maybe even a 3ds?
  4. At first I thought you meant a Fire Emblem western, which would in my opinion be infinitely cooler!! I can see it now! "I have a very strict fort control policy: if there's a fort around, I want to be in control of it."
  5. For a second I thought you meant that was your occupation, and I was gonna ask how far off we are from making Aleph from SMT II
  6. Jesus, I hope not! But, Nintendo has been really on the ball about almost all their recent switch release dates, so I'm hopeful!
  7. Okay, so, I've admittedly never played Fates... (Or thracia), are birthright and conquest super different from each other? I guess more what I'm asking is; Is it super worth paying a premium to buy that SE cart with both stories on it?
  8. Haha I always pronounced it like "Dollar"!
  9. I don't let much bother me, but jesus, some of these stupid internet terms (I feel old typing that) really piss me off. I hate when people say something 'is cringe', for one, I'm the son of a very adamant speech mythologist, and two, I hate when words get repurposed as insults to spew at people who you disagree with. I dislike the whole subculture of "Wow, that's so cringe" because you feel like you're above something, because the only thing that's really cringey is being afraid of showing yr true emotions. In that same vein, I really hate it when people say something 'ruined their childhood', especially when they're uninformed, or trying to get people angry with it. COUGH That reminds me of one other thing, people who do 'theories' online. Like, it's a videogame, it doesn't have to make sense! No, Ed Edd N Eddy aren't living in purgatory, the creator of the show's not trying to cover it up.
  10. I'm in the minority who really liked PQ, and as hyped as I am for PQ2, I think the next announced one will be P6. Atlus has just had such a big hit with 5, they'd be doing their wallets such a disservice to not at least announce it first!
  11. Hey there, GP! Hope you like it here, and yes, I too would so buy a 776 remake, but only like, if it was a double game pack with a holy war remake.
  12. WarioWare Gold - I really like Wario Ware, and this one is sure to be a wild nostalgia trip! SMT V - God, I need a new third person SMT, I'm on my third cycle of Apocalypse! Luigi's Mansion 3ds - I never played the original, and I want to Smash bros switch - #Dagdaforsmash Yoshi Switch - It looks like yoshi's story, and I want it! Binding Blade remake - I'm not sure if 16 is gonna be the BB remake, but I would buy one on sight just to hear this song remade, alone! TWEWY remake - same deal as Luigi's Mansion, never played it, and it looks cool Okami HD - This looks BEAUTIFUL, and it's an excuse to play Okami again!
  13. Sometimes. You see, a lot of the heroes I look up to are like, Vash The Stampede, Roy, Spike Spiegel, Mario, etc. Pretty everymannish heroes for the most part, but I guess super powers would be cool! I'd dig super speed, or maybe heat vision, or super strength. Flight would be cool for thrills, but I'd be getting flashbacks to the red star in Mario Galaxy the whole time.
  14. Okay, So I'm gonna default to either Roy, Eliwood, Lyn or Deick, because I am very susceptible to nostalgia, but having played Sacred Stones recently; Ephiram is one of my favorites, as are Seth and Eirika. Also Thany is cute, almost equal to Florina in my eyes. Marcus has been and always will be my tank for soloing a map when I'm out of Vulnerary and half of my army is at 2 hp.
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