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  1. I've currently got 85 orbs sitting in the bank, with everything farmed up. I'm planning on waiting until Ike is released, hopefully next week though for some reason I doubt it'll be then for him. So what's the unit you're all waiting to splurge on, possibly even drop cash for eventually?
  2. My current box, I did a multi on the new banner and got Corrin out of it. He's pretty trash compared to Lyn or Tiki, so I've got no use for him. With 70 orbs currently sitting in reserve, I'll be waiting for a good while before I do anymore pulls, until the next banner at least. The sibling one has nothing useful on it for me.
  3. Red: Lyn, no question Blue: Robin, guy is amazing Green: Bit more difficult, it's up in the air between Fae and Cecelia Colorless: Takumi, he's completely broken.
  4. My new team, after doing some more events and another pull. Was going for Hector or Hinoka, but this works too.
  5. Re-positioning at the start of maps is going to be necessary for the long term of this game. I'm working on Lunatic difficulty right now and since I'm using Sheena as my main tank to absorb blows until Takumi and Lyn can whittle down my opponents, if she's in a bad spot at the start I either have to turtle until I can move her enough or die and redo the mission after changing her placement on my team roster
  6. Absolutely no reason to use them at the moment. Give it a few months and some story content will come along that will give them a free "promotion" to raise their rarity naturally, but they're always going to be filler units just there so you have someone to put on your team that you can't accidentally sell. They're starter gacha game trash.
  7. I've got Lyn and Takumi, everything dies in one round against them, and once Lyn eats enough of the fodder, she can even 1RKO Armor Knights with Astra.
  8. Armor Knights are god like on hard and lunatic for soaking up damage and dying for the cause. My Sheena get rekt by mages, but if it's a physical unit she can hold the line all day to let Takumi pelt them down, while Lyn runs in to kill the mage.
  9. No one, I'll be saving all my feather for the moment likely until we get to the next banner release to see if there are any units there I particularly want. If not, I'll probably use my feathers on Sheena so she can become a 5* unit when I get 20k. I was thinking of using them on my 3* Oboro and making her a pet project, but that's a poor use of resources until I have a solid team of 5* units, instead of only two 5* in Lyn and Takumi
  10. It's a shame you didn't get Lil Tiki, but that's a really good starting point, nice pull.
  11. Takumi has a skill that functions similar to Point Blank wherein he can counter at any range he's attacked from. Costs 300 SP to buy it.
  12. Give Camilla to me, I'll let you have my... Ogma or something? I need a good Axe user :U
  13. Best girl. She's gonna carry you through the game and you'll love her every step of the way
  14. Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Reigh, Virion, and Matthew. Do not use these units, they are your typical filler fodder type units present in every Gacha game in the start, they are 2 star units. For reference the lowest level unit you can SUMMON is a three star unit. A level 15 Alfonse is objectively worse than a Level 1 Lyn, and a complete waste of resources if you try to advance his rarity and boost him up, goes for all these starter units, they're worthless, replace them in your party as soon as you're capable of doing so and don't look back until we have some event down the line in the story that actually makes them better.
  15. Well you're in luck once you do get Sheena, her 4 Star weapon is a Killer Lance, pretty dang good in this game.
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