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  1. Except Running over enemies never hurt them lol, Somehow I think her nickname will stay regardless of her personality, Edgelord perfectly defines her weapon choices, Being an Axe and Sword user, as well as a Lord, So Edgelord is a perfect description for her. Just as Pr*cklord could define mr Spear or Bow Lord. :P
  2. There is a reason why "All Hail Critania" became a thing. Considering it seems there are going to be 3 lords, I would hope Axe Lady gets a Lance Knight, Bow man gets a General, and Spear guy gets a Swordsmaster or a mage.
  3. Because Fire emblem derives its theme from the real world, Like Hoshido is based on Japan, Noir is Europe, Beginion is like a weird version of Rome, etc. Final fantasy is not based on the real world at all, thus not suited for any reference. The only thing you could compare the two together would be Final Fantasy Tactics, as they are both Tactical RPGS, although their style is different. Also Fire Emblem is flashy, have you seen the Critical Animations and the ridiculous moves they pull in any of the games?
  4. And that is the other reason why they won't do it, since the need to have the ability to counter the weapon triangle is necessary, so they give you a spear unit, to counter swords, cause your lord is a counter to axes :P Though with what appears to be a spear lord and bow lord, hopefully they will have fun with breaking the norm, but its fire emblem, I dont foresee them straying farm from the norm.
  5. So that isn't actually correct, and using Final Fantasy is actually not a good reference, Knights in Medieval times actually used lances, because back then they were they were the modern day equivalent of a tank, they would hit a line and with their thick armor would mow many people down on horseback until their lances broken, then would pull a sword as a last resort, the armor back then was really heavy and not suited for great movement, and the Footsmen that would fight beside them would use spears. Back then, Knights always fought on horseback as well, unless their horse was slain or otherwise unable to participate, since it was also a Social status thing.
  6. Don't expect any shows or announcements until they actually reveal the exact release date and the collectors edition.
  7. I'm happy for the avatar to be voiced, be able to make choices and have an opinion, just don't make the avatar the main character or take away from the main character, Robin for that reason was cringe, and Robin, while I liked, I was annoyed because he/she steals a lot of spotlight from Chrom, especially during the "Dark Family Reunion" part.
  8. There are other ways to communicate then just verbally, the Teacher might use sign language, interpretive dance, or Morse Code via eye blinking. :P As for the Avatar discussion, I don't mind the MU (Avatar, or what other term you want to use), I don't mind if its talkative or quiet, I just hate it when its suddenly the lord's personal whipping boy or uber hero for no reason. Robin while was a nice character is an example of that. In the end, a MU that doesn't shift the focus from the main characters ultimately is the best MU.
  9. So long as they don't include the French, because they never win a war :P (That's a Google Reference/Joke FYI before you consider the Lynch mob...)
  10. Personally I hope its all separate from each other. While not the best example, like sacred stones, while the end game might of been the same, the paths they took were rather different. SoV wasn't bad but could of been done better. Perhaps if there are 3 factions the focus could be each one has a major enemy, while the other faction shows up rarely in each play through much like a weapons triangle Axe lady vs Spear, spear vs Bow, bow vs axe lady, type deal.
  11. Lol'd. Now to put this topic back on track and move away from a debate that really needs its own section, hopefully with how they've shown off Lady Swordaxe, Mr Spears and Mr Bows, Im hoping for 3 separate playthroughs, each with their own corresponding lords.
  12. Which is why I also hope they remove the mass change classing that was fates and go back to the more olden style of Fire Emblem, where you had a set number of classes and skills at your disposal and have to make do, compared to fates which was farm skills, have 12 people with all the uber skills and face palm roll into the enemy. 1. They have plenty of Unisex classes, however not every class has to be, have the odd class be unique actually helps diverse a cast 2. Multiple same-sex supports, I agree with but lets face it, for Game Creators the subject is always very "Touchy" subject because in the end, they have to cater to an audience, an audience that will never have the same views, sadly. As such its impossible to please everyone, because such a thing is literally impossible to do, unless we all become hive minded together. 3. Which is why they adding formations is going to make this interesting, as I assume it will work like a stance, where it will have an advantage and a negative... (Eg, more damage, but take more damage, take less damage, but deal less, etc)
  13. Oh god do not bring those replies involving things like social justice or sexist traditions into a fantasy game, it just never ends well, nor was it the reason why I said my original comment in the first place. If anything, if an admin would happy purge those posts to keep things from going toxic (which sadly is the inevitable conclusion when such words are uttered). My original reason why I said it was going back to unit and class identity, and with the exception of fates, have had it that way. Now I'm not saying to give the Males their own version, personally I think FE could easily do it. Move Falcon Knight to its own class tree, and have it promote into Griffon Knight/Lord or Hippogriff Rider. In most fantasy settings they are far stronger mount physically then a Pegasus, who prefer lighter loads and less armour.
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