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  1. I'm not playin this game I just cannot stand idle while someone disrespects my girl nino
  2. that illiterate little girl learned incredible arcane magic literally by copycatting someone else until it worked and endured the deaths of her entire adopted family meanwhile camus washes up onto shore wtf is he doin with his life now
  3. when I tell you to stop and you dont stop and its visibly affecting me then yeah I'm gonna be upset
  4. bye I was just in the hospital and cant play this game
  5. I'm not fucking voting you because you were passive aggressive I was voting for entirely different fucking reasons and the passive aggressiveness affects me outside of game but if you and all the other fucking new people are going to make my mental issues into a "oh hes faking it and is scum" fucking bullshit again I'm not playing mafia here anymore
  6. I'm subbing out fuck this
  7. oh my god dont be passive aggressive with me is that so hard to ask
  8. oh okay sorry maybe I'm reading too into it then...... ##Vote: @Ichigo if refa slot had a wagon I would vote there too but sorry for my lazy play guys. qill do better tomorrow. I'm at the hospital so cant go into it now
  9. could we like tone it down on the ridiculing a little or is it just something I'm gonna have to suck up and deal with this game
  10. to be honest I could probably sheep your Dunn read but I dont really have a whole lot to add, except that his remark about "tell me when were lynching somebody for reasons other than they're not doing anything" I think is also scummy because it passes like something meaningful and reads like fake passive aggression that doesnt actually add anything (especially since like if this was bothering him so bad town would wanna try to I dunno find alternatives?) and the vote on marth after is just, Okay I dont think marth is scum anymore the ate reads like town msrth and reminds me of the game I played w him where he modkilled himself after he was about to be mislynched I'm not saying this to be an asshole or passive aggressive but I'm like afraid to challenge Dunn even though I think hes scummy because hes gonna respond with something cheeky or call me stupid or something and I really really dont play mafia well like that
  11. hey I'm sick and going home from work early so let me catch up
  12. sorry everybody I'm not subbing out or anything but I do need to catch up so over night phase I'll catch up and have more to say I'm about to go to work so I'm gonna have to vote before then because I wont be here for deadline u_u weiner why sheep
  13. also does Dunn = ichigo? I dont know peoples names lol also I dont play mafia high all the time just when I'm reading thread @ night
  14. I thought about it and refa's slot still worries me and I'd probably be okay with a lynch there, why arent we lynching bart anymore?
  15. ##unvote I dont know about this anymore who are we lynching today
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