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  1. I was really hype when it told me that Rodrigue joined my team for Azure Moon, only to find out he's basically just an NPC. Pretty much the same situation with Judith in VW. Why did they do this? Even if there are story related reasons you can't use them later on I don't get why you wouldn't be able to use them while you have them.
  2. I think he gets it when he masters his hidden talent for flying.
  3. Parents. Which FE is the best?
  4. Personally I want to see an FE6 remake. 5, 6 and 7 are the only ones in need of remakes IMO but I was surprised just how faithful Echoes was to Gaiden, even to the point of bringing back weird and archaic game design, and I'm not sure if I would like to see an FE4 or FE5 remake in the same vein. Western fans love FE7 and I'm sure FE6 would be a real treat for a lot of us. Although I'm not sure how the Japanese audience feels about it. I would be happy with any remake of any of the games at the end of the day though, since more classic FE is always really nice. If they could knock it out of the park in terms of presentation with Echoes I can't wait to see what they decide to do next.
  5. If there's one thing that disappointed me about Three Houses, it's this. Especially after the amazing sprites in Echoes. Such a minor thing but it makes me mad.
  6. Now I like to think that every so often they add a tiny detail like this that is so small that nobody notices.
  7. I still find it hilarious that Hector doesn't gain any movement because of this too. I feel like those types of weapons are so sparse on enemies that it wouldn't really matter, just make sure you check enemies once in a while I guess. Also, I guess Swordslayer is so rare that I didn't even know it was in fe7 lol I want more than anything for Wil to be a good unit but as much as I hate so say it, I have to agree with this. Early HHM would probably be a lot easier with Rebecca being able to one shot those peg knights, but that would really be it. If only Rath joined earlier... Also it might be worth mentioning Louise, who would probably enjoy the extra damage but already does decently well without it.
  8. Switching to double effectiveness in fe7 seems to greatly affect certain units. Some examples: Mani Katti, Rapier and Wolf Beil being less powerful, effectively nerfing the lords Bow users not being able to easily one shot fliers like in other games Would your perception on certain units change if the English version of fe7 had triple effectiveness? Does it make much of a difference? Also, have you ever played fe7 with triple effectiveness (either modded or Japanese version)?
  9. I don't get why Mortal Savant isn't just a direct upgrade from Swordmaster with magic, like Falcon Knight, Wyvern Lord and Warmaster (pretty much) are just direct upgrades. The reduction in speed is weird and seems like a poor design choice to me. Crit + 20 would definitely give this class a nice edge, I also always thought that Mortal Savant was supposed to be some sort of variant on Dread Fighters so maybe Apotrope from Echoes could be another possible skill? Not sure if it would be that useful though. All I really wish is that mortal savant wouldn't have any speed penalties, so it could be the fastest mage type unit while also having good physical damage.
  10. Instead of casting Nosferatu why not just having an HP-draining bite? Also Berserk seems pretty OP and annoying to deal with, especially for maps with many Bat Laguz. How would you complete a map with 20+ units casting berserk on you? Not a bad concept though, would they be like a Bird Laguz but with less speed and more strength?
  11. Might be controversial, but Kent in HHM. I consistently see Kent described as one of the top units in FE7 and I can't help but disagree. His bases aren't very good when he joins if you don't play Lyn mode, and he just doesn't seem to have a place in the army, especially with the limited deployment slots. When compared with the other cavaliers, he doesn't really seem all that special: Sain is the powerhouse with great strength, Lowen is the tank with high HP and defense, Marcus excels at most things, but Kent is just kind of average at everything. He is sort of marketed as the speedy cavalier but only has +1 base speed and +5% growth over Sain. If you have problems with Forde you should have problems with Kent as well, since they suffer from pretty much the exact same thing.
  12. I agree though I would argue that the cavaliers, who tend to sit at around 9 Con suffer quite a bit too. Losing 4 AS is fine for some units but for cavaliers like Kent and Sain who usually have middling speed, this is often the difference between doubling and not doubling. They do eventually grow out of it as they level more speed/promote but by then the player would probably have access to better options anyway.
  13. Sorry, is this any better? Should I go more specific? I really don't use forums often but I'm gonna try to be more active here.
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